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With a population of nearly 40 million, the largest in the United States,
it’s no surprise that California has a massive gambling fanbase. Land-based
gaming laws here are a little stricter than states such as Nevada, yet
California’s online gambling market continues to grow. Today, our team of
experts is looking at some of the very best California casino sites currently

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Yes, residents of California can be accepted and allowed to play on online gambling platforms, however, oddly the actual gambling online law has not been formally regulated or passed. There are plenty of land based casinos to choose from in California, over hundreds of them. California Casinos and Gambling. Short Summary: California is fairly liberal when it comes to gambling laws. In addition to allowing players do whatever they want, (including playing online) the state has legal and regulated charitable gambling, live and simulcast racing wagering, card rooms and lottery. FULL REVIEW Arguably the best online sportsbook for those interested in betting online in California is Bovada, an online gambling company that offers a wide range of online gambling services such as live poker, casino gaming, and horse racing betting.

California Online Casinos Chumba Casino – Sweepstakes for Real Cash Prizes Luckyland Slots – Sweepstakes Casino Big Fish Casino – Social Casino DoubleDown – Social Casino GSN Casino –. These casinos are regulated abroad and most are very reliable; you just have to sign up with time-tested ones with stellar reputations. To help you with choosing a legal CA online casino to play at, we have reviewed and researched dozens and recommend the best online casinos for California residents at the top of the page.

New Online Casinos California

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise to find that some of the best online
casinos in the world are available here. To make things a little easier for new
players, we’re listing five of our favorite casino sites in California directly

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We’re going to be breaking down some of the most important features that
California online casinos should always provide. Finally, we’ll be going over the
current laws and restrictions over internet casino gambling in this state.
There’s a lot of information to unpack!

California Casino Sites: What Should I Be Looking For?

With so many amazing options to choose from, it can be a little difficult
finding where to play casino games in California. Allow us to help you out! Our
analysts have looked through hundreds of different sites over the years.

We have come up with a unique system to determine whether a CA casino site is
worth playing at or not. There are a few simple things that every online casino
should provide. Below are the four most important features that all casino sites
in California should offer.

Safe and Simple Payment System

There’s nothing more important than safety when betting online. The first and
most important feature you should always look into is the website’s cashier
system. If the online casino you’re looking at doesn’t provide you with a
range of quick and secure payment options, we don’t recommend signing up.

Finding information on different websites’ payment options should be easy.
One quick way is to head over to our list of
online casino reviews. In
each of these reviews, we dive deep into the different payment options of every

Another easy option is to simply check out these websites for yourself! At
the top of this page are the top-five California casino sites that we recommend.
You can head over to these sites today and look at their cashier systems
straight from the source. All reputable California online casinos will clearly list the
accepted payment methods.

We recommend playing at sites that allow deposits to be made using both debit
and credit cards. Withdrawal options differ from site to site. The majority of
California casinos online only allow payouts to be made using Bitcoin.
Fortunately, this is one of the best withdrawal methods available today.

Don’t be worried if you aren’t familiar with how Bitcoin works. Many CA
casino sites will easily walk you through each payout. Some sites such as
Bovada even provide
entire pages that explain how you can use Bitcoin to collect your winnings.
Spend some time looking at a few different sites’ payment options and choose one
that’s safe and easy.

Great Functionality and Design

The design and functionality of the CA casino website you choose to play at
will affect your entire gambling experience. A site could provide hundreds of
games with an amazing cashier system, yet if it crashes or makes if difficult to
actually place bets, it’s probably not worth playing at. For this reason, it’s
important to always look for great overall functionality and design.

This is another easy thing to look into. All legit US casino sites in
California will allow you to scroll through them before you’ve decided to sign
up. You can check out the various aspects of these sites to decide if it offers
a design you enjoy. Some sites even allow you to place some sample bets!

Everyone has a different design preference. Perhaps you’ll want to play at a
website that features hundreds of games and different bonus offers directly on
the homepage. It’s also possible that you prefer simple websites that make it
extremely easy to find the games you want to play.

The most important thing when you playat California online casinos is to find a design that fits your needs. There are
many different online casinos in CA right now, and you’re sure to find one that
offers the functionality you’re looking for. Check out the sites that we’re
recommending at the top of this page!

Casino Games That You Want to Play

This may seem completely obvious. Unfortunately, many players new to online
casino gaming sign up to a website, only to find that it doesn’t actually offer
the games they want to play! Don’t let this happen to you!

