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Progressive jackpot games, or what are often simply referred to as jackpot games, are one of the biggest draws of any online casino. And rightfully so! With their flickering tickers that highlight the growing prize, and massive cash payouts that can reach into the millions, jackpot slots are an alluring bunch. In fact, you might say, for those in search of potentially huge payouts, they are the ultimate casino dream.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot casino game is any casino game with a progressive jackpot. Most often progressive jackpots are associated with slots, and somewhat less frequently video poker games. But there are actually instances of progressive roulette games and progressive blackjack games out there as well, though they’re certainly harder to find.
As for the definition of progressive jackpot, the jackpot part of the name is pretty clear. This refers to the prize amount on offer. Usually you will find a slots game’s prizes listed under its paytable, clearly marked with a monetary value per X number of symbols. This format exists in jackpot slots as well; that is, you continue to play for the regular prize table.
The twist in jackpot games is that there is also a progressive jackpot offered. It is not a fixed sum. Instead, this number is always displayed on your screen (most often at the top). And if you watch it closely, you will see that it continues to rise until one lucky player wins.
The way in which the actual jackpot is formed is also different than your standard prizes. Most often, it is actually two-fold. The software developer seeds the game with a set amount. So for example, Microgaming seeds its Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot game with £1,000,000! That means the minimum prize for landing that jackpot would be £1,000,000.
But it’s not just the seed money you win. These games are generally part of a network. That means that each time a player anywhere in the world and at any online casino that is part of the network places a wager on the game, a fraction of that wager goes into the jackpot prize. As such, as each person bets, you will see the prize value rising. The longer the game goes without paying out, the higher the prize will be. Once the prize is won, it is reset with its predetermined minimum prize and the excitement (and prize!) mounts again.

How to Play Jackpot Games Online

Playing jackpot slots is exactly the same as playing any other online slots machine. You log in to the casino, choose your game, set your bet, and click to spin.
Keep in mind, however, if you want to vie for the progressive jackpot prize, you will most likely need to bet the maximum allowed. This means that you will have to wager the highest amount on all of the available paylines in order to even be eligible for the jackpot prize. Once you have placed the max bet, you will need to land a very specific combination, as delineated by the game, in order to collect on the prize.
If that prospect intimidates you, just remember you can absolutely play jackpot casino games for lower wagers. You get the same fun and experience; it just takes the potential for the massive prize off the table.
The bottom line is that it takes big stakes to gain a big payoff, so these types of games are not necessarily a good option for those on a budget if you want to keep playing over the long-haul. On the flip side, in reality, all it takes is one lucky spin. In other words, deciding if they are worth the risk, or shall we say investment, is really up to you.

$1 Jersey Jackpot pays 10% of the Progressive Jackpot. OVERALL ODDS: 1 in 4.0! Fast Play prizes instantly replenish after every purchase; each ticket sold has the same great odds of winning the prizes below! In the $1 Jersey Jackpot Fast Play Game, New Jersey allocated approximately 59% of the gross receipts to prizes. $1 Fast Play Progressive tickets win 10% of the Jackpot. To purchase a Fast Play Progressive ticket at your New Jersey Lottery Retailer, just ask for Fast Play Progressive and name your game! Fast Play Progressive can also be purchased from the self-service Lottery machine using Fast Codes. Just insert money and scan the Fast Code to print the ticket. Fast Codes are available on the Active Games page and NJ Lottery mobile app. Fast Play Progressive.

Playing Jackpot Games at Inpixinfo Casino

At Inpixinfo Casino we know that our players enjoy the thrill of jackpot games. That is why we strive to maintain a strong offering within our repertoire.
To access them, just visit our website and click the ‘games’ icon at the top of the page. You can then find them all listed under the ‘jackpots’ tab. In addition to a list of all available game options, conveniently laid out in a grid pattern, you’ll also be able to see the progressive prizes on offer, highlighted at the top of each game’s thumbnail.
As you will quickly see for yourself, this catalogue includes a range of classic heavy-hitters with some of the most popular progressive games like Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis from Microgaming. You will of course also be pleased to see other top paying, fan favourites like the NetEnt powerhouses Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune, Grand Spinn Superpot, and Hall of Gods. If you are looking for something off the beaten path, you may try your luck at Apollo God of the Sun from Leander, or the rising star, Rainbow Jackpots brought to us by Red Tiger.
Other options for the adventurous include always engaging titles like The Goonies Jackpot King, Jackpot King, Ted, Mars Attacks, and Slots O Gold Megaways from Blueprint. If you are looking for a little Greek God and sea action there is Tridentia slots from Merkur.

