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2020-2021 NHL Season Record

(Gonna keep a pinned link to the February 3rd entry as a reminder for those still trekking along with me.)

Today’s ROFL: -3.00


The nice climb of the final week of February was firmly struck down over the last two nights bringing me to a new low, literally, on the season. The losses continue to come from three markets primarily; moneylines, pucklines and alternate pucklines. 55% of my exposure has been on these three, but they have accounted for 78% of the season’s losses. Heading into this last week it was looking like four markets would be entering into profit, then Wednesday happened getting blanked on four first period totals and five team totals. But I am right there for enough of ’em that I am not completely discouraged at this point.

With the exception of the Sharks I was supremely impressed with the value of the chances created from my four other dogs. Was just an issue of conversion. So yes, Arizona and St. Louis stole wins. Market moved significantly in the Blues favor, but for what? Other than the result their play spoke towards a negative value to their side. Isn’t that the point? Instead of moneylines being further ahead of the market shouldn’t I be further behind? In fact, I should be getting absolutely dummied in market movement on moneylines and that is one of the strong cohorts.

2 Betting

This season is leaving me with more questions.

I was SO lookin forward to taking the Flyers again tonight… line is where it should be unfortunately. Only the one full game total tonight. It’s been slim pickings on this market last few days, though the first period totals have not slowed down in the least.

March 4th Bets:

*The picks reflect the line at the moment the writer made the play on BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review) Since the lines might vary, don’t forget to refer back to our NHL odds.


Always risking 1u, never ‘to win’ 1u. If I expose two, that still remains risking 2u, not betting 2.5 to win 1 simply because the price is shorter than what I have. A standard stake here is 1u = 1% of your bankroll. This will keep you in the game instead of busting out every other day because you decided to be stupid and put your entire bankroll down on 8 wagers. If you have worse prices don’t bet more to compensate. Please do not attach my plays in parlays, you are costing yourself extra money trying to cut corners.

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