Always check through a few different California casino sites and look at
which games are provided. Do you love slots? Find a website offering hundreds of
slot games from the top software providers. Are you a blackjack fan? Make sure
to sign up to a website providing a wide range of different table gaming

Best online casinos california

It’s also a good idea to see if any unique gaming features are provided. Some
sites, including the ones we recommend, offer fun features such as live dealer
games. These games make it feel as if you’re actually playing games inside a
land-based casino.

It’s incredible how many casino games are available online. Different sites
often provide their members with different gaming options. Spend some time
finding a website that offers the games you want to play.

Helpful Customer Support System

The last feature you will want to find in California online casinos is a
helpful customer support system. If you have any questions during your gambling
experience, it’s important to know that the site you play through will help you
out. More often than not, the better a website’s customer service, the better
the entire site actually is.

Good websites will usually provide a live chat feature. This form of customer
support allows you to speak with a website representative instantly over chat.
It’s a very useful tool to have your questions answered.

Other California online casinos will let you speak with employees over the phone.
This is another great customer service feature you should look for. Don’t settle
with a site that only allows email support. This can often take weeks to answer
any questions you need answers for.

There’s a very good chance you will never even have to utilize these site’s
customer support systems. If, however, you have any issues that come up with
making bets or collecting payments, it’s important to know you have a site that
will help you. Never disregard the importance of customer service!

California Online Casinos Are Growing in Popularity

Many people in California are realizing how great online casino gambling can
really be. There was a time when only a few casino sites operated in this state.
Today, players here have access to some of the best gaming companies in the

We’ve asked many Californians why they choose to gamble online, rather than
inside of a local casino. There are two factors that continue to pop up. Below
are the two most common reasons that are contributing to the rise in California
casino sites right now.

Convenience of Making Bets From Home

California is a big state. There are over 160 land-based tribal casinos
operating here, many of which provide players with a wide range of different
gambling options. Even with the many brick-and-mortar gaming options, many
people here prefer the ability to simply make bets from home.

California online casinos allow you to make bets from anywhere with an
internet connection. Many of these online casinos even let you play on-the-go
using a smartphone! There’s nothing better than playing your favorite games,
anytime you want.

California casino sites are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You
will never have to worry about whether or not the games you want to play are
available. If you enjoy placing bets on your own time without the need to drive
miles to a casino, online gaming is probably for you.

Wide Range of Different Gaming Options

Another reason why so many people love casino websites is the massive amount
of different games offered every single day. The top CA casino sites provide
literally thousands of different gaming options to members. You can find just
about every slot and table game through these websites.

Generally speaking, California casinos online will always offer more games than even the
biggest land-based casinos. As we just mentioned, these games are available
24/7. You’ll never have to worry about making the trip to a casino, only to find
that the game you wanted to play is not available.

Some casino sites in California will focus more on certain games than others.
One website may provide hundreds of different slots, while others focus
primarily on their table gaming options. Check out a few different websites to
see just how many different games are available online right now.

Is Online Casino Gambling in California Actually Allowed?

California is well-known for its liberal laws. Strangely, officials here have
been somewhat reluctant to begin opening up the online gambling industry. At the
moment, only tribal casinos are legal throughout the state.

Lawmakers in California passed Proposition 1A in the year 2000. This allowed
tribal casinos to offer traditional casino games such as slots and blackjack. In
2014, bills AB 2991 and SB 1366 were presented. If passed, these will allow for
the regulation of online poker throughout the state.

There have been no steps taken to begin regulating the online casino industry
in California. Fortunately, there are no laws that specifically prohibit
individuals from playing through California casino sites. The legality may lie
in somewhat of a gray area, yet most agree this market is completely open. Betonline client.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Playing at California Online Casinos?

It’s extremely unlikely. As we just mentioned, there is nothing in
the state’s criminal code that specifically bans playing California online casinos.
We have not come across a single case of any individuals facing legal trouble
for playing casino games online here.

How Do I Stay Safe Playing Online Casino Games in CA?

Online casino gambling in the US is generally very safe. Word spreads quickly
in the internet gaming industry, and any websites caught withholding payment
from members or charging unusual fees will be called out. For that reason,
casino sites in California work hard to always provide their members with

Oftentimes, the best way to stay safe online is by monitoring your own
gambling activities. Our experts are listing five of the best tips that will
help to keep you perfectly safe while playing internet casino games in

Play Through Reputable Websites

The easiest way to protect yourself is to only play through
legit US casino websites
that have solid reputations. And all the safe California casino sites will take
steps to protect your gambling experience. Head back up to the top of this page
to see the California online casinos that we highly recommend.

