Betonline Complaints

  1. SPORTS BETTING AT BETONLINE.AG SPORTSBOOK. is more than just an online betting platform. We boast a 'focus on the player' approach and have built our reputation on offering clients nothing but the best, from cutting-edge technology, enticing promotions.
  2. BetOnline is the newest online poker site for American players. This site is part of the BetOnline group which includes a well-known and reputable Sportsbook as well as an online casino. BetOnline launched their poker room in 2012 and has quickly become one of the largest US accepted poker rooms on the market. is quick to grade losses and slow to pay wins, help is non existent, everyone just passes the buck. Live betting is a lie, you're lucky to get 10%of your bets in, less if you don't elect to accept all changes. DO NOT BET HERE. You will not have fun and end up frustrated.

With the following BetOnline Poker Review we want to show you the most important aspects that any experienced or new player must know before entering such a big site. BetOnline first appeared as a sportsbook back in 2004, and it continues to accept bets on everything from the NFL to cricket. They decided to take things to the next level in 2011, launching a massive publicity campaign that coincided with the creation of BetOnline Poker.

Since then, the Panama-based company has become a major player in the online gambling business, consistently ranking as one of the top sites to accept U.S. players. They also offer a full-fledged casino, as well as mobile gaming for customers on the go. The site is also part of the Chico Poker Network, which was once known as the less popular Action Poker

Betonline Poker - #1 in the U.S

  • Accepts U.S. customers with large player pool
  • 10+ years with a strong reputation
  • $2,500 deposit bonus
Get Your 100% Bonus has also been mentioned or endorsed by the following: Yahoo! Sports, Boston Herald, FOX Sports, USA Today, CNBC, and the National Football Post. BetOnline has become the go-to for media looking for the latest sports betting lines.

BetOnline Review – Overall Top 3 Advantages and Disadvantages

Any business has its strong points, along with areas where they could improve service. Below is the list of the top 3 pros and cons you’ll find while playing at BetOnline. For US players, the size and scope of BetOnline’s product mean you’ll find big payouts, many events, and a lot of bad players. Its mobile poker is easy to use and comprehensive. At the same time, BetOnline takes measures to level the playing field among players, while it limits play to English speakers. Here are the advantages to playing at BetOnline, along with areas for improvement.

  • Advantage #1 – Large Player Liquidity: US poker players won’t find many legitimate online poker communities with as many players, as many events, or big guaranteed tournaments with prize pools as high.
  • Advantage #2 – Mobile Poker: BetOnline’s new browser-based mobile poker interface allows Android, IOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry players access to Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo events.
  • Advantage #3 – Fishy Player Pool: BetOnline has an online casino, live casino, and sportsbook. A certain percentage of those gamblers dabble in the poker events. That means a lot of fish stock BetOnline Poker’s games.
  • Disadvantage #1 – Poker Odds Calculator: BetOnline offers a free download of a poker odds calculator, which makes bad players a little better. Card players who dislike poker tools might not like the fact their opponents will know the pot odds in an instant, but this is common on online poker.
  • Disadvantage #2 – Withdrawal Times: The withdrawal times could be faster. The pending time for a withdrawal is 2 to 5 days. E-wallets payout within 24 hours, but bank transfers take 5 to 10 days and checks take 14 to 28 days. BetOnline is reliable and predictable but takes a bit longer than some competitors.
  • Disadvantage #3 – English Language Only: English is the only language supported by BetOnline. An international online poker site should have support for Spanish language players at the very least.

Is the site worth your time and money?

That’s what we’ll try to determine in this BetOnline Poker review. Not only will we examine their bonus offers and withdrawal methods, but we’ll also discuss previous customer issues. I’ll then sum up my findings in the last few paragraphs, giving you my definitive opinion on whether you should pass or immediately open up an account.

VIP Programs

If you consider yourself a high roller, you should prepare for disappointment. There are no special programs for poker players who spend a lot of money at the tables. This is consistent with the site’s focus on smaller stakes.

BetOnline Poker Bonus Offers

Special promotions and bonus offers are a vital part of any poker site. Not only do they serve to draw in new costumers, but they also ensure that existing players are given a proper incentive to stick around and continue to risk their money. In our BetOnline Poker Review wee find out that BetOnline is no different, and this section is devoted to examining the various perks and privileges they may make available to virtual poker fans.

Tons of of promotions by bet category

If you visit the promotions section of the website, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer number of specials being offered to customers. These are broken into sections, including Deposit Bonuses, Sportsbook, Horse, Casino, Skill Games, and Poker. During my last visit, there were a total of 21 items listed under these sections. No matter what your game of choice, there should be plenty of opportunities to gain some extra money.

Rollover Requirement – Withdrawal restriction

Almost any casino bonus comes with a rollover requirement, which means you’ll have to wager a certain amount of money before you’ll be able to withdraw the extra funds. This is usually expressed with a multiple, so a 6X rollover requirement for $500 in bonus money means that you’ll need to wager $3,000 before you can get your hands on the money. This is designed to counter bonus whores, people who sign up with a casino, receive a bonus, and then leave without ever risking any cash.

