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Seeds can be hit and miss. Sometimes you get a good one with resources and dungeons close by and other times you get screwed over and cant find a thing! This seed is 1 of the best seeds i have ever used. It spawns you right next to an NPC Village along with a chest that contains 6 diamond and 2 pieces of iron chest armor. Along with this awesome chest there is a mine shaft right below that contains even more great loot to get you off to a great start. I have tested this seed on the PS3 version and as you can see from the video below, everything is as described in the table below. This is definitely the best seed for survival mode in Minecraft.

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This seed no longer works with the latest patches. I have created a new section of the site that is a dedicated collection of Minecraft seeds. Submit your own seeds or use others that have been submitted.

Seed : -9112652585177887426

I used this seed with the PS3 version of Minecraft. This seed will also work for the Xbox 360 version of the game but i am unsure if it will work for the PC/MAC versions of the game.

Once you spawn head straight for the NPC village and go to the blacksmith building where you will find a chest with 6 diamond. Then you can start digging down to find the mineshaft along with all these precious diamonds nearby.

Cool diamonds guess watchCool


To find these coordinates you will need to use a map. You should have a map in your inventory as soon as you spawn so you don’t have to waste any time getting started. At the top of the map you will see a bunch of numbers these are your coordinates where you currently stand. The coordinates below are formatted as x,y,z

NPC Village : 260, 66, 299

The blacksmith building in this village contains a chest with 6 diamonds and 2 pieces of iron chest armor.

Mine Shaft : 254, 13, 192

This shaft is on a very low level so there is plenty of diamond along with a chest containing 1 diamond at 215, 15, 179.

Cool Diamonds Ii

End Portal : 120, 31, -4

There is already 1 Eye of the Ender in this portal along with a chest nearby that contains 1 Ender Pearl.

Above Ground Spawner : 162, 65, 172

This is very close to the NPC village in the desert. I found a pig saddle and a enchanted book inside the chest.

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  • 196, 10, 116
  • 238, 12, 157
  • 256, 17, 48
  • 247, 21, 58


  • 211, 13, 199 x4
  • 224, 15, 200 x2
  • 266, 13, 188 x6
  • 265, 13, 49 x4
  • 120, 13, -329 x8
  • 283, 12, 279 x6
  • 291, 13, 215 x8
  • 39, 7, 317 x5
  • 32, 11, 365 x2
  • 31, 12, 301 x3
  • -3, 14, 313 x3
  • 206, 12, 293 x6
  • 250, 14, 235 x6
  • 244, 14, 230 x4
  • 286, 13, 247 x2

Keep the comments coming for any additional diamonds ye find!

Cool Diamonds To Draw

If you find anything cool that you want to share you can post the coordinates in the comments section below. Guest comments are enabled so no need to register :D. I will continue to update this post as I find more diamonds.

Cool Diamonds Wallpaper

I found this water source but it was with sandstone around it and it was kind of a shape of a cross
The coords are
X: -97 Y: 65, Z: 236
and quick question where is the nearest lava source close to the village and what are the coords

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Cool Diamond Rings

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