How To Beat Online Roulette Tables

  • One thing you can be sure about is that the tables are maintained up to the highest standards. In an online casino you would not find a roulette wheel that favours one number or the other because quite frankly it got a bit old. But that does not mean that there is no chance of beating the table. You just have to come up with the right strategy.
  • How to Beat Online Roulette Tables Start on Free Roulette Bets. For new players, it is always good to perfect your skills before playing online roulette. Play online roulette at trusted online casinos. Currently, the number of online casinos keeps mushrooming. Manage your bankroll.

How To Beat Online Roulette Tables Game

Live Roulette is much more realistic and exciting than a standard roulette in any online casino. You communicate not to a machine, but with a professional casino dealer in a brick-and-mortar casino among real gaming tables. The whole game takes place right on your screen directly under your personal supervision. In fact, given that I am an igaming software specialist, and at the same time a passionate roulette player, thanks to a 'bug' I found in the roulette software of some online casinos, a few years ago I had the chance to finally leave my job as an employee in Malta and return to my beautiful country to enjoy the location and financial freedom that my “discovery” has gifted me with.

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To win at online roulette with my system is more than possible !

Infact, given that I am an igaming software specialist, and at the sametime a passionate roulette player, thanks to a 'bug' Ifound in the roulette software of some online casinos, a few yearsago I had the chance to finally leave my job as an employee in Maltaand return to my beautiful country to enjoy the location andfinancial freedom that my “discovery” has gifted me with.
Basically,I am a self-employed businessman with a little cover-up consultancybusiness, but in reality I don't work anyone and, whether it might behard for you to believe, I do make 90% of my income by playing onlineroulette with a self-made method . Yes, just by playing onlineroulette, I do win almost daily and I live more than well!

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Therefore,if someone who is reading this report has experienced some sort ofdisappointment by playing one of the so many pseudo-systems availablein internet for winning at online roulette, this is the best chancefor you to recover the losses suffered and start making your way toyour bank by simply applying my method that can give you clear,tax-free winnings of €400-500 a day just for playing at onlineroulette. Just as I do.
Injust a few years I went from a meager salary of €1,800 a month asemployee, to earning 5 times more by operating from the comfort of myhome, at my own peace, without having to fulfill any work schedule asan employee, and knowing that I can buy what I want without lookingat the price tag anymore!

Bymaking the roulette wheel spin, you must wait until for(2) Two consecutivetimes none of the numbers shown below come up, and only then you startbetting on the table.
9chipson the table, as you see in the picture below and start your bet by making the roulette wheel spin:

(I'vetried it elsewhere and failed badly many times), but I get the best results ONLY in the following casinos, where I currently play and win almost daily:


at the European or French roulette because they have one zero, andNOT at the American roulette that has two zeros.
Beaware though that some online casinos do not allow the roulette wheelto spin unless you have placed a bet on the table, so what you needto do in this case is to place one chip on the red and one chip onthe black, and ther it goes!
  1. Theydo this to encite new players, knowing that most of them will losetheir money shortly after (usually at slot machines) butunfortunately for them, it's not the same in our case.. :-)
    Surelynow you might be asking yourself: Is that all? Yes, that is all. Itis very, very simple.
    Anotheradvice I would like to give you is to STOPplaying after winningabout €400/500 in each casino. It is better to change casino andreturn to it after a few days.
    Therefore, the main recommendation is:

    Iusually cash out when I have reached average winnings of around€1.500/2.000 in each casino, because I don't want them to see myname appearing frequently after small winnings of let's say €200-300. As youcan imagine, casinos prefer much more customers who lose instead ofwinners. Of course they do pay. They have to pay customer's winnings,because these are legal casinos authorized by law!

    Thereason is that the more people play the same system, which I repeatis LEGAL, the less likely I
    Therefore,for those who will put the above into action, I wish you good luck!
    Oh,by the way, my roulette winning system has nothing to do with luck.

    P.S. Since the beginning of Dicember 2020, the system seems to workparticularly well in CASINO No.2 with substantial winnings all dulypaid within 48 hours through NETELLER and SKRILLelectronic wallets.

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