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You can view a replay of the previous hand played back from start to finish by using our graphical hand replayer. There are two ways to use this feature, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I or by following these steps from the main lobby screen. Tools; History & Stats; Instant Hand History; Visualize; Alternatively, when playing or watching any table, the feature can be started by clicking. Poker Hand Converter & Replayer. Free Poker Resources. Poker Hand Converter is the perfect tool to replay those hands all over again!

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Daily Tips

I don't mean writing 'donkey' in their notes. I mean write down any move your opponent makes that's unusual like 'raised with 10-8 suited from middle position in an unopened pot' or 're-raised with pocket tens from the small blind.' These notes will help you put your opponents on a hand when you're playing against them.

Don't Fight For Small Pots

Some people will make pot sized bets to try to steal small pots. The problem is that you either win a small pot or create a large one if you're called. Then you're forced to either give up your steal attempt or commit a lot of chips to try to win a pot you shouldn't have been betting in the first place. It's okay if you want to play small pot poker; just make sure that you bet small into small pots so you don't bloat them.

By: Michael Monroe

Chris Moneymaker takes the poker world by storm

Chris Moneymaker (his real name), a then 27-year-old accountant, became the Cinderella story of the poker world when he won the 2003 World Series of Poker No Limit Hold'em Championship event for a record-setting payout of $2.5 million. The dream-come-true poker victory made (and continues to make) headlines for two reasons. First, Chris had been playing poker for only three years, and at the time of the 2003 event, he had never played in a live poker tournament in his life. Second, Chris won his entry into the main event through an online poker contest for a total investment of only $40. Cool Fact: Chris won the final hand of the 2003 World Series with a full house, 5s over 4s, defeating poker pro Sam Farha, who held top pair. Sam wasn't too upset though; he received a cool $1.3 million for placing second.

By: wikipedia

Pre-Flop Stats

VPIP or VP$IP: Voluntarily put money into the pot. The SB and BB postings are not voluntary unless they add more money.
Eg: SB calling or BB calling or raising.

PFR: Pre-Flop Raise. If someone 3bets this is also counted towards your PFR as well.

Limp: How often someone just calls in an unopened pot. Someone who just calls the big blind value.

Limp-Call: How often someone limps and then calls a raise.

Call Open: How often someone calls a raise.

Raise 1st: Raise First is similar to Pre Flop Raise except it doesn't include 3bets. Its only the 1st person to raise that has their Raise First stat effected and it doesnt include raising limpers.

3-Bet: BB is Bet 1, a raise is bet 2, the next raise is bet 3. (3-Bet). First action from player. Limp-Raise doesn't count as 3-Bet.

Fold to 3-bet: How often someone folds to a 3bet after make a raise.

4-Bet: How often someone re-raise after make a raise.

Fold to 4-Bet: How often someone folds to a 4Bet after make a 3Bet.


Cold 4-Bet: BB is Bet 1, a raise is bet 2, the next raise is bet 3, the next raise is bet 4 (4-Bet). First action from player.

Steal: When someone raises from the CO, BTN or SB when the pot is unopened (without limpers).

Aggression: Aggression factor is calculated (Bet + Raise) / Call, checking or folding has no effect.

Agg freq.: Aggression frequency can be anything from 0-100 and is based on an aggressive action on each street. So if I bet the turn and the river but check the flop I would have 66% Agg Pct because I made 2 out of 3 aggressive actions.

Continuation Bet: Bet the flop after being the last Raiser Pre-flop. (2º Barrel / 3º Barrel on Turn/River)

Fold CB to Raise: Fold after makes a continuation bet when is faced a raise.

Fold to CB: How often someone folds to a continution bet.

Raise CB: How often someone raise when faced with a continuation bet when there was a raise preflop

Donk Bet: How often someone bets into the flop out of position after calling a preflop raise.

Fold to Donk Bet: How often someone fold to donk bets.

Raise Donk Bet: How often someone raise a donk bet.

Steal Limped Pot: How often someone bets when is last to act on the flop and everyboby checks around. (No one raises pre-flop)

WTSD: How often someone goes to showdown when the flop was seen.

WWSF: How often someone wins the pot when they've seen the flop.

W$SD: How often someone won money when hands go to showdown.

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Free Poker Hand Replayer Games

One of the best ways to improve your poker game is by going back through hands you have previously played and analyzing them. Nearly all poker sites store their hand histories in a text format that is difficult to read. By using a poker tool that converts the hand history into an easy to read format, you can much more easily analyze your game. Other online poker software allows you to replay hands or even whole tournaments in a format that looks very similar to an actual online poker table.
The online poker hand converter tool allows you to post a hand history from nearly every online poker site in an easy to read format. All past hands that you have posted are saved on the site and you can easily share them with friends. Best of all, this service is completely free!
If you are looking for poker hand replayer software there are a number of options available. For people on a budget, the Popopop Hand Replayer is completely free and easy to use. Some basic pot odds information is provided, but nothing too detailed. One nice feature is the graphing ability so that you can easily track wins and losses. Poker Replayer is another excellent option, and includes a free trial that lets you import 10 hands at a time. A version that allows unlimited hands is available for only $29. Poker Replayer also contains a poker odds tab that allows you to do detailed statistical analysis on the hands you are replaying.
The two major tracking and analysis softwares, Poker Tracker 3 and Holdem Manager, both contain excellent hand replayer software. Holdem Manager's poker hand replayer is particularly awesome in that it shows the Heads-Up Display on the replayer table, allowing you to see the store statistics on every player. You can also take notes right in the HUD so that the next time you play against an opponent you can have the notes you took while analyzing your play right at your fingertips.

Downloadable Poker Hand Replayer

  • Embed hand histories on websites with ease using Poker Hand Replays.

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  • One of the oldest and easiest to use hand converters online

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  • Replay and share your online poker games.

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  • A hand history replayer integrated within PokerStars

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