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It’s hard to bet on The Masked Singer online if you can’t find odds. That’s why you need to take the time to shop around at a variety of sites until you find odds on the show. Due to the series’ growing popularity, finding a site that offers The Masked Singer betting coverage shouldn’t be difficult. 'The Masked Singer' fans, stop what you're doing and watch the Russian Dolls sing 'Shallow' in this Fox introduces predictions app for 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 - here's how YOU can win. The winner of The Masked Singer will be. It’s too early to tell, but for betting sakes, The Rottweiler. Get ready for an entirely new way to experience “The Masked Singer” Season 5. The Fox network has announced that its popular Bet Super 6 app will now allow viewers to make up to six different.

Season four of The Masked Singer is in full force. It’s been alive and kicking for a month now, and if you haven’t had the chance to bet on who wins, you will in due time.

Sun opened as a +500 favorite to win season four back on September 23rd, and five episodes in, and she has lived up to those lofty expectations.

She’s just one of several impressive performers, though, and with Group C scheduled to get the ball rolling on October 28th, this singing competition is about to get pretty intense.

This show is half about trying to guess the identity of each singer, and partially about marveling over random celebrities being able to sing.

Oh, and we can make money betting on The Masked Singer.

I updated The Masked Singer odds and handed out predictions regularly last year, and I’m back to do my best in season four.

Episode five got put on hold thanks to the 2020 World Series, but we’re back in action on Wednesday night. That gives us a little time to look back at the performances we’ve seen so far, and contemplate the best way to bet on The Masked Singer season 4.

Step one in betting on The Masked Singer season 4? Knowing where to place bets.

I’ve said countless times that not every online betting site offers wagers like this, and even when you do find sites to bet on TV shows, you still want to make sure you have the best options.

The Masked Singer betting websites listed above will cater to your needs, as they all offer fun prop bets, and routinely update odds for who will win each season.

The pricing starts out really competitive, which is only understandable, since the performances don’t start until the first episode, and nobody knows who will win.

Some sites offer superior bonuses and promotions, others have more The Masked Singer prop bets, and some have better odds. There’s also customer service, payment methods, and payout speed to concern yourself with.

The good news? It isn’t hard to find a good, safe website, and the options provided above match the criteria you should be looking for. To differentiate, just try to focus on what you prioritize to settle on where to bet on The Masked Singer this season.

The Masked Singer has already been alive and well for about a month now. The best entertainment betting sites offered initial odds before the party got started, but things have slowed down a bit.

How Do You Bet On The Masked Singer

The schedule has been pretty jammed up with other hit reality TV shows like Dancing With the Stars and The Voice going on, not to mention the NBA Finals and the MLB playoffs.

With things starting to lighten up a bit, the best The Masked Singer betting sites will undoubtedly start offering updated wagers and odds in the near future.

Before you can confidently place bets, though, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how season four has gone so far.

Who is the Current Favorite?

To this point, we have seen each celebrity singer from Groups A and B sing twice. Of those two pools, it’s pretty arguable Seahorse, Sun, and Crocodile have impressed the most to this point.

That shouldn’t shock anyone, with Sun entering season four as the tentative favorite. When the latest The Masked Singer odds pop up again, it’s safe to say one of those options will be the singer to beat in this competition.

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My favorite, so far, though, is Seahorse with Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”.

I mean, if you want to see if someone can sing, ask them to cover a Celine Dion song. Nay, have them take on one of the most iconic love ballads ever written.

Seahorse knocked it out of the park, displaying a soft, feathery tone, nice control, and of course some raw power. Sun likely stands in as the favorite, but I’m a big fan of Seahorse in the early going.

Who Has Been Eliminated?

Can You Bet On The Masked Singer

It’s certainly fun to watch these celebrities sing their hearts out, and it isn’t always just about cheering on who might make a run to the finals.

We can have just as much fun rooting for the not-so-great performers, just because it’s usually still celebrities doing something a little bit out of their wheelhouse.

I mean, how about Mickey Rourke?

The guy absolutely killed it, and ended up revealing himself for an early exit. My guess is that was the plan all along, because if you ask me, Rourke’s gritty tone would have kept him in the competition for quite a while.

Rourke took himself out, but not everyone had that luxury. Here are the singers that have been eliminated from season four of The Masked Singer.

  • Mark Sanchez (Baby Alien)
  • Brian Austin Green (Giraffe)
  • Busta Rhymes (Dragon)

The difference between Rourke and these other early exits for The Masked Singer? Rourke actually sounded surprisingly good, and he wasn’t voted out.

Okay, so you know where to bet on The Masked Singer season 4, you know who the favorites are, and you know who has been eliminated from the show.

That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

Almost. You also need to know how to bet on The Masked Singer. You can look at that in two different ways, too. First, the actual process of placing a bet, and also actual advice as to who you should bet on and what bets you should gravitate toward.

As for the literal how, you just do the following.

  • Pick a site to bet on The Masked Singer at
  • Deposit money
  • Locate the betting page
  • Pick a wager to bet on
  • Place bet

Pretty easy, right? The hard part is deciding which The Masked Singer betting options make sense for you.

For the most part, this process is made easy, because most entertainment betting websites will just offer the usual “who will win” wager.

You might be able to stumble upon some other betting options, though. Here’s a few you might see.

  • Who will win The Masked Singer?
  • Will anyone else reveal themselves early?
  • Singer vs. singer – early exit/advancing
  • Betting on singer identities

I am sure there are other ways to bet on The Masked Singer, but these stand out as either logical options, or wager types I’ve literally seen before.

It’s a tad surprising we haven’t been able to bet on The Masked Singer identities yet, but with The Masked Singer spoilers roaming around out there, I kind of see why.