Before we get to the poker bonuses, let’s look at the sign-up freebies available to anyone who signs up with Bet Online:

  • 100% Welcome Bonus – When you make your first-ever deposit, enter a promo code to receive 100% in matching funds, all the way up to $2,500. You’ll need to make a minimum $50 deposit in order to qualify. The bonus releases at a rate of $5 for every $15 in rake paid. Players have 60 days to clear the bonus. Any portion not cleared within that time frame expires.
  • Bad Beat Jackpot – Have you ever put together a winning hand only to find that your opponent was even luckier during the draw? If so, you’ve suffered through a bad beat. This terrible phenomenon strikes all players at one time or another, but BetOnline has developed a way to make up for it.BetOnline offers bad beat jackpot tables where an additional rake is taken. This money goes into a progressive jackpot. It releases when a player loses four-of-a-kind jacks or better or a straight flush. Both the winner and loser must use both hole cards. The jackpot is distributed in the following way:
    • Table share: 17.5%
    • Reseed next jackpot: 30%

Available Games

Unlike other poker sites, Bet Online specializes in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. This means that fans of draw, stud, or mixed poker need to look elsewhere. The games are always available for low stakes, which makes it a fine option for players on a budget.

The following types of poker tournaments are offered on a daily basis. Check the site’s posted schedule for exact details:

  • Re-buy – Start with 1,000 chips and buy back in if you bust out.
  • Freezeout – There are no second chances in this type of tournament, as re-buys and add-ons are not available.
  • Freeroll – This type of tournament costs nothing to enter. If you get knocked out, buy back in and receive another 2,000 chips.
  • Turbo – Designed for a faster pace, this style of tournament sees the blind level increase every six minutes (as opposed to eight minutes for most games).
  • Deep Stack – In this style of tournament, the players begin with a number of chips that are proportionately high to the ante or blind. These tournaments can last for hours on end, so be sure that your schedule is cleared before signing up.
  • Limit – The size of your wager is limited in this more subtle style of tournament. It’s second in popularity only to the No Limit variety.
  • Pot Limit – Situated somewhere between no limit and fixed limit, this type allows you to bet up to the amount of money in the pot.

BetOnline Poker Review – Deposit Methods

Betonline Complaints Phone Number

If you’re tired of dealing with poker rooms that have limited deposit options for players, you’ll be pleased to know that Poker has one of the largest selections in the online gaming industry. Credit card users may still encounter problems, though, especially if you live within the United States. If your bank declines the transaction, give them a call and make sure you’re authorized for international charges. That may not fix the problem, but it’s at least worth a try.

For those who are able to use a credit card, you’ll need to provide the following items before you can receive your payout:

  • A copy of your photo ID.
  • Copies of any card you’ve used on your account (front and back).
  • A bank statement or utility bill that confirms your physical address.

If you want to increase the limit on your deposit amount, this can be accomplished by sending the above information, as well as completing an authorization form. Once this has been achieved, and your request has been approved, you’ll be able to stock your account with more cash than ever before.

Now let’s take a look at the various deposit options:

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that involves a degree of risk if held. Players looking to make a deposit do not have to worry about that as much as the funds are transferred within minutes. There are no fee for Bitcoin deposits at BetOnline.

VISA via Person to Person – For gamblers outside the United States, you can use your VISA card to make person to person money transfers. Actually, there’s nothing that keeps an American player from trying to use this service, it’s just likely that the associated bank is going to shy away from a gambling-related transaction.

VISA – This leading credit card brand provides credit, debit, and gift cards. Each can be used to send cash to your account, although U.S. gamblers are likely to be disappointed. The minimum/maximum deposit limits are $50/$1,000.

Mastercard – While American customers aren’t likely to get their bank to accept any deposits to an online casino, international residents can send a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $1,000.

Person to Person – This international system allows money to be sent between individuals, and BetOnline covers any transaction fees on deposits over $300. There’s a $50 minimum deposit, and the upper limit is $1,000.

Money Orders – You can purchase money orders at stores ranging from Wal-Mart to 7-11. Once the purchase has been made, the order can be shipped via UPS, DHL, or FedEx. This option is only available for American clients, but it makes a fine option for those living under the shadow of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Skrill – When you use this deposit method, your account will be credited instantly. There’s a$10 minimum on deposits, but the upper limit is however much you can afford.

Neteller – You’ll have to deposit at least $10 to use Neteller, but there’s no ceiling on the amount you can put into your account.

Book to Book – If you’re already a member of another sportsbook, you can make a deposit into your BetOnline account. And if the transferring book charges a fee for the transfer, you can even get it refunded upon request. The minimum amount is $500, while there’s no upper limit.

Bank Wire Transfer – Money can be transferred from your bank or savings account and usually arrives in one to three business days. $1,000 is the minimum deposit, and high rollers will be delighted to know that there’s no maximum.

Check – This form of payment can be sent via DHL, UPS, FedEx, or any next-day courier. The standard delivery time is two to four days. Personal checks and money orders are not accepted. The minimum deposit is $1,500, and the maximum is an impressive $24,900.

Diners Club International – This credit card carries a minimum deposit requirement of $50 and a maximum of $500.

Discover – The minimum deposit amount is $50, while the maximum is $500. You can make a deposit with this card by making a single click of the mouse.

JCB – When you use this international credit card, you can deposit a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $500. A leader in the Japanese card industry—and respected around the globe–this payment method has been available since 1961.

This tremendous selection of deposit options is one of my favorite reasons for using BetOnline. While a lot of competitors only offer one or two ways to put money into an account, this versatile site provides everything from credit cards to wire transfers.

