A Night With Cleo

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The A Night With Cleo online slot is a proprietary game available at Bovada and a few other online casinos, and it gives players a chance to have a bit of an adult-themed experience within an Egyptian motif. Other bonus features. There are two other features on the A Night with Cleo slot and the first of these is the progressive jackpot prize. This game has triggered a jackpot win very recently when Aage L. From Iowa struck lucky on Friday December 15 th 2017, triggering the progressive jackpot prize of $145,662. Beyond the racy outfits that Cleo wears and double-up round, A Night with Cleo offers a cool desert atmosphere that includes pyramids, palm trees, Cleopatra's palace, and Arabian music. One more thing worth mentioning is that this slot is optimized for all major mobile devices, allowing you to play A Night with Cleo anywhere.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

“Sex is inherently quite funny and awkward,” Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy tells Refinery29 over the phone. “So, I’m really glad that it was important for Scott to let us see that experience.” “Scott,” is Scott Frank — the director and co-writer of The Queen’s Gambit. Frank unapologetically leans into the awkwardness of sex for Beth Harmon, Taylor-Joy’s genius heroine.

“The first time that Beth does have sex with somebody, I added a pat in. And then I was worried that Scott was going to be like, ‘You need to take that away,’” Taylor-Joy continued. “And I was like, ‘But, she doesn’t know how to finish anything.’”


Taylor-Joy was correct — and Frank kept her “pat” in, which viewers can find in the first five minutes of fourth episode “Middle Game.” It’s during this episode that, as Taylor-Joy said, Beth has her first sexual experience. It’s wildly unfulfilling. She is essentially still fully dressed. Once Beth’s unnamed hookup flops off of her in a stoned stupor, she lays there in bed, unsure of how to move forward. As he drifts off to sleep, all Beth can do is give the guy two resounding pats on the shoulder.

“Any time she’s played a game of chess, she’s always shaken hands with somebody. So she feels like she needs to close the chapter on whatever just happened,” Taylor-Joy says. “She’s like, ‘Well done. You tried. Thank you.’”

Most series would only be brave enough to have one cringe-worthy sex scene like Beth’s first. The Queen’s Gambit is chock full of them — and devoid of the nudity and XXX hookups that so many supposedly sexy dramas gorge themselves with just to prove their edge. Instead, viewers usually glimpse Beth’s sexuality through her uncomfortable post-coital moments. After the success of this spring’s Jane Austen adaptation Emma., star Taylor-Joy has become the go-to actress for depicting the curves of female desire without ever needing her character to remove a glove, let alone reveal her body in a sex scene. For Taylor-Joy, such a visually modest approach was the only way viewers could really get to know Beth Harmon.

With Beth, it’s not that [explicit nudity] would detract from the story, it just wouldn’t add anything. You’re on this journey with her, and the journey is with her mind,” Taylor-Joy (a self-described “sucker” for romanticized movie sex scenes) said. “There’s not anything physical about it, apart from the abuse that she subjects her body to through substances.

Beth’s most intriguing post-sex scenes shows up in the Queens Gambit’s series premiere cold open and reappears for full context in sixth episode “Adjournment.” In the latter chapter, Beth meets up with beautiful model Cleo (Millie Brady) in her Paris hotel’s bar. The mood is obviously flirty. We see Cleo coax Beth into chatting up some men at a nearby table. But, in the morning, Cleo is naked in Beth’s bed — not either of the men. Queen’s Gambit never wrings its metaphorical hands over this implicitly queer romantic development.

“One of my favorite things about Beth is because she exists semi out of society, she is genuinely baffled whenever people bring her gender into everything. She genuinely does not understand what it has to do with the trashing that she just delivered to her opponent,” Taylor-Joy began. “Much in the same way she doesn’t really understand what the ‘60s told people was appropriate.”

It’s this disinterest in norms that brings Beth to Cleo in Paris. “From the second Beth first sees Cleo, she is fascinated by her,” Taylor-Joy said. “So with the guys in the background [at the hotel], she’s like, ‘Eh, you’re not really that interesting. Cleo, you’re cool.’”

Still, even Taylor-Joy admits Beth could be a little kinder to her conquests. “I really enjoyed getting to explore Beth’s sexuality with her. She is so not-great with people. She has very little tact,” she explained. “Those are the moments that, as an audience member, when I’ve watched it back, I’ve been like, ‘Ooh, Beth. That wasn’t that well-played. You should possibly apologize to that individual afterwards.’”

For Taylor-Joy, Beth’s breakup conversation with fellow chess prodigy Benny (Game of Thrones’ Thomas Brodie-Sangster) is an example of one of those distressing scenes. “He’s like, ‘Wait a second. You just left me and basically said you wanted to be a drunk and you didn’t want to hang out with me anymore. And now you’re asking me for money?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah?’” Taylor-Joy recalls. “Every time I hear it, I’m like, ‘Ooh. Bad move.’”