Track How Much You Are Gambling

One of the best things about casino sites in California is that they are just
so fun! Unfortunately, this can lead to some gamblers betting more than they
should. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, always keep track of how much
money you are actually wagering.

Only Bet on Games That You Understand

Many players who are new to online casino gaming will jump right into games
before they even know the rules. We don’t recommend this. It’s always a good
idea to only play games that you understand. It will significantly lower your
chances of losing.

Read the Details of Every Promotion Before You Use Them

Promotions, in case you are unaware, are simply bonus offers that different
casino sites in California will offer to their members. These can be a fantastic
way to boost the amount of money into your betting account. Occasionally, they
can also make it difficult to actually withdraw your winnings. Make sure that
you read the terms and conditions of every promotion before you decide to
utilize them.

Always Be Willing to Reach out to Customer Service

A good customer support system is hugely important when you play online casinos games in California. We
highly recommend reaching out to customer service representatives if you ever
need to. It’s the easiest way to always have your questions answered.

California Online Casinos FAQ

What Are the Most Important Features of California Casino Sites?

Casino sites are better now than ever before. When it comes to where to play casino games in California, we highly recommend making sure
that any website you plan to join provides safe payment options, a great design,
the games that you want to play, and a helpful customer support system.

Are Casino Sites in California More Popular Than Land-Based Casinos?

The popularity of California online casinos is growing rapidly. California
has a particularly large online casino fanbase. Most people state that the
convenience of betting from home and the wide range of different betting odds
are what push them to gamble online.

Do Casino Sites in CA Offer Online Poker Games?

For the most part, yes. Many online casino companies recognize that poker is
extremely popular throughout the state. These California casino sites will often
provide different poker gaming options to their members.

Certain lawmakers in California are pushing to regulate the online poker
industry. Until this happens, poker fans will need to play through the various
casino sites currently available. Many of these websites put on major poker
tournaments offering huge payouts.

How Can I Stay Safe Playing Online Casino Games Here?

Casino sites in CA are safer now than ever before. The best ways to protect
yourself while casino gaming is to only play through reputable sites, track how
much you’re betting, bet on games that you understand, read the details of every
promotion offer, and always reach out to customer support if you need it.


California has one of the biggest gambling markets in the world. Strangely,
lawmakers here have not taken any steps to begin regulating this industry. Laws
surrounding online gambling are always changing.

To stay up-to-date on internet gambling laws in California, make sure to
follow our industry news page. Don’t forget to check out the top California casino sites that we’ve recommending at the top of this page. Good
luck making your bets.

CA is home to nearly 100 real money poker card rooms, 68 tribal casinos and a plethora of horseracing tracks and thanks to all those real cash gambling options, many people say California, and not Las Vegas, is the gambling capital of the United States. High stakes poker betting pros and rich businessmen alike flock to the state to play in some of the biggest real cash poker and casino games and tournaments in the world. Gigantic casinos like the Commerce attract millions of tourists to California each and every year, rivalling historic landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in popularity. Remember though, all these 2021 betting options are at land based casinos not poker websites or Internet casinos.

Due to its nearly 38 million residents, California is on the radar of just about every state that has already passed, or is in the process of passing, laws that legalize regulated Internet gambling and lawful real money Internet poker. Interstate compacts involving California would do wonders for the popularity of online poker websites in the United States.

However, although committees have been trying to hash out a plan that would bring legal Internet poker to California for some time, no new gambling legislation has actually been passed yet. But make no mistake; California is undoubtedly the state most likely to pass an iGaming bill in the very near future and open up casinos and poker websites to CA residents.

Avid poker players in The Golden State will have no trouble at all signing up for an account at any one of our real money US poker sites.

PokerStars Forges Historic Partnership With Morongo Tribe, California Cardrooms

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In a joint press release submitted by the Rational Group, the Morongo Tribe of Mission Indians and three of California’s largest real cash poker cardrooms (the Commerce, the Bicycle and the Hawaii Gardens Casino), the group announced its plans to bring regulated online poker to the Golden State. PokerStars would not only serve as a sub-contractor for the conglomerate, but become their front facing brand and provide lawful Internet poker to betting fans in CA.

In a display of impeccable timing, the release was issued during a hearing held by the State Assembly’s Committee on Governmental Organization to discuss the fiscal and public policy implications of legalizing online real money poker in California.

Currently in 2021, the bills up for consideration by legislatures both call for a “bad actor” clause, which would effectively eliminate the world’s biggest Internet poker gambling provider, PokerStars from the equation.

