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  1. Powered by NetEnt, Berry Burst is juicy, fruity, and comes with expanding wilds and a re-spin feature you’re absolutely going to love! AS FRUITY AS THEY GET! Fantastic graphics, an upbeat soundtrack and Berry Burst wins that go up to 120,000 on the right spin, this slot is arranged across 5 reels and requires clusters of 5 symbols or more to.
  2. Fruity Burst Packing more fruit than even the tastiest of smoothies, you can expect play that’s as sweet and fresh as the colourful symbols that brighten up the reels with this online casino slot.

[miau] The online game Fruity Burst Slot has all of the features that a bingo, slot, fruit, and excitement lover is looking for in online entertainment. This colorful new spin on traditional bingo has exploding fruit and big payouts. Collect your juice to cash in for the big jackpot. When you are looking to take your next trip to the market, make it the marketplace that is on the Fruity Burst online slot game.

When you visit this online game, the first thing that you will notice is the bright colors that they use for the fruit characters. There is an orange (Jaffa), apple (Pippin), strawberry (Lester), lemon (Eureka), cherry (cherry) and grapes (Chester). The graphics of these characters give these fruits facial expressions to go along with their names. They are located in the very center of the screen, arranged in five columns and five rows.

The background setting is a quaint little grocery stand. On the right side of the screen is the elderly grocer with a basket of apples. He is in charge of the area where you make your bets, select auto play options, and adjust your stakes.

Fruity Burst Sloth

On the left side of the screen is a cylinder that fills with juice and tracks your winnings as you earn them during play. Players create the juice when they line up the fruits and they burst on the spinning reels.


Burst the fruits to fill the glass with juice! Fruity Burst is the juiciest slot in town, where matching combinations of fruits pay multiple amounts based on your stake. Match 5 or more of the same symbol consecutively in a horizontal or vertical line (not diagonal) and they'll burst.

Reels and Pay lines
This online bingo game has five colorful spinning reels that stop independently. When you select the maximum amount of pay lines, the maximum amount of lines that you can bet on is 25. You can play as few or as many lines as you desire. The more lines that you play; the better your chances are of winning big.

Fruity Burst Slot Machine

Fruity Burst Slot

Wagers and Payouts
Betting on each line ranges from $.10 to $2.50 per spin. Easy deposit online casino. The maximum jackpot payout is 5,000 coins. The deposits are sent directly to the balance of your game bank. When you are making your wagers, choose auto play and sit back and watch the action unfold effortlessly in front of you.

Each of these characters holds a different payout amount when they blow up. The list below is examples of the winning payouts when one bets on ten lines.

  • Jaffa (orange) pays 2.2 times the bet
  • Pippin (apple) pays five times the bet
  • Chester (grapes) pays 20 times the bet
  • Eureka (lemon) pays 75 times the bet
  • Lester (strawberry) pays 125 times the bet
  • Cherry (cherry) pays 1,000 times the bet

Characters fall and if five in a row horizontally, diagonally, vertically or a mix they explode. The more fruits that explode, the larger the payout is. As these fruits explode, more fruits will drop down from above into the empty spots, possibly lining up more characters for additional matches. Eight or more Fireballs, wins the progressive jackpot.

This culmination of bingo and online slots is the perfect venue for gaming lovers of all ages. The fun and bright graphics are enjoyable to view and make the game really come to life. Do not waste another moment of your day not playing this highly addicting and entertaining game of massive fruit destruction.

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Fruity Burst Slots

Fruity Burst Slot Game

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