Knowing chess player Beth, she would be proud to say she kept all of her “bad moves” in the bedroom.

  • Casino: Cafe Casino
  • Category: Free Bonus
  • Title: A Night With Cleo
  • Type: 5x3 Reels, 20 Pay Lines, Progressive Jackpot, Wilds, Re-Triggering Free Spins, Double Up Gamble Feature, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Sexy
  • Bonus: 500% Bonus up to $5,000
  • Software: Proprietary
  • Summary: Will you fall for the seductress Cleopatra as she sheds her clothing and inhibitions in this mature theme slot? If so could you be the lucky one to land the big progressive jackpot prize? First claim a titillating casino bonus!
  • Available In: United States of America.

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It is strange to think that while slots are essentially an 18+ pastime, so few of them are actually based upon adult themes. We have any number of cutesy styled slots that, if you removed the gambling element from the game, would be perfectly suitable for anybody of any age to play. Yet strangely, when it comes to adult slot gaming, there are not that many adult-themed slots.

Proprietary Games decided that it is time for a change on that score with their rather fun and decidedly raunchy A Night With Cleo slot. While the standard slot game doesn't have anything particularly naughty about it, things do get a little spicier when you decide to try and gamble your winnings using the Gamble Bonus feature.

Of course, Cleopatra is famous for many things and there have been many various representations of her throughout history, but Proprietary Games have blessed her with a couple of enormous fundamentals that play a key role in encouraging you to gamble your winnings. And we're not talking about her asp here.

Let's learn a little more about how this progressive jackpot slot looks and plays.


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  • Game: A Night with Cleo
  • Developer: proprietary
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 20 (non-selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: $0.20
  • Maximum Bet: $200
  • Jackpot: 10,000 coins
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: Yes
  • Volatility: Medium to High

Where can I play the A Night with Cleo slot?

If you would like to try and win the big jackpot available on the A Night with Cleo slot and you are looking for a reliable Casino to sign up with to enjoy the game then take a look at the wide range of signup deals available at Café Casino.

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Alternatively, if you elect to run your account via bitcoin, then you have a couple of different options available to you. There's another Super Play Bonus available to you but this time it is worth 600% on your first deposit but this does come with a 10x the deposit amount maximum withdrawal limit when the play-through requirement is met. Alternatively, you can take the 150% Bitcoin Bonus up to $1,500 with bitcoin and have no maximum withdrawal limit on your winnings. Once again, the choice is yours.

With so many top-quality bonuses on offer and a number of top slots and casino games to play, Café Casino is well worth a closer look.


The presentation of the A Night with Cleo slot is all rather inoffensive and innocent at the start. The backdrop to the slot is the ancient Pyramids, with a starry backdrop behind them and a palace, which we can only assume to be Cleopatra's residence, in the foreground sat behind a large bathing pool.

In the middle of this panorama there are the five reels which are in the center of the screen with all the main information including your current balance, the progressive jackpot prize and your current total bet shown in the space below. The spin button is located to the right of the reels.

The musical accompaniment to the slot is also rather nicely done as is an Egyptian soundtrack that is rather gentle and somewhat subtler than the game itself. It is certainly a soundtrack that you will want to listen to while you play, rather than hitting the mute button.

Indeed, a look at how the slot is presented and you wonder why it has the 'Mature Content' banner on the main advertising image. The answer to that lies in the Double Up bonus game, which we will explore in the relevant section below.

What's on the reels?

There are a total of 11 different standard symbols on the reel. Six of these are the lower paying symbols and these are the playing card lows, although they have been given an Egyptian styled makeover for the slot. Pay-outs on these symbols range from 2 coins up to 150 coins.

Alongside these symbols are the higher value symbols and these are a number of different artifacts all to do with Cleopatra and ancient Egypt. There is the coiled serpent ring, the hieroglyphics ring, a necklace, broche and an Eye of Horus, all of which are made of gold with precious stones inlaid in them. Wins with these items range from 2 coins up to 500 coins.

There are two other symbols on the reels, the Free Spins symbol and the Wild symbol and we will explore what these do in more detail below.

Wild features

The Cleopatra symbol is the Wild symbol in the game and it serves a number of purposed. Firstly, it can be used as a standard Wild symbol in that it can replace other symbols on the reels (bar the Free Spins bonus) to create winning pay lines on each spin. Furthermore, when it does form part of a win, the Wild will also offer a 2x multiplier to any wins it is part of.

However, if you can land two or more Wilds on a pay line then you trigger a win using the Wild symbols outright, these range from 10 coins for 2 Wilds up to the game jackpot of 10,000 coins if you can land five of the Cleopatra Wilds across a single pay line.

Free Spins features

You can trigger the Free Spins bonus game by landing three or more of the Free Spins bonus symbols (which are the keyhole symbol) anywhere across the reels. This will trigger 15 Free Spins. However, you also win a cash amount if you land two or more Scatters on the reels, which ranges from 2 coins for 2 Scatters on the reels, up to 100 coins for 5 Scatters on the reel.

