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Today, BET announced the launch of “BET AmpliFIND,” a digital contest aimed to shine a spotlight on the hottest, unsigned artists through the power of social media. The contest is now.

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Artists around the country can submit their original music and performances at BET.com/Amplifind for entry consideration from February 25 – March 5. Music fans and industry tastemakers will vote to keep their favorite acts in the competition for a grand prize package that includes an exclusive one-on-one advisory with a top, A&R Executive at Roc Nation, @BETMusic IG Takeover, interview on BET.com, a cash prize, and more.

“BET has always been at the forefront of music discovery and this is our opportunity to help amplify all of the incredible voices that need to be heard,” said Connie Orlando, Executive Vice President of Specials, Music Programming & Music Strategy at BET. “With a great partner in Roc Nation, we hope BET AmpliFIND will provide a platform for these upcoming artists to be discovered.”

Voting opens weekly beginning March 16 for the top 50 contestants. The final five artists will be selected on April 6 for a chance to compete and perform virtually on BET’s IG Live. The winner will be announced on April 13 on BET.com and all digital platforms.

For a full list of eligibility criteria and rules, visit BET.com/Amplifind.


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Definition and Usage

The <a> tag defines a hyperlink, which is used to link from one page to another.

The most important attribute of the <a> element is the href attribute, which indicates the link's destination.

By default, links will appear as follows in all browsers:

  • An unvisited link is underlined and blue
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Tips and Notes

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Tip: If the <a> tag has no href attribute, it is only a placeholder for a hyperlink.

Tip: A linked page is normally displayed in the current browser window, unless you specify another target.

Tip: Use CSS to style links: CSS Links and CSS Buttons.

Browser Support



downloadfilenameSpecifies that the target will be downloaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink
hrefURLSpecifies the URL of the page the link goes to
hreflanglanguage_codeSpecifies the language of the linked document
mediamedia_querySpecifies what media/device the linked document is optimized for
pinglist_of_URLsSpecifies a space-separated list of URLs to which, when the link is followed, post requests with the body ping will be sent by the browser (in the background). Typically used for tracking.
Specifies which referrer information to send with the link
Specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document
Specifies where to open the linked document
typemedia_typeSpecifies the media type of the linked document

Global Attributes

The <a> tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML.

Event Attributes

The <a> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML.

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Default CSS Settings

Most browsers will display the <a> element with the following default values:

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a:link, a:visited {
color: (internal value);
text-decoration: underline;
cursor: auto;
a:link:active, a:visited:active {
color: (internal value);

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