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In the Dragon Island online slots game, there are no heroes to fight, or maidens to rescue. Instead, players finds themselves marooned on the bleak shores of Dragon Island, which is home to a wide variety of dragons.

Dragon Island Saugus

Written by Vladislav Dibrov

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Not often you can find the slots, the plot of which is based on mythological themes, or rather on the most mysterious of its creatures - strange, terrible and unknown dragons. Correcting such inattention to the extinct monster that existed before, NetEnt developers, especially for the year of the dragon, presented Dragon Island slot. Do you want to become the owner of the Golden Dragon statue? Then go in search of hidden in the mythical ocean Island and fighting along with several representatives of the snake tribe on the way. The maximum winning in the machine is 671,600 coins. Be sure to play in the demo version of this online slot for free and without registration on the top of this page.

  1. Thus, it can start from 5 paylines (Lucky Dragon slot) and reach up to 100 (Ancient Dragon slot). However, the majority of dragon-themed slots have 20-25 paylines. Winning combinations – the symbols to form a winning line vary from one slot machine to another.
  2. The dragon applies a multiplier which makes it effortless to get longer for every spin. You will find two sets of gambling limits for Dragon Island Slot Game. Players will play with 5 reels using 15 cover lines. You can wager anywhere from one to 50 cents per pay line. Therefore this isn't a slots machine for people who wish to place bets.
  3. Dragon Island is a 5 reel, 3 row, 15 bet line video slot manufactured by NetEnt. We’re not sure is NetEnt’s team was inspired by Game of Thrones, ancient legends or myths, but the theme of this game is quite.

Personal testers opinion about Dragon Island slot

This machine is very dynamic and 'loves' the large bets. The maximum potential is released (during the bonus free spins feature). Best results were shown with €10 bets. I have tested Dragon Island and concluded that it should not be used to complete the bonus wagering requirements (wagering rating is 4.74 from 10). The probability of hitting any winning during the next spin in the usual game reaches 30.88%. For 10,000 spins during the tests, my most significant winning was 240x. The bonus feature was triggered in every 1134h spin (0.88%). Be sure to enable 'win both ways feature', RTP of the machine is higher in this case.

Review and recommendations by the testing team

Dragon Island is a typical online slot from NetEnt, with outdated graphics and sound. This slot is quite similar to the Wild Turkey slot regarding mathematics and winnings.
  • Winning combinations on this slot is available on both sides (with real and bonus money) and are issued in almost every spin. Despite their low payouts, this helps to keep the balance by not letting it goes down.
  • Bonus feature (free spins) on this slot is rarely triggered, and almost never with high frequency or in series. Usually, the slot tries to trigger a bonus game in a certain period of spin. The potential of free spins is quite large, due to one wild reel appearing randomly in every spin, as well as a wild symbol with multiplayer. Accordingly, when giving a combination of top symbols with multiplayer, the slot can give a big win by NetEnt standards.
  • In practice, most of the bonuses come with small winning in each spin, with a total winning of 80x - 150x total bets. Getting a top combination is extremely rare.
  • Two strategies are recommended when playing this slot:
    a) to have a high bet balance (from 300 and more) to wait for bonuses with big winnings;
    b) quite often, this slot gives a bonus game at the very beginning of the game session, so as one of the tactics, try 30 - 50 spins (for luck) to receive the bonus game and if the slot doesn’t issue any, then do not continue.

Netent declares the probabilities

Win one-way stats

  • The total percentage of the payment is 96.6%. Of these: in the usual spins 73.6%, it consists of 58.7% winnings on pay lines and 14.8% of payments for two scatters. The winning in the bonus free spins - 23%.
  • The probability of getting any winnings in the usual spins is 35.6%, during the bonus free spins is 55.9%. The winning on the pay lines is 30.1%. To get the payment for scatters is 7%. The probability of the bonus free spins (3+ scatter) is 0.65% (statistically, every 154th spin).

