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My rule of thumb is if you come across any dice-based game that says you can make easy money, you should not believe them.

From royalty and nobility, the passion for dice spread to all social levels. And gambling with dice has ruined Chinese scholars, North American Indian braves and Italian noblemen, as well as affecting the lives of the Canterbury pilgrims, according to Chaucer, and the gutter-friends of the poet Villon. The Left Center Right or LCR game is a very popular dice game that was published in 1992 by George & Company LLC, which also owns the right for the same. Take a look at the LCR game rules provided by Plentifun, and start playing. $ Make Some Money $. Dice And Roll is definitely a slot for those who love a simple main game with big prizes, but also love added attractions such as big wilds, even bigger scatters, and have the chance to be randomly awarded one of four life-changing Progressive jackpots after any spin of the reels – so all we can say is roll with it!

Magic Dice claims that all the money you collect within 3 days can be transferred to your PayPal account. You don’t need to reach a minimum payout amount to redeem your cash balance. Simply fill in your PayPal email and tap go. In addition, the app allows you to exchange at least 180,000 diamonds for $5 paid through PayPal. Users can choose to play Book of Dice slot for free or they can spin the reels for real money. This slot machine has 5 reels and 20 separate betways that pay from left to right. There are several bonus features, such as the gamble option, jackpot cards, free spins, wild and scatter. Learn more by reading our full Book of Dice review.

In this world there is no opportunity that will make you ‘easy’ money, but that doesn’t stop people from selling you this dream.

You won’t believe the number of dice games I have tried out at this point that all say you can make cash without needing to stretch a limb.

But right now, I have reviewed around 200 games, and 99 percent of them don’t reward.

With that said, do you want to know if this game is like the others? Whether or not they are a genuine?

If you answered yes to either of those two questions, then this post is exactly what you need to read.

Dice Time App Review Summary

  • Owner: Insoft
  • What Are They?: Dice game
  • My Worth It Rating: 1/5

What Is Dice Time?

Dice Time is a game I came across about a month ago and as you can tell in it you play with dice.

This isn’t the main feature of the game, has the developers and various people who are promoting the game are dubbing at as one of the easiest ways to make money.

A claim I am too used to at this point, with similar games such as Graffiti Dice, Dice Winner, and Bear Dice all saying the same thing.

Now initially I decided not to check them out, as they when they were released at the start of the year they rose to 5k installs, however peaked.

So I thought there wasn’t too much hype around it.

However after a few messages, online videos promoting it, and finally the worst one, ads saying its the best way to earn money I had to download it for myself.

To start with Insoft Inc made this game in January 2021 and so far the result is 10’000 users flogging to the app.

But like I said the growth has been slow, and while they have a couple of thousand users, compared to other games I have reviewed it isn’t amazing.

How Does It Work?

If your ideal game is playing some board game in mid-air, while picking up PayPal cards then this one is for you.

Dice Time is exactly as I have explained it there.

You roll dice around a board, picking up various rewards.

As you will see in the image below, the most notable is a revolving blue card with PayPal on it.

Now you start at the cat on the square closest to you and at the bottom, you have a round button with dice in it.

When you click on it, as the hand is telling you to do so, you will make your first roll.

What that dice then lands on is the number of moves you can move clockwise.

How To Make Money With Dice Time?

As you move around the board, you collect cash as well as other items.

If you land on Blue PayPal cards, you get an amount of cash.

Land on the coins, and you get a random number of coins given to you.

This can also be multiplied up to 10 if you watch a video.

Now, if you end up on a Red card with a seven on it, you will start up a lucky slot.

It said in small print you could win big if you match 777.

But when I landed on this card and did a spin, I collected $100.

However, when I talk about the payments later on, you will find out it’s not as good as it sounds.

Who Is Really Winning Here?

Now because I am quite used to this type of game, not only do I get how Dice Time plays.

But also know the plans of the developers InSoft.

What the company wants to do when you first start playing is get you hooked.

How I know this is that for the first roles I made, I was making considerable money.

All, of course, was virtual,

But after making just one role, I made $50.

Gta 5 car. Now if you look at the screenshot of the game board at the start you will see that just two spaces away from the starting space was a PayPal card.

I knew I would land on it as soon as I pressed the roll button, and of course as you would expect with scripted games like this one I rolled a two to begin with.