The bad actor issue may inevitably delay the passage of a regulatory gaming act in California and cause serious delays on bringing legit poker gambling on the Internet to long suffering players in CA.

Best Online Casino For California Residents

Latest California Poker News

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Best online casino for california residents free
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Can Players from California Play Online Poker?

Yes. Although online Internet poker will likely not be regulated by the state of California for another year, players are free to sign up with over a dozen real-money poker websites offering real money poker gambling to United States citizens, which is great news for poker gambling fans. Compare this to other states, like New York and Washington that make it difficult for players to start betting on Internet poker anywhere.

Is Online Poker Legal in California?

Although we are not an authority on the legality of Internet poker in California, we have researched this issue extensively. Listed below are several points of interest concerning 2021‘s current California real cash gambling laws:

  • Online poker is not regulated by the state of California.
  • Commercial casinos are authorized by the state of CA, however games where the outcome of each bet is determined by dice alone, such as craps, cannot be operated by card rooms that offer games like real money poker.
  • Tribal casinos are authorized by the state and can house non-card games like craps.
  • Sports betting is not authorized by the state of California.
  • Various forms of lotteries are authorized by the state
  • All forms of real money poker gambling are authorized by the state, except online Internet poker.
  • There is no California law directly prohibiting or criminalizing the act of placing a wager at a poker websites online.
  • Internet horseracing is authorized.

For a more comprehensive look at California gambling laws, interested parties are encouraged to read the latest edition of the Gambling Law, Regulations, and Resource Information – 2021 edition [1].

Poker players in California are advised to research the CA state laws before concluding as to whether online Internet poker is legal or not. Remember, there is a distinct difference between something being ‘prohibited’ and ‘non-regulated.’ Brian Mickers wrote a great article on the topic of lawful poker websites; one that provides in-depth insight into the issue of Internet poker [2].

  • U. S. Poker Site
  • Compatibillity
  • Editor Rating
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Very player friendly
  • Generous cashback
  • Great mobile play

Recent Developments

In 2013, three separate pieces of real cash Internet poker legislation were introduced in California. They were:

  • SB 51 – Senator Roderick Wright’s “Internet Gambling Consumer Protection and Public-Private Partnership Act of 2013”
  • SB 678 – Senator Lou Correa’s “Authorization and Regulation of Internet Poker and Consumer Protection Act of 2013”
  • The Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2013 – An online poker bill sponsored by eight California tribes.

The Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2015 was filed by Assemblyman Mark Gatto. The bill would legalize Internet poker but keep the ‘bad actor’ clause which bans poker operators who have violated the law before.

Besides Gatto’s 2015 Act, the he aforementioned lawful poker bills have all failed to generate much momentum in government, largely because of the influx of infighting among California State’s varied gambling interests at the time. Tribal casinos enjoy several tax advantages in the real money betting world, and may not be willing to give up a piece of revenue generated through real cash poker website profits. They’re also adamantly against interstate compacts and racetrack participation. Others feel that online Internet poker companies should only be allowed to operate through card rooms based in CA and bring betting fans a slice of the Internet Texas Hold’em action.

That, and there was little evidence from other states besides California as to the viability of a lawful Internet poker market.

Joe Correa made SB 678 severable. This means that if any portion of the gambling websites bill is deemed unacceptable it can be made invalid immediately. By taking this urgent measure, Correa hoped to get SB 678 enacted into law before the September 6, 2013 deadline. It didn’t work, and the issue of legit real money Internet poker was put off until 2014 [3].

Then, at the February 2014 legislative deadline, two new poker gambling website bills were introduced:

  • SB 1366: Effectively a rehash of SB 678; backed by San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
  • AB 2291: Introduced by Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, AB 2291 is essentially the assembly version of SB 1366.

Unfortunately, all parties could not reach an agreement about the terms of the new regulations before the end of the 2014 session, meaning the bills were dumped.

In December 2014, Assemblyman Mike Gatto took over the online poker cause and filed a new bill, AB9. Its full title is the Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2015 and it aims to bring regulated legal online poker to CA.

Notable aspects of the bills include:

  • The real cash poker Internet bill would require provisions that would ensure the safety of player funds.
  • The minimum age to play online Internet poker in the state of California would be 21.
  • Players must be located within the State of California in order to start gambling on real money poker websites.
  • Betting companies that violate federal law would not be permitted to set up poker gambling and casino operations.
  • All online poker website software would have to include self-exclusion features such as loss limits and time-outs for real cash poker players to implement themselves.
  • Licenses for real money Internet poker would be valid for 10 years, non-transferable and cost $5 million.
  • Regulations would go into effect within 270 days of passage.

