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Information to consider when opening Bank of America 1 Year IRA CD Rates: This is a short dated security and like standard CD rates they are influenced by a number of factors including the feds fund rate, bank. Thank you for choosing First National Bank of America! For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us by Phone: 517-679-6485, Toll Free: 833-668-1003 or email.

Bank of America offers a range of certificates of deposit that could help you grow your savings with a well-known brand. While the minimum deposit to open a standard CD at B of A is low, there is a trade-off: The yields offered on Bank of America’s CDs are relatively low compared to other banks' offerings.

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Bank of America earned 2.4 out of 5 stars in Bankrate’s review across its deposit products. Its CDs earned a 2.6 rating.

Bank of America CD rates

B of A offers two kinds of CD account types: featured CDs and fixed term CDs. Featured CDs offer a higher APY but require a higher balance. Fixed term CDs offer lower APYs but have a lower minimum deposit requirement.

Let's take a closer look at the CDs that Bank of America has to offer. Note: These rates are for southeast Florida residents and could vary by state.

AccountTermInterest rateAPYMinimum deposit
Featured CD7 months0.05%0.05%$10,000
Featured CD10 months0.05%0.05%$10,000
Featured CD13 months0.05%0.05%$10,000
Featured CD25 months0.05%0.05%$10,000
Featured CD37 months0.05%0.05%$10,000
Fixed Term CD28-179 days*0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD6-11 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD12-17 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD18-23 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD24-35 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD36-47 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD48-59 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD60-119 months0.03%0.03%$1,000
Fixed Term CD120 months0.03%0.03%$1,000

Bank Of America Cd Ira Rates

Note: The APYs (Annual Percentage Yield) shown are as of Jan. 15, 2020. The APYs for some products may vary by region.

*IRA CDs are not available for a term less than six months.

Bank Of America Cda Idaho

How Bank of America CDs compare to top-yielding banks

Bank of America offers CDs with a range of term lengths to help you build your savings based on your timeline. A CD with Bank of America can help you grow your savings, but you are not working with the best rates on the market. App that earn you money.

Many banks offer higher rates that you shouldn't ignore. For example, Limelight Bank currently offers 0.70% percent APY on a 1-year CD. Research some of the best rates offered by financial institutions.

Other savings options at Bank of America

Certificate Of Deposits

As a big bank, Bank of America offers a range of products to help you build your savings.

Bank Of America Cds

You can open IRA products through Bank of America to save for your retirement goals. Additionally, the bank offers savings accounts, including ones designed for minors. However, you can find much higher rates on savings accounts elsewhere.

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