Regardless, you should have options, but the main The Masked Singer betting route is clearly trying to figure out who wins.

How do you do that? You watch the show, for one.

Pay mind to what the judges say, gauge how the audience and social media react to each performance, and also keep tabs on the latest odds for who will win The Masked Singer season 4.

All of that goes into making an informed bet, but like with most entertainment props, you will want to seek out value, and trust your guy.

If you were a bit behind on season four of The Masked Singer, consider yourself caught up. You now know about Mickey Rourke’s surprise reveal, the other singers that have been sent home, and who stands out as potential favorites.

The latter is somewhat subjective, but you get the idea.

You also should have a pretty good idea as to how and where to bet on season 4 of The Masked Singer. Choosing safe, reputable entertainment betting sites is step one, and then you’ll want to hunt for good odds, and target the right wagers.

Hopefully, this helps you enjoy season 4 of The Masked Singer a little more, and ideally, it also helps you profit a bit.

Whether you bet on The Masked Singer or not, thanks for stopping by. For more assistance with wagering on this and other shows, feel free to bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

The Masked Singer is one of the most popular reality TV shows in the United States. The series, which debuted on Fox in January of 2019 in the US, is based on King of Mask Singer, which is a similar show based in South Korea.

In fact, the show made its way to the US after one of its executive producers saw an episode of King of Mask Singer at a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles in October of 2017. In a relatively short span, The Masked Singer has exploded into the American mainstream.

Sports betting is a rapidly growing industry in the US, and entertainment betting is a branch of that. The best sports betting sites on the web happen to be among the best entertainment betting sites, as well. Nowadays, you can find real odds on all sorts of entertainment options, from awards shows to reality TV series.

Reality TV naturally lends itself to betting. Most reality shows involve some kind of competition, and over the course of the season contestants get eliminated before a champion is crowned at the end. The Masked Singer is no different in that regard.

How can you get an edge on the field if you’re betting on The Masked Singer online? Below are a few tips to help you get started.

Find Coverage, Shop for Lines

It’s hard to bet on The Masked Singer online if you can’t find odds. That’s why you need to take the time to shop around at a variety of sites until you find odds on the show. Due to the series’ growing popularity, finding a site that offers The Masked Singer betting coverage shouldn’t be difficult.

However, not all sites will see the upcoming season the same way. Because the contestants involved are unknown at the beginning of the season, there’s no way to know how things will ultimately shake out. So, early-season odds are generally going to be random.

Oddsmakers will get sharper as a season progresses, and the odds will fluctuate accordingly. Getting your bets in early is the best way to take advantage of plus-money odds, but there’s also quite a bit more risk involved. That said, shopping around for lines can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to betting on The Masked Singer online.

Read Show Recaps and Predictions

In case you’re unfamiliar with the premise of The Masked Singer, it’s a singing competition that features celebrities (of varying levels of fame) performing covers of famous songs while donning elaborate costumes that conceal their identities. The panel of judges uses a list of clues to help them guess the identities of the performers. At the end of the episode, the judges and audience vote for their favorite performance, and the singer that earns the fewest votes is eliminated.

Can you put a bet on the masked singer

The best way to learn about the show is to watch it, of course. However, it can’t hurt to take note of a variety of opinions. That’s why taking the time to read episode recaps and previews for subsequent episodes can be advantageous to your betting endeavors. Maybe a show recapper has some insight that you don’t. Maybe that blogger can offer a different opinion on something you hadn’t thought of before.


The contestants on The Masked Singer aren’t all musicians by trade. In fact, most of them aren’t. Some of the celebs that have come-and-gone over the course of the three seasons of the American edition of the series are Drew Carey, Johnny Weir, Dr. Drew, Tommy Chong, and Ricki Lake. Nary a professional musician among them.

Obviously, those that aren’t talented singers are going to have a more difficult time advancing. The three contestants to have won thus far are T-Pain, Wayne Brady, and Kandi Burruss. T-Pain and Burruss are in the music industry, while Brady has a background on Broadway and a number of song credits to his name.

Nicole On The Masked Singer

If you sound good, you have the potential to advance deep into the season. If you suck, you’re not going anywhere. Tony Hawk is going to have a more difficult time advancing deep into the season than Seal will. Writing off contestants that aren’t musically talented early in the season is a good way to narrow your list of realistic betting options before actual eliminations are made.

Manage Your Bankroll

Keeping tabs on your betting bankroll is a crucial aspect of becoming a successful bettor, regardless of whether you’re betting on sports, reality TV, or anything else. The last thing you want to do is chase losses and set yourself back.

That’s why you need to set aside a specific amount to wager ahead of time. Do not bet more than the amount you have reserved for your Masked Singer bets. If you do, you can get yourself into a downward spiral in a hurry, which can be devastating for your long-term bankroll. Being a profitable entertainment bettor involves a certain amount of discipline.

Those that don’t have the discipline to know their limits run the risk of turning into problem bettors.

Use Bonuses To Your Advantage

Entertainment betting sites are in the business of attracting your business. Once they’ve done that, they go into the business of keeping your business. That’s why most of them are willing to literally put free money into your online betting account.

Sites go out of their way to advertise their sign-up bonuses. Redeeming said bonus is simple. All you have to do is sign up at a site and deposit money into your new account. Sites will accept a variety of payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Before you submit, enter the promo code attached to the welcome bonus offer. Bonuses vary from site-to-site. Some sites will offer to match the amount of your initial deposit up to a certain limit. For example, a site with a 100 percent match bonus offer up to $1,000 will double the amount of your deposit. You can then use those extra funds to place Masked Singer bets on the site.

There is no tried-and-true science when it comes to betting on something as inherently unpredictable as a reality TV show online, but taking note of these tips can help you make the most of your Masked Singer betting experience.

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