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The online backgammon community will not survive for long in a world without backgammon gambling. There may be a few organized groups with local sites, maybe small servers but the world of online backgammon. - Among the best backgammon sites out there that explain the rules of backgammon and provide useful information to all levels of backgammon players. - Backgammon rules.

With roots dating back to over 5,000 years ago, backgammon is one of the world’s oldest skill games. As the game uses dice rolls, it is sometimes considered luck-based. However, the game has often been compared to chess in that players have a variety of options to choose from every turn – and the best players can usually win consistently.

The mix of luck and strategy has caused backgammon to be compared to poker and makes it an ideal game for serious gamblers. Many high profile online casinos now offer backgammon, and some experts predict that backgammon will quickly rise in the ranks of popularity.

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How to Get Started

Playing online is still legal in many US states and other areas where some forms of online betting are illegal. This is because it is generally accepted as a game of skill. Instead of competing against a casino, you are always pitting yourself against other players. Combining mathematical probability, strategy, psychology and luck, it can be a challenging yet rewarding online gaming experience.

Most sites offer free play for those learning how to play the game. The basics are not difficult, but like poker, advanced strategy can take a significant amount of time and practice to master. Once players have familiarized themselves with the rules and backgammon, there are several betting options available to them.

Different Variations

Backgammon is very well suited to heads up play. Most online backgammon sites allow games with stakes ranging from $5 to $5,000 per game. In these one-on-one games, the winner collects the entire pot. However, some web sites with backgammon games feature a method of changing stakes in-game, called the doubling cube.

The doubling cube is a six-sided die. The sides of the die are labeled 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64, with each number indicating the current multiplier of the original wager. This allows the player to raise the stakes in an effort to collect larger winnings or force their opponent to forfeit the game. In this way, the doubling cube is very similar to raising in poker, and adds a unique element of strategy to backgammon.

In addition to heads-up-games, many backgammon betting sites also feature Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments. Buy ins for these tournaments generally range from $5 to $200, allowing players to compete for large cash prizes. Satellite tournaments are also offered, with the best online backgammon players competing for monthly prizes of up to $100,000. Many online backgammon sites also offer freerolls for newer players who want to hone their skills in a tournament setting.

While sites lack the player volume of established poker websites, you can usually expect to find around 10,000 players online at any given time. While this number may seem small, remember that because the game is played one-on-one, you still have a very large pool of potential opponents to challenge.

Download casino. If you are looking for a new experience that blends skill and luck and offers a similar level of competitiveness to poker, consider visiting backgammon casino sites to find out what backgammon games has to offer firsthand.

247 Backgammon offers the best backgammon game online. Play with an artificially intellegent opponent or play with a friend with Pass & Play! 247 Backgammon has games in five difficulites, ranging from easy to expert! You'll be sure to find a difficulty you feel comfortable playing, whether you are a beginner or seasoned backgammon player. Options only on 247 Backgammon include doubling cube, highlights, match points, and chip color! This backgammon site even remembers your preferences every time you come back so you'll be set to play immediately! The gameplay on 247 Backgammon is seamless and you'll quickly become addicted to the beautiful artwork and perfect puzzle game.

Backgammon is a popular ancient board game. It is played with two players (lucky you, we have a computer player to enjoy!). The object of backgammon is to move all your checkers around the board in a clockwise motion and ultimately bear off the checkers from the board. The first player to remove all their checkers is the winner.

Alternate turns with your opponent moving checkers toward your home in the upper right hand quadrant of the backgammon board. Move checkers by rolling the dice. The numbers on the dice refer to how many spaces you may move with one or more checkers. Highlights show you where the checkers can possibly move. If you roll doubles, you get to move each die twice, concluding in four moves for that turn. You may move your checkers onto any Point so long as it is occupied by your checkers, is empty, or has 1 opponent checker. You may not move your checkers onto a Point with two or more opponent checkers. If you land on a Point with one opponent checker, you knock the opponent's checker off the board and send it back to the beginning. The opponent must now roll and move into an empty spot in your home territory to get that checker back into gameplay. They may not move any other checkers until that knocked off checker is returned. Beware though! Leaving your checkers open with only one on a point leaves them open to be knocked off by your opponent as well!

Once you move all your checkers into the upper right quadrant (in the single player backgammon game), you may start bearing off. This means you can place your checkers into the slot on the right, removing them from the board. Whoever manages to do this first wins!

One to three points can be awarded during the backgammon game dependant on where the loser's checkers are on the board when the winner wins. If the losing player has not borne off any of their checkers by the time the winner has won, the winner will achieve 2 points, and is known as losing a gammon. If the losing player has not borne off any of their checkers and has checkers in the opponent's home board (lower right quadrant) or are still knocked off, the winner scores three points, which is known as losing a backgammon. The winner is awarded one point (most common) if the opponent has started to bear off their checkers and/or has all of their checkers out of the winner's home territory.

The doubling cube is a fun option for players who are seasoned backgammon aficionados. Turn this option on or off in the menu at the start of the game. It is a marker, instead of a die. At any time during gameplay a player may before his/her turn propose the game be played for twice the current stake (beginning at 2). The opponent must either accept th doubled stake or resign to defeat immediately (thus ending the game). The option to redouble belongs exclusively to the player who accepted the double. Technically, the game can be doubled up to 64 times the score, but it rarely goes beyond 4. If the 'double' is declined, the doubler wins however many points the doubling cube is showing (1 x doubling cube). If the game is played, the resulting score will then be multiplied by the doubling cube number. This little die adds a lot of fun strategy to the game. We recommend trying it on for size!

  • Fortify your checkers in backgammon by ensuring all remain in stacks of two or more at all times.
  • Knock opponent backgammon checkers off as much as possible.
  • Build up your home territory with two checkers + in each spot. This makes it more difficult for the opponent to roll to get back into the game after being knocked off.
  • Feeling fiesty? Intentionally leave some checkers back to try and knock the opponent off the board as they make a run for their home territory!

Backgammon Betting Sites

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