During Free Spins the Double Up Bonus is out of commission and the amount you win during your 15 Free Spins is yours to keep. You can also re-trigger the bonus game by landing three or more additional Scatters during your Free Spins bonus.

Other bonus features

A Night With Cleo Tips

There are two other features on the A Night with Cleo slot and the first of these is the progressive jackpot prize. This game has triggered a jackpot win very recently when Aage L. from Iowa struck lucky on Friday December 15th 2017, triggering the progressive jackpot prize of $145,662. He won this amount playing at Bovada Casino and in doing so became the casinos third winner to land this specific jackpot prize. The progressive jackpot is awarded randomly to any player on any spin.

The other and perhaps most controversial/exciting aspect of the slot depending on your point of view is the Double Up option. This option is available on any base game win that is not a jackpot. Jackpot wins or Free Spins wins are not allowed to be wagered on this game.

In Double Up you are presented with a picture of the amply-chested Cleopatra holding two lotus flowers in each hand. Select the right one, and you will double your gambled prize. Not only that, but Cleopatra will remove an item of clothing. Keep guessing correctly for five times and Cleopatra will be fully topless with her rather large chest on full show. Guess wrong at any point however, and not only does she put her clothes back on, but you lose the money you gambled too.

Best feature of the A Night with Cleo slot

I have to say that there is no doubt the added element of a 'striptease slot' does make this a more interesting game. It certainly makes you more inclined to try your luck on the bonus feature but with what you can find on the Internet nowadays, this is very tame in comparison. However I think the Free Spins bonus game is the best aspect of the slot as it is easier to trigger than on some comparable games and the rewards that you can get from it are generally good and can be exceptionally good at times.

What does the A Night with Cleo slot lack?

Being brutally honest, the bonus game of the A Night with Cleo slot is about a lady getting her breasts out for you to see. In that respect, this slot lacks a little subtlety and some would argue that it lacks a bit of class as a result. However, these are 18-rated games (as all slots are), and if you can't handle adult themes then perhaps you are playing the wrong game. To be honest, the most arousing aspects of the slot are the better value wins available during Free Spins and also the potential progressive jackpot win, rather than Cleopatra's chest. That said, the base game still needs a little extra excitement and the addition of a randomly triggered bonus here would have enhanced the game a little more.


Adult themed slots are generally rare and when they are released they do somewhat polarize opinion somewhat but I think A Night with Cleo is a decent slot game disregarding any furor about the stripping aspect of the slot. The games devised are good fun, rewarding and that progressive jackpot is always a positive motivator. You can elect not to play the bonus game if you wish (and perhaps in terms of profitability, that is a wise choice) but it is a fun way to gamble your wager, far more so than simply predicting the next color of a card drawn from a pack.

A Night With Cleo Ignition


  • Presentation: 14 / 20 - It's fair to say that the A Night with Cleo slot is nicely presented but it doesn't really push the boundaries of slot gaming to the fore. Animations are very basic and the symbols on the reels are somewhat generic, though nicely rendered. The music is a real highlight and of course, the bonus game animations are what attracts the Mature Content warning, but in truth it is no worse than what you would see at any beach or inside any newspaper in the modern day.
  • Game-Play: 13 / 20 - The game play on the A Night with Cleo slot is very simple and easy to follow. It is a medium variance slot which is more medium to high when you play it for a larger bet per spin. Wins tend to be smaller in value with the occasional bigger win to help balance the books. The Features offer a nice change of pace to the main game and it is pleasing that the Free Spins game in particular isn't particularly difficult to trigger.
  • Bonus Features: 15 / 20 - The slot has three main bonuses and they all work well within the structure of the game. The Free Spins round is the best as not only do you get a guaranteed cash reward (you can't gamble these wins) but the size of the awards are generally good value. The big progressive prize is also a real incentive for big jackpot hunters while the bonus game is more satisfying when you bank the cash, rather than go for the titillation value.
  • Entertainment Factor: 13 / 20 - Provided you can cope with the fact that the Double Up bonus feature is essentially a strip game, then this is a very enjoyable slot to play. It is 18+ but are not all slots supposed to be anyway? The base game is perhaps a little tedious especially when the bigger value wins don't come but overall, this is a decent slot to play.
  • Play Value: 13 / 20 - As medium variance slots go A Night with Cleo doesn't offer bad payouts to players at all. You can land a fair few smaller value wins and the occasional big win to keep your balance topped up and of course, bigger wins are possible if you can hit Free Spins. The Double Up bonus is rather hit and miss in terms of value but the big progressive jackpot is well worth playing for alone.
  • Overall 68 / 100 - Don't let the 'Mature Theme' badge put you off the A Night with Cleo slot. This is a fun slot to play with some great features and the chance of a life-changing win if you get lucky. Yes, there is a more adult element but it is a small part of the slot and you can elect not to use it at all if you so wish.

A Night With Cleo Slot Jackpot

Good Luck!

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