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Bad Beat Jackpot criteria and info

A qualifying Bad Beat Jackpot is defined as any hand dealt on any table that offers the High Hand Jackpot promotion meeting the following specifications: (1) A minimum of four players have been dealt into the hand. (2) The losing hand is four of a kind sixes or higher. The Bad Beat Jackpot is in play on all Jackpot tables when at least 4 players are dealt into the hand. The Bad Beat Jackpot is activated when a player loses the main pot with AAAKK or better, and both the winner and loser have a qualifying hand. A qualifying Full. 2 days ago  Winning and losing paid off for two poker players Friday night. In the Boulder Station poker room, a guest had a $107,547 bad beat jackpot hit in an 8/16 Omaha high game, according to a. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be distributed amongst the table with 40% going to the losing hand, 20% going to the winning hand and 40% being divided between the remaining players. Omaha - Four of a Kind (Tens or better) beaten by a higher hand. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF THE BAD BEAT JACKPOT OR THE RULES FOR THIS JACKPOT. Typically, bad beat jackpots in excess of $200,000 spur conversation. For comparison’s sake, the MGM Grand Detroit’s current bad beat jackpot is around $55,000, while the Greektown Casino bad beat jackpot is near $41,000. So, you can imagine the buzz generated with a million-dollar-plus bad beat jackpot.

SwC Poker is proud to announce our Bad Beat Jackpot. Win big when you lose with Aces full of Kings or better in a qualifying situation:

  • The Bad Beat Jackpot is in play on all Jackpot tables when at least 4 players are dealt into the hand.
  • The Bad Beat Jackpot is activated when a player loses the main pot with AAAKK or better, and both the winner and loser have a qualifying hand.
  • A qualifying Full House or Straight Flush must play both hole cards.
  • A qualifying Four of a Kind must play a pocket pair.

The Bad Beat Jackpot can be won at our BBJ Hold'em tables, noted by the yellow background color and “Jackpot” table name. The rake taken in qualifying BBJ hands is 25% higher than our regular tables. This extra portion is contributed to the bitcoin poker jackpot.

When hit, the jackpot pays out as follows:

  • 35% to the loser of the hand
  • 20% to the winner of the hand
  • 15% shared between all other players dealt into the hand
  • 10% house fee

The remainder seeds the next jackpot. The initial jackpot was seeded with 100,000 chips. The current jackpot amount is shown at the top of the client, as well as on jackpot tables.


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We are the only tracker of live Bad Beat Jackpots for online poker sites. The featured jackpots are shown below along with their requirements and reviews of winning. Each Bad Beat Jackpot is different for each site so we recommend you read the basics for each site so you don’t miss out. We’ve seen people lose a 6 figure jackpot over 5 cents! Please hit refresh to see the current poker jackpots amount.

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Our Visitors Have Hit

So far that we know of two players that have visited our site have hit these bad beat jackpots. We got word that two players hit a jackpot on the same day, one winning $128,000 and another person from here was sitting at the same table and won $18,000. The main winner won $258,000 for his quad fours getting beat by quad sevens. Those are two unlucky lucky guys! This was one of the biggest jackpots that we know of that our players have hit, but there surely have been more, and they do happen on a daily basis!

Not Just Playing Online

Bad beat jackpots have been becoming more and more popular at live based 'brick and mortar' casinos. If you navigate our site you'll find our expanding section of casinos that have bad beat pots. The rules tend to change quite a bit for these jackpots so it's always good to ask the dealers what the requirements are.

A Couple Quick Tips

Right now, I'd have to say if you're going to play online, do so at They have a large player database so the bad beat jackpot is constantly rising and falling. Of course, you want to play when it's peaking. BetOnline is also a poker site accepted from the US. There's really no point in playing in my opinion if the jackpot is low because we pretty much always have one site listed where the jackpot is over $100,000.

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PokerStars or Full Tilt Jackpots

Because these two sites have the most players of any sites out there combined (even though they don't accept USA players), there is a real possibility for some mega jackpots to happen. It is something we've talked to Pokerstars and Full Tilt about having but at this time they are not adding any poker jackpot tables. Despite this, we still see demand because the jackpots could get into the 10,000,000 range if done properly, along with daily $1,000,000 jackpots. It is our intention to stay on top of these two sites to bring you the mega jackpots. Anyways, for now good luck on getting unlucky!

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