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Anaconda Wild Slot Review

  • In general, Anaconda Wild is a bright and attractive video slot. The developers used amazing graphic techniques (animations / 3D format) and music. The main theme is also displayed in symbols that appear on 6 reels and 50 paylines.
  • The Anaconda Wild slot machine is the closest in the world to the classic slot machines of the time – which also comes with some more unusual features like a snake that slithers across the landscape. Our favorite Apps so far this year.
  • Anaconda Wild 2 Slots Anaconda Wild 2 Anaconda Wild 2 takes you to visit beautiful golden Mayan temples. The temples are visible behind the reels, together with a golden river that is gently flowing between the trees.
  • Play Anaconda wild Slot for Free. Try the online casino game totally free, No download, No Registration and No Deposit needed.

Few creatures conjure terror in the ophidiophobic quite like the anaconda. Yet in the case of Anaconda Wild from developers Playtech, this snake could well be your key to some pretty huge jackpot wins.

Anaconda Wild Slot Rtp

Anaconda Wild is set against the backdrop of a jungle scene – the kind of place where you’d need to keep an eye out for the occasional anaconda or two. While there aren’t many snakes on the board in the main game, the titular anaconda snakes onto the reels during bonus features, giving you multiple shots at racking up significant spin wins.

The game is set across 6 reels, which is slightly unusual for modern slots. The majority are five reel games, through the sixth reel has become an increasingly common feature, both in Playtech slots and across the industry. There are 50 paylines weaving their way across the board, giving you multiple directions on which you can match paying combinations with any given spin.

Play Anaconda wild Slot for Free. Try the online casino game totally free, No download, No Registration and No Deposit needed.

The aim of the game is to line up three or more matching symbols on any of these paylines. The high value symbols, which pay the most for combinations, are made up of the objects, including a chest, a brooch, a ceremonial cup and a gold ring. These are joined on the reels by symbols which represent the suits from a standard pack of playing cards, in this case the lower value symbols that pop up most frequently on any given spin.

The size of your bet determines how much you can win, both from individual combinations and from the game jackpot. Larger bets payout larger prizes, though obviously your winnings are proportionate to the size of your per spin wager however much you choose to play for. Betting gets under way from just £0.25, ranging up to £250 for those looking to push Anaconda Wild that bit further.

In terms of how this game compares to others, you’re looking at an RTP of 95.48%. This isn’t the highest you’ll see from a modern slot, but it is up there in the higher paying echelons of the genre. Anything beyond 95.00% generally means good value for the player, especially compared to physical slot machines. In the case of Anaconda Wild, you’ve more than got room to spare.

The main jackpot stands at a mighty 50,000 coins. Along your way, you can land decent feature wins with the help of the feature symbols and some of the game’s in-built bonuses.

Feature Symbols

There are two different wild symbols on the table in Anaconda Wild – one square and one rectangular. The rectangular wild is a standard wild symbol, substituting in place of any symbols you lack to complete paying combinations.

While the square wild symbol also performs this role, it has an additional function – triggering the wild respins feature, which is the main bonus in Anaconda Wild. There is no separate bonus symbol in this game, but the wild respins feature is where some of the biggest wins are to be had.


When the square wild lands on the reels, it serves as a standard wild symbol. But it also triggers the snake respin feature. An anaconda emerges from the wild and snakes its way across the board per spin, introducing a new wild with each space it moves.

Anaconda wild slot demo

The round ends when the snake returns to its initial reel position, but over the course of the round, you could have had the benefit of multiple spins with an ever-increasing number of adjacent wilds. This makes some huge wins possible, and more than makes up for the lack of an alternative dedicated bonus round. Play power keno online free. The main jackpot of 50,000 coins comes from six of the wild symbols.

Anaconda Wild Ii Slot

Play Anaconda Wild Slot Game

Anaconda Wild is a slot that takes full advantage of its innovative wild respins feature. This is where the real magic of this game can be found, and where you’re likely to uncover some of the biggest wins along the way.