What these games like to do is give you this illusion that it is all chance.

They make you think that when you roll the dice, it is all random.

So when you roll the amounts to land on certain squares, it feels like you have got lucky.

You then feel even luckier when pop-ups such as above appear.

How Do They Pay?

Users are playing Dice Time only to make money, which is fair since it is advertised that way.

The game on its own and without the cash scattered around the board would be boring to play, as there is no motive.

Now there is one cash-out option, that being PayPal.

However, users have the daunting task of having to reach at least $500 even to request it.

So not only is it not likely you will get paid anyway but for a chance to, you need to make half a grand.

The fact that you need to make three figures to cash out is a giveaway sign that this is not genuine.

Could It Be More Obvious?

One detail that some of you may have missed especially if Dice Time is the first cash earning game you have played, is the logo.


Now the logo actually looks quite cool. However, that is not the problem.

The issue is the fact that it is basically the same as a scammy game I reviewed a while back called Magic Dice.

Here is the logo for that game:

And here is the logo for Dice Time:

As you can see, it features the same font, style, and even a cat.

I am looking very closely into games like this.

But I feel it is important when it comes to distinguishing whether these developers are on their own or collectively working together.

Again just like with the pre-determined dice, there is no coincidence here.


My main drive for writing these reviews is to warn you of what you are getting yourself into with games like this.

I get it the money they offer looks great, and there are people saying, whether that be in ads or videos, that you can earn easily.

However, I want to say that this is not the case.

I have played games like this, I have reviewed them myself, I have even read tons of feedback.

All of which always leads me to the same old conclusion that they don’t.

It is because of that that I won’t be encouraging anyone to get Dice Time in a hurry.

Time is better served towards opportunities that are guaranteed to payout.

Examples of these include this fantastic list of cash earning games plus these intriguing apps that reward users too.

Feel free to take a look and see what takes your fancy.

Finishing Off

Now to close off, let me just say I do hope you found the answers you were seeking in this Dice Time app review.

If you have any other questions, do make sure to let me know below 🙂


If you’re like me, sometimes you want to put as little effort into your games as possible. You want to play a game that requires little-to-no skill and let everything be left purely to chance.

The best way to scratch that itch is to figuratively and literally roll the dice. Casinos offer a variety of simple dice games. You may be able to play these in your own home. So grab your kids, because we’re about to get simple. Actually, grab your dog, or even your neighbor’s dog, because these games are so simple, even they may be able to play.

Of course, when you think of gambling with dice, the first game that comes to mind will be real money craps. Craps can be a fun game, but we’re going to go even easier. Keep in mind that the dice games I’m about to mention are usually regional games. To broaden your dice gambling horizon and keep your night at the table nice and easy, here are 5 easy dice gambling games you should know about.

1 – Chuck-a-luck

Chuck-a-luck is played in many smaller casinos. It’s simple and entertaining because of how flashy the game can be. The game is played using a giant spinning hourglass that holds the dice.

Players at the table place bets, and then the dealer will start cranking and spinning the hourglass. Three large dice tumble inside the cage as it spins. There are 5 types of bets that you can place.

The game table is divided into different betting areas. You can place a numbers bet, where you place chips on any of the 6 numbers on the dice that you think will be rolled.

A high bet is when you place chips on the area indicating that the total of the 3 dice will be over 10.

A low bet is when you place chips on the area indicating that the total of the 3 dice will be under 10.

A field bet is when you place a bet that the total number on the dice will equal 1 of the numbers in the field area.

And then there’s the jackpot bet, where you bet that all numbers rolled will be the same.

Easy right? You can easily play this at home.

2 – Klondike

Klondike is a game that’s played with 5 dice.

It’s simple—the dealer rolls his or her dice first, then the player rolls in an attempt to roll a higher combination.

There are 6 possible combinations. From highest to lowest, they are: 5 of a kind, 4 of a kind, full house (3 of a kind and a pair), 2 pairs, 1 pair.

In real money casinos, you can bet to roll a combination higher than the dealer, lower than the dealer, or you can place a bet to “beat 2 aces,” where you must roll 2 pairs.

Keep in mind that all ties in this game count as a win for the house, so it can be harder than you think to continuously come out on top. The main takeaway from this is that there is definitely a house edge for Klondike, and because the dealer wins on ties, you end up with a house edge somewhere around 5%.

