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Posted on Mon, 08/02/2021

To play a slot game online, players are always required to make a deposit. This is your stake and what is multiplied if you are lucky enough to match up the right pay line.

This how these games have always worked. However, there are other ways in which to bypass having to make a deposit and that is by taking advantage of a casino bonus.


What are online casino bonuses no deposit, and which is the best casino bonus to use with no deposit?

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What is a casino bonus no deposit?

Casino sites are always trying to increase their customer base. The more customers that they have, the more deposits players make. Sometimes the sheer amount of slot games available is not enough to entice new players or keep their existing player base around.

So, what do these new casino slots sites do? They offer casino bonuses. These are types of offers that reward players for using the site. This can be done to get new players to sign up or keep their players from leaving the site.

What’s more, these casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and the most rewarding ones require no deposit. This means that the player does not need to put real money forward to play sots using this bonus.

What types of no deposit casino bonuses can you expect to find online.

Types of Online Casino Bonus No Deposit

What can players expect to find when looking for a no deposit casino bonus? Here are the most common types of no deposit bonuses.

  • Free Deposit amount- a free deposit amount is an amount of credit that the player receives to use on the range of slot games on the site. For example, players can receive £10 as a free deposit bonus. This £10 is free and contributes toward the deposit that the player makes. Once the deposit amount runs out the player then needs to make deposits of their own. This no deposit bonus is usually favoured among players that want to play other casino games and not just slots.
  • Free Spins- a surplus of free spins is always a favourite casino bonus and is exactly what you think it may be. For example players may receive a bonus of 100 free spins. These spins can be used across all of the slot games on the site.
Best Casino Online No Deposit Bonus

These are two of the most common and popular casino bonuses players will come across that do not require a deposit. How do we get these bonuses?

How to get the best casino bonuses no deposit?

As mentioned in the introduction, the casino bonuses are given to players because the casino site wants to either gain new players or keep hold of their existing players. With this in mind, here are the reasons player receive a casino bonus with no deposit.

  • Welcome bonus- the first bonus that casino players will come across is the welcome bonus. This is given to players when they sign up to the casino site and is used to showcase the range of games that the site provides. These no deposit casino bonuses are usually used to try and outdo other sites, therefore they will be highly rewarding. Sometimes they may feature a free deposit amount as well as some free spins.
  • Loyalty Bonus- This is a casino bonus that is given to players after they have been using the site for a certain period of time. This can be a month, a year and so on. It is a way that a casino site can demonstrate how much they value their customers and keep them from leaving the site. With a no deposit bonus, the player can keep on playing their slot games for as long as the bonus lasts and try out new games they may have neglected before.
  • Reload Bonus- This type of casino bonus is given to players that have not logged on to the casino site in a long time, almost the reverse of a loyalty bonus. It is a gentle reminder that the site still exists and the player receives a small no deposit bonus to use as an incentive to get the player to log on and play again.

If you fit any of this criteria, you could be due a no deposit casino bonus. But are they worth it?

Can you win real money with the best bonus?

The player’s ability to win real money with a no deposit casino bonus all depends on the type of bonus they are using.

With a welcome bonus it very rare that a player is allowed to withdraw any winnings from this offer. This is because the idea behind the bonus is to give players a sample of the slot games available in the hopes that they stick around to make a deposit of their own. However not all players do this and so it makes sense that players cannot win real money with a no deposit welcome bonus.

Other offers, such as the loyalty bonus, are more likely to allow players to win real money with a no deposit bonus. This is because the bonus is trying to keep hold of the player’s custom, therefore the casino site wants the player to have the best experience possible. That means letting them win real money with their loyalty bonus. The same is often true of the reload bonus as well.

How do players know if they are able to win real money with a no deposit casino bonus?

Wagering requirements

In the terms and conditions of every casino bonus, players will find a list of criteria that they must meet in order to unlock the bonus. These are known as wagering requirements and they act as all the information you need to get the bonus and whether or not it will allow you to win real money.