With multiple opportunities to retrigger the wild respins feature, plus successive spins to take advantage of the additional wilds, Anaconda Wild is a slot that rewards good fortune with some tasty wins.

Try it out for yourself and see if you can snake your way to a 1000x win.

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Anaconda Wild is a Playtech video slot starring a giant Anaconda and a wild respin feature

The big eye-catcher of the Anaconda Wild slot is the bonus feature, where the infamous constrictor snake appears.

As with most snakes, you can’t get rid of them quickly. Better stay friends and hope for the best!

With this exciting slot, the Anaconda snake delivers wilds. As long as he doesn’t crawl back in his hole, he continues to deliver wilds.

If luck is on your side and you can keep away from those pesky mosquitos, you could end up with rows and reels full of wilds!

Gameplay and features of the Anaconda Wild slot

Anaconda Wild has 6 reels with 4 rows of symbols.

There are no less than 50 fixed paylines, making it more difficult to see whether you have won or lost.

Bets start from $€ 0.25 per spin. For players with a limited bankroll, this is a bit high. The maximum bet is $€125 per spin.

What is the theoretical RTP, the variance and the maximum win of the Anaconda Wild slot

The theoretical payout percentage is a bit disappointing: 95.48%. An RTP which is too low is a well-known problem of Playtech slots.

You can win up to a fantastic 2,000 x your bet.

We qualify the slot as a medium variance slot. Chances of winning a prize of, say 1,000x the total bet or more, are minimal. You should be delighted if you get a win of, say, 500x the total bet.

Symbols and payouts

The slot has an Aztec/jungle theme. On the slot’s logo, you see a beautiful Aztec priestess. She appears on one of the premium symbols. 6 priestesses yield a win of 12x the bet. Unfortunately, her role is not more prominent than that.

There are two types of wilds.

Anaconda Wild 2 Slot Demo

  • You have the regular wild symbol (which looks a bit more flat and rectangular). If you spin 6 wilds on an active payline, you win a prize of 20x the total bet.
  • Then there is the (taller and rounder) wild symbol that acts as a regular wild and triggers the Anaconda Wild Respins.

The medium paying symbols include a treasure chest, a purple cup, a green dagger and a ring. If you spin 6 of the same symbols, you’ll win between 1.6x and 3.2x the bet.

The card symbols hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs are the low symbols and are worth 1x the bet if you get 6 of the same symbols on a payline.

Anaconda Wild Respins Feature

The Anaconda Wild Respins Feature is the only bonus feature of the game. It is an exciting one, though!

It activates when one bonus wild symbol appears scattered somewhere on the reels.

Once the symbol has dug itself on a reel, an Anaconda comes out of this hole. Then the Anaconda starts moving over the reels.

After each new spin, he moves one position to the left, right, or up or down. Every time he does so, he leaves another wild behind.

The Anaconda continues to crawl until he has found his original hiding place again. In the meantime, all the wilds (created by the Anaconda) will stay in place (are sticky), and you’ll get free respins.

It is even possible to get multiple Anaconda’s during the free spins round, each leaving behind sticky wilds. Partytime!

Of course, the snake’s determines how much money you can win with this bonus.

As long he doesn’t find his hiding place, it becomes more and more lucrative.

You are unlucky if:

  • He crawls back into his hole after a few spins.
  • If the snake starts at the reel at the right of the screen and doesn’t move to the left

Our verdict on Anaconda Wild

Anaconda Wild is a straightforward and entertaining video slot from Playtech. The slot is easy to understand.

Anaconda Wild 2 Slot

The Wild Respins feature is exciting but doesn’t always yield a massive win. It becomes much more interesting if you get multiple Anaconda’s on your screen at the same time.

We are a bit disappointed with the somewhat low payout rate of 95.48%.

3.2 stars out of 5.

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