Cashouts & Withdrawals at BetOnline Poker

Having a number of deposit options at your disposal is always a good thing, but it’s even better when an online poker room provides you with multiple ways to withdraw your money. After all, most people don’t sign up to play simply for the privilege of giving their money to the house. Winning is the name of the game, and any sane player wants to be able to collect their cash with the least amount of fuss.

Fortunately, is one of the best when it comes to getting money to customers. They have a total of eight available options, which is far above the meager number offered by most of their competitors.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the BetOnline methods of withdrawal. I’ll discuss each one, in turn, highlighting minimum and maximum cash requirements, accompanying fees, and any other requirements that you might need to know about.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that works like an e-wallet. The price fluctuates on exchanges 24 hours a day. BetOnline processes withdrawal by Bitcoin in amounts up to $25,000. There is no fee.

Person to Person – Two of these requests can be made per week, and any that are made before 1 pm EST should be taken care of within 12 to 36 hours. There’s an associated fee that ranges from $26 to $101, and this is based on the amount of the requested withdrawal. The cashout amount must be at least $50, although it can go as high as $790.

Bank Wire Transfer – The fee for using this option ranges from $45 to $75, and the requested money is delivered straight to the financial institution of your choice. The time it takes to complete the process is usually under a week, although it can take up to 10 days. A minimum request of $500 must be made, although you can go as high as $15,000.

Skrill – The minimum withdrawal amount is $25, and the maximum per week is $8,000. Up to three transactions can be requested within a one week period, although there always needs to be a day in between the transactions. Canadian residents cannot take advantage of this service, and you’ll need to make a deposit via Skrill in order to use this option.

Neteller – In order to use this option, you also need to make a deposit with Neteller. Assuming you’ve met this requirement, you’ll pay a $20 fee and get your money within 36 hours. Three payouts can be made per week, and there’s an overall limit of $8,000 during each seven day period. Oddly, there’s also a stipulation that requires each payment to be made with a day in between.

Book to Book – You can have your winnings transferred from Bet Online to another participating sportsbook. These transfers take place within 24 hours, but there’s a good chance that it’ll be completed within a few hours. The minimum payout is $50, while the maximum is $15,000. You can only have $15,000 transferred per week in this fashion, but that should be more than enough to keep you afloat in the meantime.

Cheque Express – If you want to receive a check in the mail, this option is the fastest. It will arrive at your house within seven days via a service like UPS or FedEx, but this rapid option is going to cost you $50. The minimum/maximum requirements are $500/$2,500, and the check must be deposited into a bank account.

Cheque by Courier – With this option, a check is delivered to your house via a reputable courier service. All you have to do is get off the sofa, open the door, and then sign for your package. Checks must be deposited into a bank account, though, so forget about cashing it at the local grocery store. There’s a $35 fee for choosing this option, and the courier service should have the check to your house within 15 business days. The schedule is pretty reliable, as delivery services like FedEx, DHL, and UPS rely on their reputation as being fast and dependable. The minimum withdrawal amount is $500 and the maximum is $2,500.

Cheque by Mail – If you’re looking for an old-school option, BetOnline is happy to write you a check and send it through the mail. There’s a $25 processing fee for this option, and the money must be deposited into a bank account. You can expect the money to arrive within 30 business days, which is more than fine for those who aren’t pressed to make their mortgage payment. If you are in desperate need of cash, I suggest going with a speedier option. Using this method, you can withdraw a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $2,500.

It should also be noted that not all of the cashout methods listed above will always work for players in the United States. This is certainly the case with Skrill and Neteller, and banks tied to credit cards are notorious for declining transaction to or from online gaming establishments (thank the George W. Bush administration for that one). Even so, American gamblers should still be left with several possibilities for getting their hard-earned poker winnings delivered.

BetOnline offers a free withdrawal once per month and it must be requested on a Friday. The fee cannot be above $50. If it is, there is a $50 discount on the withdrawal.

Betonline Poker - #1 in the U.S

  • Accepts U.S. customers with large player pool
  • 10+ years with a strong reputation
  • $2,500 deposit bonus
Get Your 100% Bonus

Features and Software

While the look of the site isn’t hideous, it does feature a more simplistic, scaled-back appearance. Poker is just one of several tabs offered—alongside choices such as “sportsbook,” “racebook,” and “casino”—and all the available information can be found by scrolling down the screen.

Players can choose from three backgrounds during gameplay, as well as four unique colors for the deck. You can also mark a player as a buddy in order to find them in the future, something that will certainly appeal to those who enjoy stalking fish.


I have read accounts from players who’ve had a bit of difficulty installing the software, but it’s nothing insurmountable. Still, this is an area where they could certainly afford to make improvements.

Do you care about mobility? BetOnline Poker Mobile Experience

The current BetOnline mobile experience should please most players. BetOnline’s mobile designers optimize apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and other Internet browser-enabled mobile phones (Symbian/Nokia). BetOnline has a QR code that allows players to download games by scanning the code. You should be playing within moments using any tablet computer or smartphone on the market. BetOnline’s poker software is designed by Connective Games, while its fairness and security are audited by Gaming Laboratories Industries (GLI).