History of Jackpot Games

As for the history of jackpot games, that is really anyone’s guess. Unlike roulette which has its clear origins in 18th century France, or the slot machine invention mostly credited to Charles Fey in the late 1890s US, the history of jackpot games is far less clear. The term jackpot itself is said to date back to the 1870s and was actually used in reference to a Jacks or Better game. In the 20th century the term really took off, and became symbolic of what it is today – that is winning a really big prize.
What we can also tell you is who has made history playing jackpot games. And that is the player who won €18,915,872 on Mega Moolah in September 2018, and made his way into the world record books. With a little luck, maybe you can make jackpot history too!
That being said, whatever the history, all we can say, is we are glad to have progressive jackpot games in the mix. They add a unique thrill to the game, and give us all an added element of fantasy with every spin of the reels.

A New Jersey woman arguably had the luckiest day ever. She staked $2 playing BetMGM’s online slot game, Luck O’ The Jackpot, and ended up with a record progressive jackpot.

The largest online progressive jackpot prize in NJ history of more than $3.2 million further goes to show that you can only win if you play. More NJ residents are making that decision now than ever.

How an NJ woman won a record progressive jackpot

Sherri W., who now gets to decide how to spend her unprecedented winnings, relayed that it was a bit of beginner’s luck. She’s also not content to rest on her laurels.

“I’m so happy and still in shock,” Sherri said in a press release.

“I called my husband first thing, and he didn’t think it was real. I had only been playing on BetMGM Casino for three days before hitting the jackpot. I had some bad experiences on other NJ casino apps and found BetMGM and just really liked the games so kept playing. We’re just so happy, and I can’t wait to get back on there to play some more.”

Sherri’s stake in the game was just $2, meaning the return on her investment was off the charts. BetMGM New Jersey shared Sherri’s enthusiasm about the victory.

The dealer puts $24 in the Come area so the boxman can verify it, and then the dealer puts the chips in the tip box or in the section of the table designated for dealer tips. Note that in most casinos, when a dealer bet wins, the bet is done and comes down. In this example, that’s where the $24 comes from: the $3 bet plus the $21 in winnings. Again, there is no definite answer here, and players may have different opinions depending on who you ask, but unless it’s a pot less than $10, a $1 tip (at minimum), should be given to the dealer. (Go here to learn how much you should tip a dealer in a poker tournament). If the casino or poker room does not take out the extra for the dealers, then you should be looking to tip. Usually, I tip somewhere between 1% and 5%. If it’s a smaller tournament, you may want to tip a higher percentage. Most casino gamblers, especially at low limit tables, tip nothing at all. Most dealers will thank you earnestly for any tip. When playing for the house it is quite customary to use $1 or $2.50 chips, while you are playing with $5 or $10 or more. The higher percentage of amateur players, the more they are willing to tip the dealer. Many regular, or professional poker players tip around $1 per pot that they win (assuming a flop is seen). Others will tip $1-$2 for anything they qualify as a large enough pot. Others still will tip, $5, $10, or even $25+ when they win a bigger pot. How much to tip dealer.

“It’s extremely exciting to see our casino progressive jackpot prize being won,” said Matthew Sunderland, vice president of gaming atROAR Digital. “We’re proud to bring such monumental wins to players through our in-house networked progressive jackpot games in New Jersey and hope to continue raising the bar with even bigger jackpots in the future.”

Sherri isn’t the only one to get lucky playing slots under Borgata’s license either. BetMGM runs its online casino product under Borgata’s auspices.

In 2018, another woman in NJ won a $2.4 million jackpot playing the casino’s physical slots. It was another case of beginner’s luck, as she won the prize on her first spin that day.

More NJ gamblers than ever are putting themselves in a position to replicate these women’s feats. NJ online casino games continue to grow in popularity in the Garden State.

How big is this record progressive jackpot win?

Before Sherri hit the jackpot at BetMGM last week, the biggest online jackpot win came from Betfair online casino in 2015. That $1,520,000 jackpot was hit on the online slotLet It Ride.

Fast play progressive jackpot nj lottery also had a big win back in in 2014. The Millionaire Genie online slot paid out $1.3 million to one lucky winner.

But those two big wins pale in comparison to the $3,266,476.20 won at BetMGM NJ online casino this month.

BetMGM Casino making headway with NJ gamblers

Fast Play Progressive Jackpots

With the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement yet to announce July numbers, June was the best month ever for Borgata in terms of online casino revenue. BetMGM, Party and Borgata brands all brought in almost $16.9 million that month.

All that activity improved Borgata’s share of the online casino revenue in NJ. In June, Borgata strengthened its second-place position in the space, accounting for 19.9% of the total win in the state.

That represented an uptick of half a percent from the previous month. Paying out jackpots like the one Sherri won might help Borgata grab even more market share.

Arkansas Progressive Fast Play Jackpot

At the very least, Sherri should be able to buy a big share of any market she has her eye on. She’s still out there looking for more big wins as well. That means if you want to win the next record jackpot instead, you’d better get to spinning.

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