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This guide will tell you How To Play Casino Games In GTA Online so you can easily figure out if you are doing it wrong or if the feature has been disabled due to regional restrictions. The Diamond Casino & Resort update is now live in Grand Theft Auto Online. To play Casino games is a very simple process. GTA Online casino chips are acquired by exchanging GTA$ with the cashier at a rate of 1 chip = GTA$1, and this was initially capped at a maximum of 20,000 chips in total per in-game day, which is.

Diamond Casino Heist is a feature that was added to GTA 5 Online on December 12th, 2019. It allows players to work with the Cheng family to break into the most secured location in the Los Santos city. It is a huge operation with many kinds of opportunities to set up your plan and use different approaches.

Every heist is a unique one with different security measures, choices, and outcomes, which lead to even more unexpected events during the heist. The Diamond Casino Heist is hard, which is also why it is fun and highly replayable.

Choosing your approach is one of the first and most important things you need to do in this mission. Each route has its own different pros and cons and the easiest route might not actually be the easiest road.

There is a total of 3 approaches Silent and Sneaky, Aggressive, and the Big Con. In this article, we will show you what are the differences among these 3 approaches and which approach is the best for making money.

GTA 5 Casino Heist Best Approach

Silent and Sneaky

The Silent and Sneaky approach is the most complicated approach with 10 preparation missions. That means it will take you the most time before you can start. You can get the Undetected bonus with this approach that will get you a $200,000 bonus.

Since this approach gets the most bonus, it is obviously the hardest one. You will need a team who you know and trust. Your team must be able to talk directly with each other constantly. You might even need to do some test runs because it is likely that you will not make it the first time. Your team needs to be as 'sneaky and silent' as possible because if one thing goes wrong, your cover is blown. If you can't kill the guard in 1 shot they will turn on the alarm. If you get spotted by a camera, you are done.


The Aggressive approach only has 7 preparation missions, which is the fewest of the 3. This approach has a Smash and Grab bonus which gives you a $100,000 bonus. While the bonus of this approach is low, it is also the easiest approach. Because if your plan fails, you can always shot your way out.

With the Aggressive approach, you can hide gunman and play with others you don't know to complete the mission. All you have to do is shoot your way in and shoot your way out so it is very action-packed and fun to play. However, the money will get is not going to be a lot. The more damage you take the less money you will get in the end and trust me, you will get shot a lot, especially when you try to escape.

Big Con

The Big Con approach has 9 preparation missions. This approach will give you the Hidden in Plain Sight bonus that will give you a $150,000 extra.

With the Big Con approach, you need to coordinate with your team in order to make it work. It is nothing too crazy, just some simple missions such as swipe your card at the same time and knows what the plan is. You can use voice chat or text chat in the game to communicate. The Big Con is pretty much the simple version of the Silent and Sneaky approach.

Which is the GTA 5 Casino Heist Best approach?

So which is the GTA 5 Casino Heist best approach?

The Aggressive approach doesn't give you much money so I wouldn't recommend you choose this mode. However, I think that everyone should finish the Aggressive approach at least once because of the $100,00 bonus. You will also get another $300,000 bonus when you complete 3 elite challenges for all 3 approaches. Of course, if you just want to do some gun-blazing without caring about the money then go for it.

The Silent and Sneaky approach gets you a lot of money but it is very intensive for the average GTA players, especially if you are playing with random. Gto poker book. But if you are really good and you want dome challenge then this is the best option.

The Big Con approach is pretty balanced. You can get a lot of fun and you will get a lot of money no matter if you play with your friends or random players.

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You're going to need a supply of GTA Online casino chips if you want to while away some time gambling in the Diamond Casino & Resort, or purchase any of the exclusive items from the casino store. These chips are a separate currency that was introduced when the GTA Online casino opened, to ensure that any virtual cash you gamble is kept separate from your balance of GTA$ that can be purchased for real money. If you're looking to get the full experience from this addition to the world of GTA Online, then let us tell you how to get the required GTA Online casino chips and show you everything you can spend them on.

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Where can I get GTA Online Casino Chips?

