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Can I get a chart for Hi-Lo 6 Deck H17 playing deviations for the following?
17 vs A
16 vs 7
16 vs A
15 vs 7
15 vs 8
15 vs A
14 vs A
13 vs 10
88 vs A
The charts should look like this and show how the advantage changes with the count. I want to see a chart and not just index numbers.

I only need the ones listed above because I got the rest from
I know I'm asking for a lot and I doubt anyone will even bother with my first request, but it would be great if I could also get charts for the following:
6 Deck H17 DAS
99 vs A
6 Deck H17 NDAS
99 vs A
Double Downs for 6 Deck H17
11 vs A
10 vs A
8 vs 6
7 vs 6
A8 vs 6
A2 vs 6
6 Deck H17 Hard Hit/Stand
16 vs A
15 vs A
12 vs 6
A7 vs A
I'm making a basic strategy chart that includes playing deviations in the chart. Basic strategy is the first word when there is a playing deviation in a white space. Here is what I have so far. If I can get the charts I asked for, I will show the updated chart.
Edit: The values for the previous chart were floored. They should be correct now.

The black numbers are EV-Maximizing indices. They are not ideal for Doubling, Splitting, and Surrendering. If I can get charts for the following, I can improve the table. I will post the rest of this table if I can get what I asked for, along with a table for 6 Deck, S17, DAS, LS. I have added all of the playing deviations from the site I previously linked except for a few splits that are not worth the risk.
When it comes to doubling, you should double for less if the true count is in between the EV-Maximizing index and the Risk Averse index. If it's below the black number, you would hit. If it's above the gold number, you would do a full double down. The same goes for Insurance. Insure for less if the true count is between the two numbers. As for even money, you either take it or don't, but it's still risk averse. This is ideal for Kelly betting.
I can add way more to these tables if someone is willing to send me the charts. I will post more tables if someone is willing to help me with playing deviation charts.

How To Double Down Blackjack

Double Down Blackjack Chart

Blackjack Splitting Double Down Charts

Blackjack Double Down Probabilities This chart shows exact percentages for how often each double-down hand in blackjack will win, push, or lose. The figures quoted are for a 6 deck game where the dealer stands on all 17s. The dealer is assumed to have already. Double Down Blackjack Chart, heads-up no-limit hold'em poker download, casino end credits, ah slotermeer.

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