No deposit bonus vs Deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is not the only type of casino bonus. There are also other versions that require the player to make a deposit to unlock. These are:

  • Extra deposit amount- players can find offers such as deposit £10 get a further £5 to play with. This acts an extension to their deposit, a bit of credit.
  • Matched deposit bonus- this is given to players when they make a deposit and it gives them an extra amount of credit equal to what they initially deposit. For example players that deposit £20 get a further £20 to play with.

As you can see, the deposit bonus is designed to extend the players game time rather than giving them a free trial.

A no deposit bonus has an entirely different function to a deposit bonus. It is a tutorial or a reward. A deposit bonus is used more among experienced players and lets them play the slot games they love for longer.

Plus players are far more likely to encounter a deposit bonus that allows players to win real money, especially when used as a welcome bonus.

How to get the best casino bonuses no deposit in 2021

Best Australian Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

To get a casino bonus players must first be registered with a casino site. How does one do this? It isn’t that difficult.

  • Step 1- find the casino site that holds the slot games you want to play or the no deposit bonus you are looking for.
  • Step 2- Hit the register button that will be fairly obvious on the casino sites home screen.
  • Step 3- follow the required steps including providing your email address and verifying your casino account. If you do not verify your account you will not be able to withdraw any winning sand so this is an important step
  • Step 4- check the casino sites promotions page to see whether you meet any of the requirements for any of their no deposit bonus

Best way to win money using a casino bonus with no deposit

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to receive a no deposit casino bonus. Which one is the best?

It really is down to the player. If you want to win real money, there are casino bonuses for that. If you would rather learn the ropes, there is a no deposit casino bonus for that too.

The only way to find out what the best casino bonus with no deposit really is, is by heading over to the promotions page at Slots Baby and seeing what it is you want from a bonus. There are plenty to choose from and the wagering requirements are clearly labelled.

Online Slot Games Casino bonus no deposit 2020.

Online slots are among the most popular gambling games on the Internet today. Many players have become habitual to logging on to online casino slots whenever they feel the need to take a break from their regular games. Although slots can be fun and exciting when played in casinos or online game parlors, the real action is always played online. And since online slots tend to be less structured than live slots, there are many different ways for you to go about winning big jackpots.

Several contributing factors have led to the immense popularity of Slot Online Tepercaya. No skill required: Luck is the only factor that affects the outcome of slot machine games. High payout ratios: Online slot machines frequently pay out high amounts, often ten times the actual stake.

The lure of winning large amounts with a little stake is irresistible for many players. Unfortunately, this also means that casino sites have to compensate for this fact by either giving out welcome bonuses or otherwise increasing the jackpot amounts for players who play slots regularly.

Welcome bonuses, in terms of online casino sites, refer to several things. Some are purely promotional, while others have real monetary gains as an added advantage for players. For example, some casinos offer welcome bonuses simply because they want players to return to their site.

Best Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Usa

At the same time, they could be giving us players special privileges such as the first two spins of a particular machine or preferential loading. Some casinos also allow us players to use more than one casino account. We all know the feeling of wanting to get our “dream” money out faster than the game results will let us.

Of course, we welcome bonuses because they encourage us players to return to sites, whether it’s a conventional casino or an online casino, again. Many online casinos operate exclusively as referral programs. That is, they reward players who bring friends and other players to them.

We welcome these rewards not only because they increase the possibility of us winning real money on our slots play but also because they encourage us players to spread the love of gaming among our friends. (On the other hand, online casinos are also notorious for having numerous jackpot games where we can win millions of dollars.)

2020 No Deposit Casino Bonuses

In the final analysis, there are several considerations that we need to make when comparing the best online casinos to those that offer no welcome bonuses or no real money online slot games. For example, you have to make sure that whichever online casino you choose has the “best” software and has an excellent reputation.

Biggest No Deposit Welcome Bonus

It would also help if the online slots games offered by that online casino were free to play. And above all, you have to ensure that the casino’s online slots are 100% genuine. A big old casino that offers nothing more than a flash and animated graphic interface will probably be better off spending their money on something else.

Best Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Australia

When you are ready to try your luck at slots, you will probably have a favorite online casino. You should first use that casino and then start trying other online slots games, such as bingo, craps, roulette, and other table games. When you find a game that you enjoy playing the most, stick with it.

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