All the Texas Hold’em and Omaha events available on BetOnline Poker are available on BetOnline Mobile Poker: Boost Poker, Windfall Poker, Bounty Tournaments, the MTT Leaderboard Challenge, and $7500 GT Winners Series. Play BetOnline mobile poker anywhere you go. Each Saturday and Sunday, players can enter poker events with $130,000 in guaranteed prize pools. New players receive a 100% first deposit bonus between $50 and $2500, while the automatically are entered into the $10,000 New Players Freeroll.
BetOnline Mobile also has over half of the site’s Betsoft video slot titles, while you’ll be able to play live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, or Super 6 baccarat using an Android or IOS device. Remember BetOnline’s $25 risk-free betting, which gives a player a rebate if they lose their first bet at the poker tables or sportsbook.

Is BetOnline Poker Safe?

The safety of an online poker room should be of primary importance to anyone who plays. After all, what’s the point in winning a bunch of money if a hacker can drain your account or the site refuses to pay out your winnings?

While there’s a lot to like about, I’m afraid this is one area where they’ve come up short in the past. All indications seem to point to them getting their act together in recent times, but there have certainly been enough problems in the past to cast a dark cloud over their operations.

Is BetOnline Poker Rigged? – BetOnline Poker Review: is there evidence?

Let me start by saying that there’s no evidence that the BetOnline poker software is rigged. Cards are dealt according to a random number generator, so each hand is entirely independent of the next. Unfortunately, the stability of the site is far less certain in other areas. Here are just some of the problems with BetOnline that have become public in recent years:

Password Vulnerability – According to one unhappy player, the customer service reps at BetOnline have had access to everyone’s passwords. Certainly, there’s the possibility that this policy may have been changed, but the example I just cited happened in 2013. I don’t know about you, but that’s not long enough ago for my comfort level.

In case you’re wondering why that’s a problem, allow me to explain. For starters, any customer service representative can access your account at will. They could play a few hands of poker with your money if they so desired, or they could head over to the casino portion of the site and try their luck at the virtual slot machines.

Perhaps they would lose their job if discovered, but there’s really no way to know what goes on behind the scenes in Panama. If you want to be 100% safe, it’s probably better to avoid the risk altogether.

You should also consider the fact that most people use the same password for multiple accounts. If you fall into this category, then it’s possible that a devious person with access to your password could break into all sorts of data and make your life a living hell.

Potential for Collusion – There have been numerous examples of a player being able to create multiple accounts and then have both of them sit at the same poker table. When the player is caught, their account is likely to be shut down, but there’s a lot of damage that could be done in the meantime.

In one example, two friends signed in with the same ISP, sat at the same table, and then one dumped $50 to the other. While it’s nice that an offender was caught and punished (looks like he may have lost about $37K as a result), it’s still troubling that their software would allow this to happen in the first place. It’s hard enough to beat another player as it is. If they’re controlling another player at the table, or have access to their information, then the level of difficulty increases exponentially.

Betonline Scam

Lying to Customers – Telling a lie is never a good policy, especially when you’ve just started a business endeavor. This was the case with BetOnline Poker when they launched in 2011, as they immediately told a fib to the gaming community.

Most poker rooms are part of a network that allows them to share players, but BetOnline came out of the gate claiming to be the flagship for the Hero Poker Network. This proved to be false, as it was soon revealed that they belonged to the dubious Action Poker Network. It turns out that the Hero Poker Network was just made up to deceive customers as to the company’s true affiliations.

It should be noted that the Action Poker Network has since changed hands and been rebranded as the Chico Poker Network. Their reputation was slowly improved since these changes, and they remain one of the three largest poker networks to accept American players.

Sudden Closure – In 2012, BetOnline suddenly left the Chico Poker Network and went offline without warning. When players became understandably concerned, they were told it was just routine maintenance. It sounds more like an internal squabble that was quickly resolved.

Confiscating Winnings & General Difficulties – There has been an alarming number of cases where BetOnline Poker players had their winnings confiscated for a variety of reasons. In the accompanying link, a customer had to undertake a Herculean quest to get the $15K he had rightfully won.

In another example, a player was driven to the brink of madness thanks to the site’s glitchy automation and seemingly clueless customer service staff. While it may be somewhat comical to read about, I know full well that the poor player wasn’t laughing in the least.

Note that these issues are more than five years old. They are worth mentioning but it is also important to know that the situation is resolved and BetOnline improves every day.

Is It Legal to Play at BetOnline?

When people ask me about the legality of online poker in the US, my first instinct is usually to quote a line from 1990’s rap group House of Pain: “It ain’t a crime if you don’t get caught.” While that might seem like a flip answer, it pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter. You can gamble online all you want, and the chances that jackbooted thugs are going to kick down your door are almost nonexistent.

Thanks to President George W. Bush, the UIGEA has thrown a major scare into everyone associated with the online gambling industry in the United States, including the players. I’m talking about hard-working, law-abiding men and women who simply want to sit in front of a computer screen and play poker after a long day of toiling for rent money.

What does people forget about the UIGEA?

What people seem to forget (or never knew in the first place) is that the UIGEA targets companies and not private citizens. One of the major purposes of the bill is to prevent money from being sent to offshore companies for the purposes of gambling. This is intended to cut down on money laundering, a criminal activity uses by everyone from organized crime to terrorist organizations.

