Beto Internet

1. An extremely large Memeber.
2. Annoyance at its best.
3. Craziness defined.
4. Lucky Bastard.
5. If ur a beto u got the stuff in ur pants!!!

Roberto, aka “Beto” or “El Beto-man” over the Internet Radio waves for many years, was born and raised in the Coachella Valley, California. Roberto, not unlike similar famous artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano, Ronny Milsap, or Ray Charles, has not let his sight impairment disability slow him down. How did Beto O'Rourke lose to Ted Cruz? Lex veldhuis hendon mob. Internet says 'he wouldn't have gone to Cancun' amid Texas snowstorm. People took to Twitter to compare the cool and collected attitude of Cruz as Texas suffered and that of O'Rourke who tried his best to help the state deal with the lack of electricity.

by Hos-A January 24, 2007
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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
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Nathan: Hey Billy you see Shoenaks last post
Billy: Yeah hes a fucken Betos Bro
Nathan: Yeah no doubt
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Beto A Saber En Vivo Por Internet

A delusional liar who has lost all touch with reality, somebody who makes outlandish claims that can only be explained with drug use during the formative years
Peter: My sister got a pink unicorn with purple polka dots for her birthday.
Tom: Quit being a Beto! What did she really get?
Jorge: Julian said he will be President of the USA one day
Joaquin: You can't take anything he says seriously. He is has always been a Beto

Beto Breaks The Internet Emmy

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Sexy guy who is so perfect everyone wants to be around. Usually has a beautiful girlfriend. He is very athletic.
by Adgjl October 06, 2013
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Mark: Dude Garrik is almost a Beto.
Joe: Yeah but hes no J.J
Mr.Kaiser: No one can a J.J he owns
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1. Extremely large in muscle
2. Annoyance at its best
3. Crazy as hell
4. Lucky bastard
5. If your a Beto you got the stuff in your pants!
by Angelicaramierez June 01, 2019
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