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Here are some important probabilities in Omaha that returns in different situations. Knowledge about probabilities will help you to better evaluate situations in poker. You will , for example, know when you should call and when you shouldn't, and, vice versa, know when to fold and when the odds are in your favor.

  • A list of great starting hands with Ace pairs would include AAQQ, AA99, and AAJJ, to mention just a few. Kings and Queens Omaha players who are dealt Kings and Queens in their starting hands can also play their hands, provided they have another strong pair.
  • Keep in mind, however, that hands vary according to the facts you have at the time of making any decision. In general, in Omaha High-Low, the best hand takes the pot, so bluffing is not often helpful since the game is primarily driven by hand strength. Starting hands that are best may win both the high and low portions of the pot.
  • The Best Hand While every thoroughbred Omaha player may have their own personal favorite hand, A, A, 2, 3 (double suited), is the best hand to be armed with in Omaha hi-lo.
  • Winning poker hands. To win at Omaha poker you need to know the winning hands, and this is absolutely essential in Omaha because you need to know if you are drawing to a great hand or not. Skill comes into how you play the hand and if you don’t know if you have a winning hand or draw, you wont be able to make and call the right bets.
Table 1. Playing situations
Drawing hands probabilitiesOddsPercent
Double wraparound straight draw (e.g. hand: 9-8-5-4, flop: 7-6-x)0.48-168%
Wraparound straight draw (e.g. hand: 8-5-4-x, flop: 7-6-x)0.67-160%
Straight flush draw0.84-154%
Hitting a full house with three pairs 3-124%
Hitting a full house with two pairs5.1-116.5%
Hitting quads with a set21.5-14.5%

Best Omaha starting hands A A K K is the best Omaha starting hand, but right next to it is, surprisingly, A A J T as it has much more straight potential than the third-best hand, A A Q Q. Almost all the top 30 hands from our chart have at least one strong pair in them: either A A, K K, Q Q or J J.

Starting hands

There are many starting hands in Omaha (16.432 if not all suit combinations are counted), which makes it difficult to get an overview. Table 2 will hopefully increase that overview a bit.

Table 2. Starting hand versus average hand
A-A-K-K double suited to win against average hand73%
A-A-K-K rainbow to win against average hand68%
A-A-7-7 double suited to win against average hand72%
A-A-7-7 rainbow to win against average hand67%
A-A-J-T double suited to win against average hand76%
A-A-J-T rainbow to win against average hand71%
J-T-9-8 double suited to win against average hand56%
J-T-9-8 rainbow to win against average hand49%


Exemple of a double suited hand: Q♥ A♥ 2♦ K♦
Exemple of a rainbow hand: Q♥ A♣ 2♠ K♦
The best Omaha hands are less bigger favorites against an average hand compared to Texas Hold'em.
In Texas Hold'em, common knowledge is that A-A is very big favorite against all other hands. In Omaha, A-A as a part of a hand is far from that strong. In general, an A-A-x-x hand versus a random four-card hand is a 70-30 favorite in average (if all the starting hands that are normally folded are excluded, the A-A-x-x hands will be even less favorites).

Made hands versus draws

A typical feature in an Omaha Hi game is a set against a hand with several drawing possibilities. The made hand will not be a very big favorite (sometimes it is an underdog), so the recommended strategy is to play fast and bet/raise the pot in these situations.

Table 3. Made hand versus drawing hand
Top set against flush draw70%-30%
Middle set against flush draw70%-30%
Top set against flush draw + two pairs68%-32%
Set against wraparound straight draw52%-48%
Set against double wraparound straight draw53%-47%
No decimals are used. The numbers are only approximal.


Factors that can affect the odds are for example blocking cards.


Flush draws versus straight draws

In Omaha, hands with flush draws are often more likely to win than straight draws.

Table 4. Drawing hands
Flush draw against wraparound60%-40%
Flush draw against double wraparound55%-45%
No decimals are used. The numbers are only approximal.

Best Plo Starting Hands


Best Omaha Starting Hands Hi-lo

Since that many cards are in action, there are often combined possibilities, which makes it hard to give general percentages. Top 10 mobile casinos. A hand with a flush draw has mostly something else, like a pair or a straight draw as well.

Omaha Hi Low Starting Hands

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