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We might never know exactly how much Dan Bilzerian’s made playing poker, but that doesn’t matter – the brash personality is the new GGPoker brand ambassador.

Bilzerian is known to some as the ‘King of Instagram’, with 32 million followers and hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’ on Instagram with snaps featuring exotic locals, gorgeous friends, exciting outings, guns, and general partying exploits. The Instagram star is also known for his poker prowess.

Dan Bilzerian poker winnings are not known to anyone but the former Navy Seal started his ascent to Instagram fame, girls, and the growth of his epic beard at the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. Check out this clip from his deep run that probably didn’t affect his net worth all that much!

  1. Bilzerian came in 47th in the 2009 World Series of Poker, winning $138,568. His brother Dan also participated in the tournament; their performance led Norman Chad to nickname them the 'Flying Bilzerian Brothers'. He participated in the 2010 World Series of Poker as well.
  2. Dan Bilzerian offers insight into notable high stakes poker games, including the time he won $12.8 million over the course of three poker hands and why he ge.

In 2008, Bilzerian placed 180th in the WSOP Main Event, and claimed to have won upwards of $50 million through his poker playing career.

Other GGPoker ambassadors include Dan Negreanu, Fedo Holz, and Felipe Ramos – but Bilzerian might be proving to be one of their most controversial, calling a critic of his new position with the online poker site a ‘hoe’ after online discussion about his recent position started to circulate, with people weighing in on whether or not they think Bilzerian’s an appropriate partner.

Some professionals are poking fun at the new ambassador—We’re just going to leave this one here:

Dan Bilzerian becoming a GG poker ambassador is the equivalent of me becoming an ambassador for GQ

— Doug 'Truck Driver' Polk (@DougPolkVids) December 3, 2020

Dan Bilzerian Poker Table

And this reply, too:

Dan bilzerian poker

what you think about his winnings on GG? pic.twitter.com/TaS7YXqySB

Dan Bilzerian Poker Highlights

— saicaron (@saicaron) December 3, 2020

In addition to poker and being an influencer, Bilzerian is the owner of Ignite, a CBD and ‘vape’ pen company. The company also sells merchandise from bathing suits, to sandals and vodka. Heidi slot machine.

Ignite has faced their share of legal issues, with the company being accused of funding Bilzerian’s lavish lifestyle, and the former president suing for wrongful termination after accusing Ignite of misappropriating funds.

Dan Bilzerian Poker Strategy

Dan Bilzerian, GGPoker Brand Ambassador.

Play Against Dan with a $100K Prize Pool

Bilzerian will kick off his new partnership with a tournament. To celebrate his 40th birthday, Bilzerian and GGPoker are giving fans the chance to play against him in a tournament, and play in a bid to win a party with Dan himself on December 7. (It’s currently unclear if a private jet/yacht/women are part of this prize package).

Who Is Dan Bilzerian

The tournament will reportedly include thousands of players, prizes, and a $100,000 grand payout.

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