Win both ways stats

  • The total percentage of payout is 96.7%. Of these: 73.3% in the main game it consists of 57.9% (line winnings) and 15.4% (payouts for scatters). Payouts with free spins are 23.4%.
  • The probability of getting any winning in the usual spins is 39.7%, during free spins is 76.5%. The possibility of winning on pay lines is 34.4%. The probability of getting a payout for scatters 7.2%. The probability of triggering free spins (3+ scatters) is 0.68%.

The hidden parameters and settings of Dragon Island slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus feature is statistically every 114th spin (0,88%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 30,88%.
  • Distribution of the winnings is 75% in the usual spins and 25% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 240x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 42x.
  • Volatility is 7,38 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,74 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.6% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.


Five reels and 15 lines this is exactly what this machine offers you - one of the brightest developments from Net Entertainment. But this time, Dragon Island slot will not only surprise you with a fantastic storyline, but it also allows you to choose one of two variants of the game: Prime slots no deposit bonus codes 2020.

  • Win both ways and Golden Wild (you can win in both directions, and the golden wild will increase a multiplier when applied to the winning line). It can be enabled with a single click of a button and find the activation button located on the lower right corner of the screen. When this option is selected, the bets are doubled automatically, in addition to this, the following features are available to the gambler.
  • Successful combinations range from left to right and from right to left to increase your winning chances.
  • The advent of Golden Dragon wild multiplies the bet 2-8x randomly.
  • The rates for the lines chosen for triggering can be equal to ten coins, the nominal value of which is selected in the range from €0,01 to €0,50.
  • The maximum bet in a regular game is 150 coins.

Free Spins

  • Scatters

    Free Spins

    Win bets













    Three or more scatter symbols launch the free spins feature.
  • During the feature, the mandatory symbol Expanded Wild appears on the random reel before each spin. Positioning is done randomly, but because winning is considered in both directions, the best position is the third vertical line (in the middle).

Special symbols

  • Triggering the slot first in free mode should better help you explore the symbolism to navigate better the combination appearing on the screen. Among ordinary characters falling on the screen of the Dragon Island slot, you will find the mythical creatures of all colours; yellow Dragons, Green Dragon, brown, blue and even purple.
  • The old symbols from 10 to Ace borrowed from the card deck are also obligatory companions to the game process.
  • The gambler can win up to 671,600 coins.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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Dragon Island Slot Game Review

Everything is bright and revived it makes it effortless to get trapped in the game. There are a whole lot of symbols in Dragon Island Slot Game which are similar. However, the difference in colour makes it effortless to tell them apart, so there's no confusion.

The Winn Both Ways attribute is excellent, letting you get the earnings for setting the exact stakes you did. Additionally, there is a lot of wilds on the plank (regular and gold) which make it simple to get more games with each pull.

The coin worth of Dragon Island Slot Game is fairly low here, 0.50 and under, but the best jackpot is 400,000 coins that are outstanding. We would recommend this system to anybody who likes bets betting but the prospect of cash that is big!

To win the prize you want to play in Win Both Ways manner, in which you double your bets all and get compensated to left from right and left to right on almost any pay-line.

Win Both Ways mode provides you with an extra card, which makes it a lot easier to fit up combinations. You can utilize these cards to match. The dragon applies a multiplier which makes it effortless to get longer for every spin.

Dragon Island Saugus Mass


You will find two sets of gambling limits for Dragon Island Slot Game. Players will play with 5 reels using 15 cover lines. You can wager anywhere from one to 50 cents per pay line. Therefore this isn't a slots machine for people who wish to place bets. Like many games, just 1 game will depend per spin, which means that your winnings will be based on the spin you get.

Dragon Slot Machine

You will find 10 levels offered in Dragon Island Slot Game dependent on the number of coins you want to attach to every outcome. In routine game-play, you may wager around 150 coins per spin, which entitles one to half of the payout. Your gambling doubles together with all stakes beneath the maximum doubling which makes you eligible for the jackpot, to 300 coins when you enter into Win Both Ways mode.

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