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Enthusiast Review

Stop Whining? It's Shimano Japan's Scorpion DC

Tackle type:Reel
Manufacturer:Shimano Japan

Total Score: 7.92 - GOOD
If there is one group of reels that rarely fail to intrigue me they are the digital brake control reels of Shimano and perhaps more accurately, Shimano Japan. As a whole, these reels may not be perfect, and you can still experience professional overruns -especially if you're as professional as we are - but the shear joy they enable each and every time you shoot your cast is nothing short of addicting. Up until recently, however, Shimano's digital brake control (DC) was only available in their upper end reels. Last year, the manufacturing giant trickled DC technology down to their Scorpion level baitcasters (equivalent to the USDM Curado E / Chronarch E) and reports are the Scorpion DC is one of the hottest selling reels in Japan.

Introducing the Shimano Japan's Scorpion DC7.

I-DC+: The trouble with Shimano Japan and their DC reels is, you're never really sure which interpretation of their heralded digital control you're going to get. As explained in our review of the Conquest 50/51DC, we were anticipating a chance to test out the new DC+ system leveraged in all the newer Conquest DC reels, but Shimano chose to use i-DC4 in the 50 size reel instead - a system with which we were already familiar and not very thrilled.

Featuring an all new DC system, i-DC+.

So first check with the Scorpion DC was, which system would we be getting? Turns out, it's another brand new interpretation dubbed i-DC+. If we can criticize Daiwa Japan for pumping out variant after variant of the same reel platform just to confuse and make us want to spend more money, we need to give equal gripe time to Shimano Japan for doing the same with their DC braking systems. Fortunately, Shimano America Corporation has not adopted this same practice.

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Same shape and profile as the Scorpion 1500/1501 XT.

Hopefully this new, i-DC+ will prove more worthwhile to us than the i-DC4 system. Supposedly, with i-DC+, you simply choose your line type (nylon, fluorocarbon, or polyethylene) and the braking system will adjust accordingly. It's as simple as that? Let's find out.

Shimano Japan Scorpion DC7 Specifications

Rated Line Capacity12lb (.285mm) / 130m : 14lb (.310mm) / 110m : 16lb (.330) / 100m
Tested Line Capacity15lb Seaguar Tatsu FC / 82yds
Retrieve Ratio7.0:1
Inches Per Turn (IPT) tested28' at full spool
Weight 7.2 ounces / 205 grams
Number of Bearings6+1 (1 bearing + 1 plastic bushing per handle knob)
Drag9lbs Max
Handle Length85mm
Micro Click AdjustmentsDrag star only
Brake Typei-DC+
External Brake Adjustment?Yes
MSRP$34,650 JPY (~$450) .. can be found for $25,988 JPY (~$345)

7 Reels Casino Free Chip

Impressions: The Scorpion DC is built upon the very familiar frame of Shimano Japan's Scorpion XT 1500 and Shimano America Corporation's Curado E/Chronarch E. In the non-DC interpretation, this frame is a 100 sized reel with a 200 sized reel's line capacity. Enabling a reel with a DC braking technology usually results in slightly less line capacity. Such is the case with the Scorpion DC for while the XT 1500 is rated as holding 110 yards of 0.350mm diameter line, the Scorpion DC is rated as only holding 100 yards of 0.330 Diameter line.

But of course, with the DC label!

7 Reels Casino Instant Play

Otherwise, the frames, weights, handle length and types, are all the same. The Scorpion DC features a silver and dark grey paint job while the Scorpion XT 1500 is that deep metallic, burgundy.

Overview: As far as we know our Free 7 Reel Slots game is the first and only 100% Free 7 Reel Slots Game available on the web.
The number 7 is considered by many to be a lucky number, in slots games, 7 crops up a lot. It is often a winning symbol, so it seemed only natural to create a free online slots game that is dedicated to Lucky Number 7.
While the game has a classic slots look and feel, classic slots do not have 7 reels and / or 7 paylines like our 7 reel slot.
Like a classic slot, though, and many of our 3 reel slot machines, the 7 reel slot has the paytable on the same screen as the reels and you can switch between just 2 coin values. As you can probably guess, the option is between 7 or 14 which of course is a multiple of the number 7.
Another homage to the number 7 is that all the jackpot values contain the number 7 or are multiples of 7.
The symbols used in this game are all 7's, also helping with the '7 Reel Slots' theme.
Mobile Friendly! Like many of our slot machines the original version was a Flash game but we have recreated it to work on mobiles and tablets with the mobile slot having a more modern look and feel while still keeping appearing like a classic slot.
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Free 7 Reel Slot games are very rare. There are only three 7 reel slots games available online other than ours that we know of. Two of them (Farming Futures and Lucky Sevens both powered by WGS Technology) can be played at Liberty Slots Casino. whilst the other is called IRIS 3000, powered by Real Time Gaming is a unique game. Although it has 7 reels you have to close two of them off before each spin. If you want to play IRIS 3000 you can do so for free or real money at Slots Plus Casino.
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7 Reel Slot Machine Paytables


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7 Reel Slot Game Symbols Guide


Highest Paying Symbol The highest paying symbol in our 7 reel slot is 'The 7 Reel' symbol in the desktop version of the game, with eyes, mouth, and muscle arms. This symbol also features in the logo for the desktop game. The mobile version of the game has a different symbol, a 7 inside a star symbol. Both symbols pay out the same amount, a maximum of 7000 credits.

7 Fun Fact: The number 7 features in many things, such as 7 colours in the rainbow. 7 circles in the symbol called the seed of life, one for each day of the week.
Why is the number 6 so scared of the number 7? Simply because 7 ate 9!

7 reels casino

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