Cba Term Deposit Rates


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Term Deposit Rates Australia: CBA Term Deposit Rates

The database shows that out of the four major banks’ highest term deposit rates for balances of $10,000, National Australia Bank comes out on top with a rate of 1.35% available on its 12 month term, followed by ANZ’s 1.15% for 8 months, CBA’s 1.10% for 8 months and Westpac’s 1.10% for 12 months. Historical Interest Rates 12 Month Discounted (2008 - 2014) Historical Interest Rates Rate Saver - 2015 onwards. Historical Interest Rates Rate Saver (2008 - 2014) Historical Interest Rates 3 Year Special Rate Saver - 2015 onwards. Historical Interest Rates 3 Year Special Rate Saver (2008 - 2014) Historical Interest Rates Fixed Rates - 2015 onwards. If your Term Deposit remains in the holding facility for longer than 26 weeks we’ll automatically renew your term as a rolling 1 month Term Deposit at the advertised rate at the time Note that interest rates may be lower than a renewed fixed term.

  • Commonwealth Bank changes. The second major bank to make term deposit changes this past week is Commbank, which both increased and decreased term deposit rates by up to 20 basis points. Commbank increased rates on various eight month terms by 10 basis points, reaching a high of 1.60% p.a.
  • CBA 6 Month Term Deposit This annual interest rate yield indicated for this 6 month/180 day term deposit product requires greater than $50,000 to $1,999,999.
From Term Deposit Rates Australia:

At Term Deposit Rates Australia we share details of CBA Term Deposit Rates this 2011.

These CBA term deposit rates are taken from Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for your information.
The CBA term deposit rates below are available in CBA bank branch for Term Deposit amounts of $10,000 to less than $500,000 and NetBank, internet banking service for amounts of $5,000 to less than $500,000.
CBA Term Deposit Rates:
Term Interest rate
60 months
6.40% p.a.

Cba Interest Rates

36 - 47 months
6.20% p.a.
Cba Term Deposit Rates

Cba Term Deposit Rates Australia

12 months
6.00% p.a.
6 months
5.80% p.a.
4 months
5.50% p.a.
CBA term deposit rates are indicative only.
Of interest to visitors of our site, kindly note that CBS term deposit rates Australia are subject to change without notice at any time at the discretion of the bank. CBA term deposit rates Australia quoted are indicative rates only. You should verify CBA term deposit rates Australia with the bank concerned before using the information that we provide for any financial investment.

We hope you find the CBA term deposit rates on our Term Deposit Rates Australia useful and of interest to you.

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