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PokerStars Becomes First Online Poker Site to Start Dealing in Michigan. Posted on: January 31, 2021, 08:34h. Last updated on: February 1, 2021, 11:36h.

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  1. The game is quick and fun. Suitable for both novices and experts. In addition, enjoy a superb casino slots machine and spinning wheel. PokerStars offers a complete online poker and casino games experience.
  2. Feb 13, 2021 The PokerStars online casino app is available for both iOS and Android users, with the downloads for either being simple and straightforward. The download process is only the beginning of PokerStars’ seamless and engaging experience.

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PokerStars PA’s loyalty program is called Stars Rewards. You earn rewards points for wagering real cash; however, the bonus money does not earn points. The points you earn depends on the RTP of the game you choose to play.

Stars Rewards uses a six-tier system of mystery chests, with everyone starting at the blue chest level. To move up to the next level, you will need to earn enough points for 10 mystery chests within 28 days.

The number of points you need to earn each chest will increase with every tier, but prizes also continue to increase in value.

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PokerStars hands out a lot of mystery chests for a variety of reasons, and it can get pretty confusing at times. Just remember that the mystery chests are always a good thing. That said, taking a closer look at the terms and conditions for each new mystery chest is also always a good thing.

Stars Rewards mystery chests contain a variety of prizes, including cash rewards, game credits or virtual StarsCoins.

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You can exchange StarsCoins in the Stars Rewards store for prizes, including real money (2,500 StarsCoins buys $25 cash), free play, entries into PokerStars’ world-renowned tournaments, event tickets, electronics and PokerStars-brand clothing.

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The possible cash rewards you could find in the Stars Rewards mystery chests depends on your level, as follows:

Level Chest Cash Reward

  • One: Blue, 25 cents to $5
  • Two: Bronze, 60 cents to $12
  • Three: Silver, $1.50 to $30
  • Four: Gold, $5 to $100
  • Five: Diamond, $12.50 to $250
  • Six: Black, $35 to $700

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PokerStars Casino provides a progress bar so you can quickly see how close you are to earning your next Stars Reward mystery chest. You must win at least one chest every 28 days to maintain your current level. If you don’t, you will drop down a level. Please note that you won’t earn Stars points or rewards until you opt into the program under the “My Stars” menu.

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