Now that edge can also change depending on the rules of the casino. If you’re not familiar with house edges, I’ll say that a 5% house edge is bad—it’s not the worst (Keno is around 20% for example, and some games are even higher than that), but when you compare it to blackjack, it’s bad.

Blackjack might have a house edge of around 2% for players who know what they’re doing, and it can go down to half of a percent or even lower for players who are implementing a strategy.

So yes, this game can be easy and fun, but there’s a price to pay when you’re playing this at a casino.

3 – Hazard

The casino game craps supposedly evolved from hazard, so if you want a simplified version of craps, this is definitely the game you want to try. A fun fact about the origins of this game is that supposedly it was invented much earlier than many gambling games.

Many gambling games can trace their roots all the way back to ancient China or Egypt—I’m talking thousands of years here. But not hazard. Hazard is believed to have been invented by European crusaders back during the 12th century. Sure that’s not yesterday, but it’s not thousands of years either!

Hazel's Lucky Dice

Historians believe that the game was invented to pass the time while the European knights were laying siege to a castle that was called “Hazart,” and that it slowly grew in popularity over time, exploding into even more popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries when people began to have more leisure time to play games.

The game is played with 2 dice and only has a few rules you need to follow.

First, you’ll need to decide who rolls first among the group of players. This person is known as the caster.

The caster chooses a number 5 through 9. This number is called the caster’s “main.”

The caster can also roll for this number.

If you’re the caster, and you have the option to choose your main, you’ll probably want to choose 7. Rolling 7 on dice is statistically easier than rolling any other number.

The other players will place bets on whether the caster will win or lose, then the caster rolls.

After the main number is chosen, the caster rolls the dice for or chooses a chance number, which is 4 through 10. If the same number is rolled twice in a row, it’s a win. If the main is rolled after a chance, it’s a loss.

Other numbers to remember are:

  • Main of 5 or 9, then a roll of 11 or 12 loses.
  • Main of 6 or 8, then a roll of 11 loses, but a roll of 12 wins.
  • Main of 7, then a roll of 11 wins, but a roll of 12 loses.
  • Rolling a 2 or a 3 is always a loss.

4 – Sic Bo

Sic Bo originated in China, and it made its way to the West in the late 1900s. Sic Bo is an easy game to play, but if you see this game table at a casino, it could look a little intimidating.

The game table has every dice combination and payout odds. You can place your bets on the table, and in most cases, the dealer will use an electronic dice shaker to throw the dice.

The table is divided into the 3 betting sections. You can place a bet on what number shows up on 1, 2, or all 3 dice. There is even an area on the table for combination bets, but the combinations are specific.

Odds of a payout are less likely here. You can also place a bet on the total number rolled. Since the table shows you exactly every possible number you can bet on and the odds of winning, you barely have to do any thinking.

Dice And Money Tattoo

Just make sure you’re keeping track of your real money.

5 – Banca Francesca

Banca Francesca is similar to Baccarat, but this version of the game is mostly played in Europe, particularly Portugal, and of course it’s played with dice instead of cards. The name literally translates to “French Bank” in English. Don’t worry, you don’t need to speak Portuguese to play this game.

The rules are simple. Players place their chips on 1 of 3 betting areas on the game table. The betting areas are “big,” which is 14-16; “small,” which is 5-6; and “aces,” which means that all 3 dice have rolled a 1.

There are pretty slim odds of rolling aces.

Big and small bets pay out 1 to 1, and aces bets pay out 61 to 1.

Dice And Myths

Luckily, players are allowed to change bets before the dice are rolled, so if you bet aces and you’re not feeling lucky, go ahead and remove those chips.

The house edge here is actually pretty good, around 1.5%, so compared to some of the other games I’ve listed here, this one is worth playing.

Dice And Money Drawing


Real money gambling is supposed to be fun, or at the very least, isn’t supposed to be work. These easy dice games can get your blood pumping or be a source of relaxation.

But, either way, there isn’t a steep learning curve associated with any of them. In fact, most of the dice games mentioned here are 100% chance. If that’s what you’re looking for, be sure to try them.

Have you played any of these dice games before, or do you know of any other easy dice games that you think are worth mentioning? Leave a comment to share your thoughts and experiences with playing easy dice games.

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