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How to Benefit from 888 Poker's VIP Rewards Program

Rewards are as important to online poker players as the digital deck. VIP programs are the primary method that online poker sites like 888 Poker employ to reward players, but it's not as simple as playing some poker and getting a free buffet. Rewards programs at online poker sites - including the 888 Poker VIP Program - have become pretty complex affairs, and sorting out the way to achieve maximum value can be a slightly daunting task.

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We're here to lighten the load with a simple, yet complete, explanation of how the 888 Poker VIP Program works.

The Basic Elements of the VIP Program at 888 Poker

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There are three key elements to the VIP program at 888 Poker: status points, rewards points and reward status. You earn status points when you play real-money 888 Poker games and pay rake or a tournament entry fee. For each $1 that you pay in rake or fees, you're credited with 2 status points. As you earn status points, you also earn rewards points. The amount of rewards points you earn per status point earned varies based on your reward status.

Reward status refers to your standing in the 888 Poker VIP program. There are a variety of tiers, or levels, in the program, with unique rewards accompanying each level (we'll discuss levels and rewards more below).

The number of status points you earn in a month determines your reward status in the 888 Poker VIP program. 888 has a bonus program on top of this that rewards you based on the number of points you've earned in the calendar year.

Status Levels in the 888 Poker VIP Program

There are ten unique reward status levels in the 888 Poker VIP Program. Of these ten levels, eight are determined by your monthly point earnings. The remaining two are determined by your annual status point earnings.

Monthly 888 Poker VIP status levels

  1. Blue - All members qualify. 1 reward point per status point earned. Cashback percentage is 2% (both rates carry through until the Silver level).
  2. Iron - You must earn 10 status points to achieve this level. Same reward point and cashback percentage as Blue, additional perks.
  3. Chrome - 25 status points in a month, same reward earn rate and cashback percentage.
  4. Copper - Even more perks and freerolls when you hit 50 status points in a month.
  5. Bronze - Get 100 status points during a calendar month to earn Bronze.
  6. Silver - Rewards start to accelerate if you can accumulate 500 status points during a month. Cashback percentage jumps to 4%.
  7. Gold - 1500 status points a month gets you a nice boost to 9% cashback.
  8. Platinum - The highest monthly level of the 888 VIP program rewards you with 18% effective rakeback. Requires 4500 points to achieve.

Annual 888 VIP status levels

How To Use Rewards Points

  1. VIP - 60,000 total points in a calendar year earns you this annual VIP status where you earn a whopping 13.5 reward points per status point.
  2. VIP Diamond - The pinnacle of the 888 Poker VIP Program. 300k annual points required. Maximum rakeback of 36% to those at this level.

888 Reward Points Rewards

The key to the 888 Poker VIP Program is to distribute your play evenly over calendar months. It's especially important to attempt to get to Silver or Gold as quickly as possible, as the rewards at these levels are disproportionately large.

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