Federal Laws and State Laws with Online Poker

Federal laws in the US have no prohibitions for playing poker online but most state laws make online gambling illegal either directly or indirectly (by making everything not classified as lawful unlawful). We recommend that you contact a local gaming lawyer in order to find out if it’s legal to play internet poker for real money where you live.

The biggest risk comes from choosing an online poker room. Since most casinos are located in foreign companies, there’s always the danger of getting ripped off and having no legal recourse. That’s why casino watchdog sites are so important, as well as articles like the one you’re reading right now.

Current Reviews and Comments by Real Players

Players praise the cash games at BetOnline Poker, due to fast payouts and fishy players. The online tournaments receive mixed reviews, mainly from international players who have such a wide range of poker options. BetOnline offers one of the biggest poker communities in the US poker market. Those used to international guaranteed events might not like $130k guaranteed poker events, but those are among the biggest for American card players. You will find customer complaints about BetOnline, but most of these stem from the era when the site used the Action Poker/Chico Poker software. Players praise the switchover from the old Chico software platform to the Connective Games software in 2016. BetOnline and Sportsbetting are their own poker network, but both sites are owned by the same company. This means BetOnline has total control over its cashier, so skilled players like that it gives the site control over its own loose database of players.

Despite being independent, BetOnline has strong traffic. It flips between the #2 and #3 largest poker site in the United States gaming market. It helps that BetOnline welcomes so many international players. American card players gain rare access to international play, while international poker players get their rare chance to play American fish.
Players complain about the fees assessed for withdrawals. At one time it was 6% of the withdrawal, but now is $50 per withdrawal. This is mitigated somewhat because players receive 1 free withdrawal per month.

Chip Dumping Incident

BetOnline had one infamous incident in which a player was denied $30,000 for chip dumping. The player dumped $50 to a friend so that friend could keep playing. BetOnline realized what happened and refused to pay the player’s $30,000 bankroll because he had cheated to help another player.

The fact is: chip dumping is cheating and it should lead to penalties in most situations. At the same time, he dumped chips in a heads-up game, so no other players sitting at the table were hurt by the situation. You could argue that BetOnline should not have taken such a hardline position on chip dumping in this situation. Long story short, play within the rules at all times, because you won’t get leniency under the terms and conditions.

The Final Verdict

Should you open an account and play at BetOnline Poker? Well, the site does have an impressive number of deposit and withdrawal options, as well as ever-changing bonuses and promotions. They also happily accept American players, which is something that can’t be said for many of their competitors.

There have been some issues. Those date back at least five years. There are no recent troubles at BetOnline.

For these reasons, We recommend BetOnline Poker.

Betonline Poker - #1 in the U.S

  • Accepts U.S. customers with large player pool
  • 10+ years with a strong reputation
  • $2,500 deposit bonus
Get Your 100% Bonus
BetOnline rated 4.0 /5
Reviewed by Trusted Poker Sites.



We found while reviewing BetNow that there are a lot of things to like, and there are some areas which could use
some updates and improvements. We’ll go into more detail in this in-depth BetNow review
so you can see what we liked versus what we think needs some focus.


If you’re into major sports like basketball and football, then you’ll be all
good to wager on the BetNow Sportsbook. Luckily, they’ve got excellent coverage
of all the most popular sports. However, they lack when it comes to other less
popular sports except for esports and cycling. In the future, we’d like to see
BetNow broaden their offering of sports you can wager on.


The games which BetNow provides their clients in the casino are all excellent
games with quality graphics and sound. However, the problem lies in the fact
there are only about 100 games for clients to choose from, which is
significantly lower than the average online casino. Unfortunately, the selection
is even smaller for clients wanting to play games from mobile devices.


At BetNow, there’s a decent-sized collection of banking methods which will
work for most folks to deposit and withdraw funds from the website. However,
e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller were noticeably missing. BetNow should add
these options and many others to increase banking flexibility for their


Clients of BetNow will find a pretty good overall set of options when it
comes to bonus promotions. But the size of the deposit match percentages is
lower in many cases on BetNow than the average for other online gambling sites.
We’d like to see BetNow step it up and offer more significant percentage matches
for some of their offers to add more value for their clients.

Customer Service

We were pleased with the customer support at BetNow. First, they offer 24/7
support, so you never have to wait an extended period for help. Secondly, they
provide clients the ability to contact them through the telephone, email, or
live chat. Overall, we had a stellar experience with their support team, and we
don’t have any doubts you’ll not have similar experiences.

User Interface

From a functionality standpoint, we have no complaints about the user
interface of BetNow. Everything was easy to use and understand across their
entire website. But the look of their casino desktop section simply looked
dated. It’d be great to see them update this portion of their website to help
make it look more modern like the remainder of their site.

Mobile Compatibility

As a whole, the mobile version of BetNow functions well across both their
sportsbook and casino portions of the website. Fans of sports betting can
quickly place wagers on all of their favorite sports, including in-play betting,
from a tablet or smartphone. However, those looking to enjoy casino games will
find a small collection of roughly 20 games to choose from. BetNow should work
to add many more of their desktop version games to their mobile-friendly website
to increase the selection for mobile clients.

BetNow Overview

BetNow was launched in 2016. In the scale of overall online casinos and
sportsbooks, that makes it a relatively young entrant. There are much older and
experienced operations out there. However, older doesn’t always mean better.

Based on their limited time in the industry, we’re not surprised to see where
their operation currently stands. The good news is that it’s something that
seems to be continually progressing for the better and we’re excited to see what
else the BetNow team rolls out in the future as the website gets some more
experience under their belt.

