Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Rate


Receive 2.25% p.a. With 12 months eFixed Deposit / eFixed Deposit-i Promotion (Until 31 Mar 2021) Placement must be made via via Hong Leong Connect. Minimum deposit of RM10,000 and above and maximum RM2,000,000. Promotion is applicable for online placement. Click here to go to Hong Leong Bank's website for more details. Minimum deposits for the different tenures are: S$500 for 3 to 36 months. S$10,000 for 1 to 2 months. S$100,000 for 1 week. An insured deposit under the Deposit Insurance Scheme. Rules and regulations governing fixed deposits. Senior citizen rate is applicable for non-promotional deposits of less than S$50,000 on 12 months or longer tenure only. (b) your placement of fixed deposit is for 12 months or above Minimum placement sum for 1 or 2 months deposit is S$10,000, and for the longer terms is S$500. Overdue Fixed Deposit (3 to 36 months) will be paid on the then prevailing Board Rate for completed quarter (s) or cycle (s). Hong Leong Finance current highest fixed deposit rate is 0.52% p.a. For 12 months tenure with minimum deposit of $20,000. The current highest fixed deposit rate is a Hong Leong Finance fixed deposit promotional rate. The current Money Lobang National Average Fixed Deposit Rates for March 2021 is 0.46% p.a. The average monthly highest fixed deposit rate for Hong Leong Finance since 2018 is 1.32%.


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Salary Account
Current Account
Safe Deposit Box
Salary Account
Earn up to 2.25%p.a. interest when you make Pay&Save your salary crediting account
Pay&Save Account (Enhanced)
Harvest Savings Account
A high interest savings account exclusively for age 50 years and above

Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Rates

3-in-1 Junior Account
Savings account with reloadable debit card & pocket money app for your child.
Junior Savings Account
A high savings interests tailored for children below the age of 18
Premium Savings Account
A premium account with flexibility and high interest rates.
Basic Savings Account
Savings Account
Top Yield Account
Earn up to 1.75% p.a. when you consolidate your savings & investments
Basic Current Account
Open a cheque book account with low initial deposit of RM500
Current Account
Provides a standby overdraft facility for your urgent, unexpected financial needs
Foreign Currency Account
Fixed Deposit Account
Earn higher interest with fixed tenures of up to 60 months
e-Fixed Deposit
Place and withdraw your Fixed Deposit via Hong Leong Connect
Flexi FD
Enjoy the flexibility of making early of partial withdrawals
Senior Savers Flexi FD
A high interest FD account for age 50 years and above
Junior Fixed Deposit
A high interest FD account for children below the age of 18
Foreign Fixed Deposit Account
Safe Deposit Box
Keep your valuables secure with a safe deposit box
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Pay&Save Account

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The Fixed Deposit is special designed for you to enjoy higher interest rates with your extra cash, and is available for a fixed period. Interest rates vary based on the selected period.

Key feature and benefits:

  • Certificate is provided at the time of account opening
  • Earn high return on your deposit


  • You must be 18 years old or above
  • Minimum initial deposit is USD 1,000 for all terms excluding 18 months
  • Minimum initial deposit is USD 10,000 for 18 months term
  • This account is available to individual, or joint account holders.

Required documents to open Fixed Deposit:

  • Primary document:
    • Cambodia National ID, or
    • Passport
  • Any two of the below secondary documents in case the primary document is not available:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Resident Book
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Residential Certificate by an official authority
    • Family Book with photo of family head
    • Driving License issued by an official authority

Fixed Deposit Rates In Singapore

One of the above secondary documents must have the account holder's photo (e.g. Driving License and Birth Certificate).

For non-individual account opening, please contact our staff.

Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Rate In Singapore

Fixed Deposit interest rates:

Amount ( KHR )1 month3 months6 months9 months12 months18 months24 months
>= 4,000,000**3.25%3.75%4.5%5%5.75%NegoNego

Amount ( USD )1 month3 months6 months9 months12 months18 months24 months
>= 1,000**1.75%2.50%3.75%4.00%4.75%NegoNego

Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Rate


Hong Leong Finance Fixed Deposit

  • **Minimum placement: USD 1,000 for all terms except 18 Months and 24 Months
  • **Minimum placement: USD 10,000 for 18 months and 24 months tenure
  • Exchange rate for KHR equivalent is 4,000 Riels
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