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Extreme BMX stunt action! Choose a bike and tear up the halfpipe. Get big air and perform insane flip and spin tricks. Pull off huge trick combos and become the best BMX rider on the Planet! Pick your style. Over 12 bikes with unique paint jobs and 5 characters to choose from. Collect them all and ride with style. Ride around the world. BMX The Game is a realistic bike game that captures the essence of this sport. Designed by BMX riders and lovers, it recreates the beauty, creativity, fun and variety of the BMX universe in an open-world game, set in the emblematic city of Barcelona. Fun and easy to play. It's time to get on your bike and head down to the BMX park to show off your biking skills. Ride your bike, gain acceleration, jump over the ramps and perform stunts on your bike while in the air. The more difficult the stunt the more points you earn. BMX games are about stunt biking, much like real BMX sports. The player controls a single character on a bike, where he or she has to move across a (usually) 2D track, avoiding obstacles. Some of these games involve balancing the bike to prevent it from tumbling.

BMX, an United States based abbreviation for Bicycle or Bike motorcross racing video game, primarily created by Bob Hero has taken over the world by designing such an amazing racing bicycles. Many of you may don’t know that BMX has its own bicycle and motor production company and is one of the best selling company worldwide. The international development of BMX took place in April 1981 and was integrated into Union Cycliste Internationale.If BMX game is new for you, then we have pinned all the information regarding the game which will help you to have the better choice of games to play. Hence, below is the information about Top 15 Xbox BMX games 2021.

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1.BMX: Trials Fusion

Imagine riding a bicycle up on the high Mountains and going through the deep valleys, how adventurous it looks? This game is some what related to that. BMX introduced Trials Fusion in Xbox back in April 2014.

The game is online multiplayer allowing 8 players at a time to race, featuring track editor and uses 3D graphics and animation to make it more lively. The game like this is a complete package of fun, excitement, repetition, and memorization. If you are interested in buying this game the link is provided below:

2.Pipe by BMX Streets

Another game by BMX is Pipe by BMX Streets. The game is based upon the physics, built for the community of BMX to experience the realistic motion.


The attractive part of the game is it contains 50 aerial stunts by sending big air Pipes. It also includes some Eggs for those who are willing to do some thrill stunts in the game. The game is easier to download from anywhere as it is available on many platforms, such as: Play Station 4, Xbox, Microsft windows. If you are interested to buy this stunt game, then the link is given below:

3.Pumped BMX+

This is another BMX stunt racing video game. The + in the name of the game stands for the score. This is the scoring game where the player has to complete the game in limited time and reward is awarded.

Pumped BMX+ was introduced in 2015. The player can play game in all the events occurring at a time and can reach the goal in limited time. The excitement begins when the time limit is about to finish and I think this is one of the best part of the game. If you are interested and want to download the game, the link is provided below:

4.Pumped BMX Pro

Who doesn’t like to play the game overloaded with adventurous trek with the bicycle? Pumped BMX Pro is the trick-based game consisting of 60 levels with increase in difficulty by each level. The game contains different scenarios such as snow, mud, rain and different bicycles of your choice and what is going to be more fun than this?

Each level has the time limit and score board to reach the hight of your leader board. If you are interested in playing this game, the link is provided below:

5.Dave Mirra freestyle BMX 2

This game is the sequel of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX which was the super hit game. The name of the game itself suggest that it is a freestyle gaming without having any criteria. The player just has to collect the points in a series of 3 minutes run to complete the set goal. The game is based on the discovery as the player has to discover the gaps between the parks to get more points.

Who don’t like competition? Only, 2 players are able to play at a time for race. The main plot of the game comes when the two players are crashing very hard to get the maximum points. It is very favourable and recommended by all if you are interested in playing this the link is mentioned below:

6.Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

Who can ever forget the most amazing stuntman, actor, Tony Hawks? Now you might be thinking, how is Tony related to this game. Actually, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is the game from the activities of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Series released back in 2002.