Many of you might be wondering if you’re allowed to play at BetNow based on
their terms and conditions and your location. Below we’ve listed BetNow’s restricted countries:

  • Australia
  • Afghanistan
  • Central African Republic
  • Rep. Of The Congo
  • Eritrea
  • France
  • Guinea-bissau
  • Irak
  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Malta
  • North Korea
  • Panama
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Yemen

BetNow is also restricted in several states in the USA:

  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania

Make sure to double check your local gambling laws to see if there are any updates that might impact you.


Up next, we wanted to give you some color on what you could expect with the
cashier at BetNow. Below, we’ve added in the banking methods we found at the
time of our BetNow review along with their associated restrictions. Take a scan here to
see if they are offering the banking options you need.


  • Bitcoin: $20 minimum – $40,000 maximum
  • Visa: $20 minimum – $1,000 maximum
  • Mastercard: $20 minimum – $1,000 maximum
  • Bank Wire: $100 minimum – $50,000 maximum


  • Bitcoin: $2,500 maximum
  • Visa: $3,000 maximum
  • Mastercard: $3,000 maximum
  • Bank Wire: $3,000 maximum
  • Direct Deposit ACH: $1,500 maximum

Overall, BetNow has done a pretty good job of assembling banking methods
their clients can use to deposit and withdraw funds. While what they have now is
good, it could be made better by adding in some e-wallets like Skrill and
Neteller to the mix. By doing this, BetNow will add in even more options and
flexibility for their clientele.

Bonuses Offered by BetNow

Moving on, we wanted to give you an idea of what you can expect in the bonus
department of BetNow. Luckily, we found a nice collection of promotional offers
at the time we reviewed BetNow. We’ve highlighted each of them below. Check these out
and start to think about which one of these might be a good fit for you.

Welcome Bonuses

At BetNow, you get two different options for initial welcome bonuses. Both of
the ones below each feature a maximum bonus amount of $1,000. However, what
differs is the amount of bonus match and the associated rollover requirements.
Check out the descriptions below so you can choose which one of these makes the
most sense for your situation.

Your first option for a welcome bonus with BetNow is the most lucrative one,
allowing you to earn a 100% deposit match. However, since it’s a more substantial
bonus match than the one described below, it does come with some higher rollover
requirements. With this offer, your bonus funds will be subject to an 8x
sportsbook and 30x casino rollover requirement. If this feels like the right one
for you, be sure to input the claim code below when making your initial deposit.

  • Claim Code: BN100

If the offer described above to you seems too aggressive, then you might want
to claim the 25% welcome bonus. Here, you can still earn the full $1,000 of
bonus cash as long as you deposit $4,000 or more. And you’ll benefit from lower
rollover requirements of just 3x for the sportsbook and 15x for the casino. Just
use the claim code featured below if you’d like to take advantage of this offer.

  • Claim Code: BN25

Casino Welcome Bonus

Those of you planning to play in BetNow’s casino should consider claiming
their welcome bonus that’s just for casino players. With this promo, you can
earn up to $1,000 on your first three casino deposits. BetNow will pay you a 50%
match as long as you use the claim code included below. If you max out this
offer for your initial three deposits, you can earn a whopping $3,000!

  • Claim Code: BNCASINO

Casino Rebate

If you’ve had a down week in BetNow’s casino, you don’t have to worry about
eating the entire loss. Luckily, they automatically provide all of their casino
clients with a 10% weekly rebate on all losses. While this doesn’t exactly make
you whole, it at least helps remove the sting a little. We’re happy to see this
promotional offer since not all online casinos offer this excellent feature to
their clients.

Horse Racing Rebate

Similar to promotions we commonly see from other online racebooks, BetNow
will provide you with a weekly rebate on all of your horse racing losses. At
BetNow, you’ll get an 8% rebate each week when you’re down on your horse racing
wagers. Luckily, the refund hits your account automatically, so you don’t have
to worry about taking any action to get your rebate funds.

Referral Bonus

Something else you can do to earn some bonus cash at BetNow is to refer your
friends to play there too. With their referral bonus promotion, you can earn up
to $250 for each friend you refer to the website. Whenever a new friend signs up
and makes a deposit, you’ll receive a bonus equal to 50% of their deposit. And
you’re never capped with how many friends you can refer, so be sure to refer as
many friends as possible if you enjoy gambling on BetNow’s website.


Another thing which jumped out to us about BetNow is that they seem to offer
regular contests for their clients. For example, we saw offers on both NBA and
MLB action during our BetNow review. We also found historical promotions tied to
different holidays like Thanksgiving. We were pleased to see these sorts of
offers since this adds even more ways that BetNow clients might be able to earn
some additional bonus funds. Be sure to check the promotions page often to make
sure you’re always up to speed on their latest contest offers.

Lifetime VIP Program

One final promotion at BetNow worth mentioning is their Lifetime VIP Program.
With this offer, you can receive up to 15% deposit bonus on all of your deposits
for your lifetime. To get the full 15% bonus for life, you’ll need to deposit
$2,000. If that’s too high for you, simply deposit $500 or more, and you’ll
enjoy a 10% lifetime bonus. The Lifetime VIP Program at BetNow is an excellent
way for you to earn bonus funds whenever you’re reloading your betting account.

