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bet money on sth

Универсальный англо-русский словарь. Академик.ру. 2011.

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  • money — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ big ▪ There is big money in golf for the top players. ▪ easy ▪ He started stealing as a way of making easy money. ▪ bonus … Collocations dictionary

  • money*/*/*/ — [ˈmʌni] noun [U] the coins and pieces of paper that you earn, save, invest, and use for paying for things I haven t got any money.[/ex] We ve spent a lot of money on this house.[/ex] It would have cost us a lot of money to cancel the event.[/ex]… … Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • bet — ▪ I. bet bet 1 [bet] verb bet PTandPP or betted betting PRESPART [intransitive, transitive] … Financial and business terms

  • bet — bet1 S1 [bet] v past tense and past participle bet present participle betting 1.) [I and T] to risk money on the result of a race, game, competition, or other future event →↑gamble ▪ How much do you want to bet? bet (sb) that ▪ He bet me £10 that … Dictionary of contemporary English

  • bet — 1 past tense and past participle bet or bettedpresent participle betting verb 1 (I, T) to risk money on the result of a race, game, competition, or other future event: bet (sb) that: Sean bet that I wouldn t pass my exam. bet (sth) on: She bet… … Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • draw sth down — UK US draw sth down Phrasal Verb with draw({{}}/drɔː/ verb [T] (drew, drawn) ► (US also draw down on sth) FINANCE to take part of an amount of money that has been made available: »We took out a bank loan which allowed us to draw down sums of… … Financial and business terms

  • put — W1S1 [put] v past tense and past participle put present participle putting [T] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(move to place)¦ 2¦(change somebody s situation/feelings)¦ 3¦(write/print something)¦ 4¦(express)¦ 5 put a stop/an end to something 6 put something into… … Dictionary of contemporary English

  • good — good1 W1S1 [gud] adj comparative better [ˈbetə US ər] superlative best [best] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(of a high standard)¦ 2¦(skilful)¦ 3¦(what you want)¦ 4¦(pleasant/enjoyable)¦ 5¦(successful/correct)¦ 6¦(suitable)¦ 7¦(useful)¦ … Dictionary of contemporary English

  • better — bet ter1 W1S1 [ˈbetə US ər] adj [: Old English; Origin: betera] 1.) [comparative of good] more useful, interesting, satisfactory, effective, suitable etc ≠ ↑worse ▪ Your stereo is better than mine. ▪ a better job with a better salary ▪ There must … Dictionary of contemporary English

  • option — an agreement, often for a consideration, which permits the purchase or sale of something within a stipulated time, in accordance with the terms of the agreement. For example, a right by a tenant to take up a further lease of premises, usually… … Financial and business terms

  • Option — Gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a set price on or before a given date. Investors, not companies, issue options. Investors who purchase call options bet the stock will be worth more than the price set… … Financial and business terms

  • 1bet money on sth

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь >bet money on sth

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    to accept / take a bet — принять пари, согласиться на пари

    She made a bet that her team would win. — Она поспорила, что её команда победит.

    - side-bet
    - on a bet
    - lay a bet on
    - make a bet
    - place a bet on
    - win a bet
    2) ставка(в пари)
    3) объект пари

    Your best bet is the back road. — Для тебя лучший выбор - это проселочная дорога.

    one's best bet — дело верное, выигрышное

    All bets are off. — Положение кардинально изменилось.; Положение неясное.

    2.гл.; прош. вр., прич.прош. вр. bet, betted

    We bet him ten pounds that it would rain. — Мы поспорили с ним на десять фунтов, что будет дождь.

    I won't bet with that man, he's dishonest. — Я не буду заключать пари с этим человеком, он играет нечестно.

    а) делать ставку на(что-л.)

    Are you going to bet on the white horse? — Ты собираешься поставить на белую лошадь?

    I've bet all my money on 'Apollo' in the third race. — Я поставил все свои деньги на Аполлона в третьем забеге.

    be 26), gamble, put on, stake 2., wager

    You can't bet on the weather in England. — Погода в Англии непредсказуема.

    I think it's safe, but don't bet on it. — Я думаю, что это надёжно, но быть абсолютно уверенным в этом не стоит.

    We daren't bet on the train arriving on time. — Мы не могли полагаться на то, что поезд придёт вовремя.

    bank on, build 2. 7), count 2., figure on, gamble 3), rely, trust, wager

    to bet one's shirt — рисковать всем

    I'll bet my life (my bottom dollar, a cookie, my boots, my hat) — даю голову на отсечение

    Англо-русский современный словарь >bet

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  • bet — I UK [bet] / US verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms bet : present tense I/you/we/they bet he/she/it bets present participle betting past tense bet past participle bet ** to risk an amount of money by saying what you think will happen,… … English dictionary

  • money — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ big ▪ There is big money in golf for the top players. ▪ easy ▪ He started stealing as a way of making easy money. ▪ bonus … Collocations dictionary

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