BMX is based on many tricks as the player requires 11 different riders exclusively including 8 levels of the game. The game promises great graphics, screenplay, adventure to wonder. If you want to buy this game, the link is provided below:

7.Gravity Games Bike: Street Vert Dirt BMX

The Gravity Games is published back in 2002 and is the only game released under the name of Gravity Games licensed by Midway. Although the game was not able to have much impact and is considered as game of the basic platforms where the player only has to collect the points anyhow.

The rider animation has 10 huge street, vert, and dirt and has more than 400 captured motion moves. If you want to purchase this game, the link is mentioned below:

8.Bike Mayhem 2 BMX

Bike Mayhem 2 is downhill mountain racing game along with the rivers, forests, smashing over rocks, boosting long jumps, for unlocking better Bicycles and gaining more points. We feel ourselves right there just by reading this. Isn’t it?

The game is featured with 100+ trails, 19 different mountains, and over 80 items of gear to unlock which adds style, energy, strength to the bicycle of the player. The player experiences realistic physics and bike suspension as the bicycle smoothens the rough paths by landing the big jumps. If you want to buy this game, the link is given below:


Do you like sports? If yes than here is the perfect game for you. This game is based upon the sports and allows the player to create female character which are topless and the live action can be captured. This game is quiet adult type as the breast of the female character are naked on the platform of Xbox and GameCube but covered in the advanced game of Play Station 2.

As the name suggests, the creator tried to create the sexual adult movie game releasing of humour and nudity the sale was not as per expected. Although it contains many different and new features regardless of any other BMX game. If you want to buy this game, below if the link provided:

10.Toxic Grind

Who wants to die, even in the game, Do you? Toxic Grind is the story game, appeared as the number one game and suggests that failure means Death, and in the story too, all the characters die in the end. The extreme sports play much of contemporaries and comprises of the wallrides, vert tricks, grinds which bring point to the player in the end. The score goal appears to be of pretty standard and more conventional levels.

If you want to purchase this game, then the link is provided below:

11.Tony Hawks American Wasteland

American Wasteland is the first game of Tony Hawk franchise, where player seems to connect with the number of levels by performing freestyle BMX techniques. The story game is based upon the skater and describes the whole role play of the character.

This game comprises of different level and each level describes the story of the skater which adds drama to the game and becomes more interesting to play as to know what will happen next? If you want to buy this game, the link is provided below:

12.BMX Extreme

Cool Bmx Games online, free

Extreme means to reach at the highest peak. In same way, the game extreme suggests to be at the top of the peak of the mountain which is built with the help of Flash Technology to work fast in modern world. The game has been super hit and is played by most of the viewers. If you want to buy this game the link is provided below:

13.Descenders BMX

Descenders is the action cycling video game produced on different platforms such as Play Station 4, Xbox one, Linux, Microsoft Windows. The game includes extreme sport by completing different challenging levels which I think is the most adventurous part of the game.

The game was released in 2018 and is extreme free riding game for the modern era. If you want to buy this game, the link is given below:

Hence, this was all about the top 15 BMX Xbox game 2020.

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BMX Online is a hair-raising bike game that will see you soaring off into the skies! Complete as many cool flips as possible whilst trying to win the race. Find a fine balance between flipping, and racing. Challenge your opponents and your friends to a bike race they will never forget.

The aim of this game is to win in the cycling race. Gain speed by completing flips and beat your opponents - these opponents could be your friends since they can play on the same game with you! Use your ambition and competitiveness to win at this game, make sure you complete the flips to gain speed whilst maintaining absolute control over the bike! Do not fall off as this will likely cause you to slip in the rankings.

How to Play: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to tip the bike backwards or forwards - Left arrow for backwards and Right arrow for forwards. The bike will pedal by itself and you can gain speed by completing flips in the air, by holding either the left or right arrow down - make sure you land though otherwise you will lose your speed and have to respawn. First bike across the line wins! You can see your progress at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy!

Bmx 2 Game Online

This HTML5 based game works on mobile devices and PC/Mac browsers and you are able to play this game with a friend!

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