As a reminder, the offers discussed above are the ones we found during our
in-depth review of BetNow. To see the latest lineup of their great offers, click
on the promotions tab of their website. Also, make sure to review the terms and
conditions for all offers before taking advantage of them so that you’re fully
aware of all associated rollover requirements and any other fine print.

When considering all of the bonus promotions at BetNow as a whole, we’re
pretty happy. In general, what they have currently available provides their
clients options to select from which offer some sizeable potential bonuses. That
said, we would like to see BetNow offer more bonus promotions and more
significant deposit matches. By doing this, they’ll be more competitive with
some of the other gambling websites out there.

BetNow Sportsbook

Moving along, we next turned our attention to the BetNow sportsbook. In this
portion of our complete review of Betnow’s operations, we’ll provide you with a look
at what you can expect to find in this section of their website.

Sports You Can Bet On

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Auto Racing
  • Boxing
  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Esports

If you’re into betting on predominant sports like hockey and baseball, then
you’re all set at BetNow. However, if you’re looking to wager on smaller sports,
BetNow doesn’t offer you a ton of options outside of cycling. Hopefully, BetNow
will expand their sports you can bet on to provide additional opportunities for
their clients.

Despite the smaller sized collection of sports you can bet on, we were happy
to see BetNow’s sportsbook offered esports action. And, unlike many other online
sportsbooks which only offer action on a handful of esports games, we discovered
seven options when we reviewed BetNow. If you’re looking to wager on esports
events, BetNow will make an excellent gambling site for you to call home.

Before we proceed, we should mention one thing: Like many online sportsbooks,
BetNow doesn’t showcase a sport if they don’t currently have wagers available
for it. That means there may be some other sports they offer action on which are
not in season or play at this time. If one of your favorite sports to wager on
isn’t included in the list below, try checking BetNow once the sport has events
happening to see if you can bet on it with BetNow’s sportsbook.

Live Betting

Keeping up with one of the hottest trends in the industry, BetNow offers the
ability for clients to wager on live sports events. With this type of format,
you can bet as the sporting event happens as opposed to only before it begins.
When checking out this portion of BetNow’s sportsbook during our review, we found a
robust assortment of in-play betting options. If you’re into live betting for
any of the sports they offer action on, you should be pleased with the
collection of live bets available to you on their platform.


Betting Limits

How much you can wager for any specific bet at BetNow will depend on which
sport you’re betting on and what form of wager it is.

If the existing betting limits on BetNow are too low for your needs, it’s
easy to contact them to have your account reviewed. What’s nice with BetNow is
that they work to get you an answer in 20 minutes or less, which is rare for an
online sportsbook. To have your account reviewed for potential higher betting
limits, contact their customer service team using live chat, phone, or email.

Sportsbook Wrap Up

Keeping up with one of the hottest trends in the industry, BetNow offers the
ability for clients to wager on live sports events. With this type of format,
you can bet as the sporting event happens as opposed to only before it begins.
When checking out this portion of the BetNow sportsbook during our BetNow review, we found a
robust assortment of in-play betting options. If you’re into live betting for
any of the sports they offer action on, you should be pleased with the
collection of live bets available to you on their platform.

BetNow Casino

In BetNow’s casino, we found right around 100 different casino games to
select from. Below, we’ve listed out the count and types located at the time of
our in-depth review.

Available Casino Games

In the BetNow casino, we found right around 100 different casino games to select from. Below,
we’ve listed out the count and types located at the time of our in-depth BetNow Review

  • 41 slot machines
  • 25 table games
  • 8 specialty casino games
  • 18 video poker variants
  • 4 versions of live dealer casino games

Despite having a small overall collection of available casino games, what
BetNow does offer is at least well balanced. Their overall mix of casino games
is what we’d expect based on our experience with other online casinos. Wsop new jersey real money.

As we reviewed BetNow’s casino, we were delighted with the quality of the
graphics and sounds for all of the games we tested. Based on our experience, the
games in BetNow’s casino are above industry-average quality. We’ve included some
screenshots on this page to give you an idea of what you can expect in the
casino portion of this website.

Unfortunately, BetNow doesn’t have any sort of poker room or lobby where
clients can enjoy poker tournaments. If that’s a deal breaker for you in your
search for an online gambling website, check out our review of Bovada. They are
a reliable option which has a vast collection of poker games.

Overall, we love the quality and the variety of casino games that BetNow has
included on their website. However, our primary complaint centers on the small
size of the collection. With less than 100 total casino games, BetNow comes in
at the very low end of what we’re used to seeing from other online casinos. In
fact, most of the websites we review have over 100 slot games by themselves.

To help increase their competitiveness, we’d suggest BetNow at least double
their overall lineup of casino games. In doing this, it will also create many
more options for their clients hoping to enjoy casino gaming action.

Software and User Interface

Unlike many online casinos, BetNow didn’t clearly spell out their software
providers. Based on our research and experience however, we believe that we
ironed out the software providers they are using for their casino games. For the
live dealer games, it appears that Visionary iGaming is behind them. We love
what these guys have done in the live dealer gaming space. Then, when it comes
to the standard casino games, AST Gaming looks to be the software provider.