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When you first arrive in the casino, you'll get the option to purchase a Standard Membership from the Guest Services desk near the entrance or by following the on-screen prompt, which costs GTA$500 but gives you 5000 GTA Online casino chips to get started. Additional chips can be obtained from the Cashier Services booth on the casino floor, where you can also collect a visitor bonus once per day which is currently set to 1000 free chips. GTA Online casino chips are acquired by exchanging GTA$ with the cashier at a rate of 1 chip = GTA$1, and this was initially capped at a maximum of 20,000 chips in total per in-game day, which is 48 minutes in real time.

When we purchased a GTA Online casino Penthouse and became a VIP, the maximum number of chips we could exchange became 50,000 but once again this cap is enforced every in-game day to stop any more chips from being purchased. This is done to ensure players aren't spending too much real money on the virtual gambling activities – even using the worst value GTA Online Shark Card available, exchanging the maximum GTA$50,000 for chips is only a rough equivalent of $1.50 / £1.00 so won't break the bank.

GTA Online Casino Lucky Wheel

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The Lucky Wheel sits on the casino floor near Cashier Services, and once per day you can give it a spin to win a random prize. As well as additional GTA Online casino chips, you could win GTA$ or RP, clothing items, or the star prize of the podium vehicle being displayed nearby. The following prizes are available, along with the odds of winning them:

  • Podium Vehicle: 1 in 20
  • Vehicle Discount: 1 in 20
  • Mystery: 1 in 20
  • Clothing: 4 in 20
  • Chips: 4 in 20
  • Cash: 4 in 20
  • RP: 5 in 20

GTA Online Casino Slot Machines

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You'll find slot machines dotted all around the casino floor, which are mainly themed around entertainment shows in the GTA world such as Impotent Rage and Republican Space Rangers. These have minimum bets ranging from 5 to 500 chips, which can be increased to a maximum bet of five times that amount, and offer a 98.7% payout to players. There's absolutely no skill involved in these games, so once you've set you bet level all you need to do is keep cranking the one-armed bandit and hope for the best.


GTA Online Casino Inside Track

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At the Inside Track you can bet on virtual horse races, either in a Single Event where only you are playing, or in the Main Event that runs every 5 minutes where you gamble with other players in your session, and the collective results are shown on the main screen after the race. Either way, you pick a horse and place your bet from one of the terminals, with the potential payout displayed if your nag comes in first. The lower the odds, the more likely the horse is to win but the payout will be smaller, and with no previous form to go on this is all complete guesswork so you might as well pick the horse with the best name.

GTA Online Casino Roulette

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This is your standard roulette table set up, though it does use the American style layout with both a 0 and 00 to tip the odds slightly in the casino's favour. You can place bets on individual numbers, red or black, odd or even, or a range of outcomes by putting your chips on the lines between numbers or at the ends of rows. You can place a maximum of 10 individual bets if you want to cover the spread, up to the maximum bet for the table.

GTA Online Casino Three Card Poker

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Best Gta 5 Casino Games Online

Three Card Poker is probably the most complex of the table games available in the casino, as there are two types of bet you can play per hand dealt. The first is the Ante bet, where you go head to head with the Dealer to try and beat their hand. After seeing your cards, you can either fold or add a Play bet equal to your Ante bet to see the Dealer's cards and determine who won. The second is the Pair Plus bet, which is a side bet that your hand will include a pair or better, with payouts based on the quality of your hand. You can choose to play either or both of those bets for each hand, so it's worth experimenting to see which approach you prefer.

GTA Online Casino Blackjack

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Casino table games wouldn't be complete without the staple Blackjack, which most players will easily recognise and know how to play. Try to get as close to 21 as possible with your cards, without going bust by exceeding that total, then stand and hope the Dealer either goes bust themselves or stands on a lower total – the Dealer must stand on 17 or above. The usual options are available to initially split your hand if your first two cards are the same, or double down to double your bet and just receive one more card, though you cannot buy insurance if the Dealer's face up card is an ace.

What else can I spend my GTA Online casino chips on?

Gta 5 Casino

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Casino Gta 5 Online

As well as playing the various table games and other gambling pursuits detailed above, you can also spend your GTA Online casino chips in the Casino Store. Here you can buy various outfits and accessories to show off your new-found status, or decorate your Penthouse suite with fancy artwork once you've become a VIP member and moved in. All of the items in the Casino Store are exclusive and can only be purchased with chips, so you know you're joining an elite group by adding them to your collection.

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