The Facts

The History of Gambling in California



Even before California became a state, card rooms have been up and running since 1850. These were also known as “California Casinos” or “Card Clubs”.



California’s gambling industry grew in 1933, with the introduction of horse race wagering. The California Constitution was amended for this to take place and 6 major horse racetracks were introduced to the state. In addition, over 30 off-track betting locations were spread throughout the state.



Due to Proposition 37, State lottery was introduced to California, which has been incredibly successful to this day.



The ‘Indian Gaming Regulatory Act’ was the main reason why gambling became even more popular throughout the State in the late 90’s. As a result of this, negotiations began with tribes (more than 50) and Bingo type games were the premise of these negotiations.



A law was passed in this year which fully legalised casino gambling on tribal lands. This gave the tribes an opportunity to negotiate their compacts and come to an agreement of what machines and table games they can offer in their casinos.



With the rise of internet gambling , California joined the craze and introduced horse racing betting over the internet. Which ultimately led to other forms of internet gambling being introduced in the near future.



The Californian Senate had a busy year with various bills to legalize and regulate online poker being put forward. It wasn’t clear whether the tribes would be a part of regulating and licensing online poker operators, but the idea was definitely being pushed forward.



Due to other states in the country legalising online poker, California was beginning to look like the next one on the list as two more bills were introduced to the Senate. Online poker is still up in the air in this state, but it is showing signs of potential for the near future.

California’s gambling roots can be traced all the way back to the gold rush and the ever popular Texas Hold’em poker game. As early as 1850, the predominately male population of prospectors and miners in CA demanded a masculine form of entertainment. Within mere months, licensed and unsolicited card rooms offering real cash poker games began popping up everywhere. Throughout the next several decades gambling’s popularity died down in California, not re-emerging until the early 1930’s.

In 1907, the Santa Anita Park – one of the most prestigious horseracing tracks in the entire world – opened its doors. However, it wouldn’t be until 1933 that real money gambling on horseracing was legalized in CA. Its legalization caused the relatively dormant poker betting and casino gambling industry to thrive. With the passing of a proposition in 1984 that legalized a statewide lottery, gambling became somewhat of a leisurely, everyday activity for real cash poker fans in CA and for other betting fans.

Around this time countless casinos were constructed; many of them home to poker rooms featuring upwards of 100 to 200 tables and offering classic Texas Hold’em real money poker games and many other popular poker variants. At 240 tables strong, the Los Angeles Commerce Casino [4] houses one of the largest poker gambling rooms not only in California but in the entire world.

Native American owned casinos became popular in the early 2000s. Tribal casinos enjoy several distinct advantages over traditional real cash legit poker card rooms including tax regulation, governing lease arrangements and the ability to offer legal gambling games besides real money poker, such as craps and roulette.

Poker players in California have a good chance of eventually being able to play poker online at legal US poker rooms.

Regulated Gambling Options In California

California is home to more gambling facilities than every state in the US outside of Nevada. It features over 100 legal poker card rooms, 68 tribal casinos, six racetracks and over 21,000 retail outlets licensed to sell lottery tickets. All told, citizens of the Golden State can rarely walk a block without running into some sort of lawful gambling outlet.

The Future Of Regulated Online Gambling In California

Right now, residents of California are permitted to engage in Internet betting on horseracing. All other forms of gambling, including online Internet poker for real cash, are not regulated by the state in 2021. However, it does appear that most of the CA State’s gambling powers are finally on board with online Internet poker-only website legislation. Expect them to come to terms shortly.

The Bottom Line

Given its massive population, if California passes legislation legalizing online poker in The Golden State the Federal Government would be forced to notice – especially if it decides to hold firm on its stance regarding interstate compacts. In fact, some say that California could easily dominate the real money Internet poker website market.

California will undoubtedly enter the Internet poker and gambling arena at some point. The real question is when the legal poker and casino betting websites will start to hit the web. Before PokerStars re-entered the picture, it appeared as though CA State was on target for a mid-2015 launch of legit Internet poker. Now, whether legal online poker comes to California depends on how quickly rival factions can come to terms regarding the inclusion or exclusion of a bad actor clause.


[1] ↑ California – Gambling Law, Regulations, and Resource Information

[2] ↑California Online Poker Bill Filed Away Until Next Year

[3] ↑The Commerce Casino and Hotel

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