We were a bit worried at first when it came to the user interface. In
general, the BetNow casino section of their site looked a bit dated. However,
despite our initial concerns, the casino’s user interface was easy to navigate
and use. We had no problem locating the games we were looking for while on the
platform. In the future, it would be nice to see BetNow update the overall
casino experience to make their lobbies more in line with the quality of their
excellent casino games.

Mobile Compatibility

First things first, it is possible to play casino games at BetNow using your
mobile device. Using a tablet or smartphone, you can enjoy table, slot, live
dealer, video poker, and other games from the palm of your hand.

But there’s one major issue with the lineup of BetNow’s casino games on their
mobile platform, and that’s their selection. In total, we only found around 25
games on the mobile version of the website. This represents just 25% of the
collection available on the primary site, which is already small to begin with.
Unfortunately, with few games, it doesn’t give clients many choices to mix
things up. Hopefully, we’ll see the mobile-friendly version of BetNow get an
extensive collection of casino games sometime soon.

Casino Wrap Up

BetNow has assembled a small but good online casino. If you check it out and
don’t mind the modest collection of games, then you’ll be happy with the quality
of them. However, if you’d like a more extensive selection of casino games, you
might want to check out other online casino websites until BetNow can increase
the size of their casino gaming section.

Customer Support

Before wrapping up our BetNow review, we took some time to pull together our
thoughts on the customer service at BetNow. Knowing a gambling website has
reliable customer support is paramount to us in this industry. Luckily, BetNow
didn’t disappoint in this area!

One of the coolest things about BetNow’s customer support is that you’ve got
several ways to get in touch with their team. With so many gambling websites out
there only offering one or two ways to contact them, BetNow provides a breath of
fresh air with three options. We’ve detailed each of your options below along
with instructions on how you can use each one of them.


Up first, one of the convenient ways you can reach BetNow is by sending them
an email. Using email is a great idea whenever you don’t need help in a short
amount of time. While we received replies to our emails within a couple of hours
on most occasions, some issues are more urgent. For those, consider using one of
the two other contact options listed below. If you need to send BetNow an email,
use the one showcased below.

  • BetNow Email: [email protected]


Calling BetNow’s customer service team is also an option if you’d like to
reach them that way. For many of us on staff here, we want to call in whenever
we have an urgent question or issue. Sometimes, it’s just nicer to be able to
speak to someone, which is why it’s so great that BetNow offers a phone contact
option. Unfortunately, many gambling websites don’t provide this ability to
their clients. During our review process, we called into their support line many
different times and had a quality experience every time. We’ve listed their
phone number below so that you have it handy should you ever need it.

  • BetNow Phone Number: 1-844-U-BetNow (1-844-823-8669)

Live Chat

One other way to reach BetNow’s support team is through the use of their live
chat functionality. With this tool, you can chat with their customer service
agents directly on the website itself. For us, we love to use live chat when
it’s available, since it tends to be the fastest way to get answers and
assistance. Whenever we used BetNow’s live chat, we were thrilled with the speed
and quality of the help we received. To use this contact method, you just need
to click on the “Live Help” button in the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

Is Betonline Legit

Before we wrap this section up, there’s one other thing which stuck out in an
excellent way to us about the customer service at BetNow. Luckily, they provide
their clients with 24/7 support, which isn’t something we see every day in the
online gambling site space. Because of this, you’ll have one of their excellent
agents there to help you by phone, live chat, or email around the clock. In
turn, you’ll never have to wait an extended period of time for answers.

We are super pleased with the customer support provided by BetNow. With
around-the-clock service and three contact options, they’ve made it easy for
clients to get the help they need when they need it. Based on our evaluation,
we’re sure you’ll be in excellent hands if you decide to call BetNow your online
gambling home.

Conclusion – Do We Recommend BetNow?

We’d highly recommend BetNow to folks planning to bet on popular sports like
soccer and hockey. Luckily, BetNow has done a great job getting those sports
lined up along with in-play betting. But if you’re looking to bet on less
popular sports or play lots of casino games, you may want to check out some
other options.

Frequently Asked Questions About BetNow

Betonline Poker Download

If you’re still hunting for some answers about BetNow, don’t miss the
frequently asked questions included below. Hopefully, these will be able to help
you find what you’re looking for.

Is BetNow the Gambling Site I Should Use?

The answer depends on what’s important to you. Our conclusion above pointed
out who we think this website might be best for. However, if you’re still on the
fence, check out the link included below. We’ve built a guide to help folks pick
an ideal gambling site based on their specific needs and desires.

Can I Bet From My Phone on BetNow?

Yes. BetNow does offer a mobile-friendly version of their website which
clients can use to bet from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Sports
betting fans will be pleased with the mobile website options and experience.
However, individuals looking to bet on casino games will find a tiny collection
of games available on the BetNow mobile platform.

Is It Easy to Get Started With BetNow?

Absolutely. In fact, you can open an account and begin gambling in under 10
minutes as long as you use an instant funding deposit method like Bitcoin or
Visa. Based on our experience, the signup and deposit process is very

Can I Bet on Live Action Sports on BetNow?

Yes. With BetNow, you can bet on in-play sports betting action. Be sure to
check out the live betting section of our sportsbook review above to learn more.

Is There an Option for Playing Free Casino Games on BetNow?

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a way to play any of the casino games for free
when we reviewed BetNow. We’d like to see them add this as an option for their customers
eventually, since it offers clients a great way to see the quality of their
games without having to wager real money on them.

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