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Texas Hold’em is arguably the most popular version of poker as we know it. Just like most games of poker, Texas Hold’em uses a standard 52-card deck, which gets shuffled before every hand. It’s always a good time, with plenty of action, strategy, and big money payouts. With Satoshi Vision’s Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy Guide and Summary, you’ll be hitting the felt like a poker pro in no time - whether that’s poker night with the boys, at an on-land casino, or playing online for real money

The two players to the left of the dealer put out blind bets. The player directly to the dealer's left puts.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker - Need to Knows

How to Play Poker – Getting Started With Texas Hold’em each player is dealt two cards facing down. These two cards are for your eyes only and must be kept a secret for the other players. These are called hole cards and are just for you. In hold'em, players receive two down cards as their personal hand (holecards), after. Poker: How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker will welcome to the poker table with everything you need to win big - from the most basic elements of the game to advanced strategies for increasing your winnings. You'll find out how to navigate the various seats at the Texas Hold'em poker table, play the game like a pro, and avoid the 'never ever.

The rules of Texas Hold’em Poker are easy enough to grasp, with a little practice. Each player begins with two hole cards. There are also three rounds of community cards which are dealt face up - available to any player at the poker table. Betting happens after each round.

You win Texas Hold’em poker when you’ve got the best 5-card hand that uses any combination of the five community cards and two hole cards. These standard poker rules apply for online poker as well - if anything, it’s easier to play online. Read on to get a more detailed understanding of online Texas Hold’em poker terms. Once you’ve got these down pat, you can start thinking about strategy.

Each Texas Hold’em poker hand begins with two blinds. You can think of them as early bets. There are two poker players who bet before the cards are dealt. The idea here is to stimulate the action, rev up the anticipation of a real money payout. After all, if there was nothing to win, what reason would the first player have to make a bet? Before the dealer gets to work, the player to the left of the dealer button throws in chips and (normally) bets half the size of the minimum bet. This is called the Small Blind. The next poker player to the left has to put in chips equal to the minimum bet for the game - also called the Big Blind.

Sitting Down at a Table
When you sit at a Texas Hold’em poker table, you have to wait for the big blind to get to your position. This is bound to happen because the button moves one position to the left (clockwise) after each hand. However, to get dealt in at the beginning of the next hand in a way that wouldn’t make you the small blind or dealer, you can always post. In Texas Hold’em poker this essentially means you would put in a blind equivalent to the big blind.

The rules of Texas Hold’em poker are 100% clear: Each player must put both a small blind and a big blind into the pot once per round. If you miss the blinds in a round, you either wait for the big blind to reach you, or post a blind equivalent - as we mentioned above.

The First Round of Texas Hold’em Poker - A Breakdown:
Once the blinds are in place, the dealer deals one card, and then another face down to each player (hole cards), beginning with the small blind. Following this, five cards are added face-up in the center of the table. These community cards are a part of your hand - making seven. Out of these seven you make your winning five-card combo. When you’re playing Texas Hold’em online, you also have the added benefit of the software giving you a helping hand and will pick the top five cards for you when it’s time to compare hands.

There are four betting rounds in Texas Hold’em. There are three ways the size of your bet can go:

  • Limit game: each betting round has a fixed bet size.
  • Pot-limit game: A player can bet anywhere between the bet minimum and the size of the pot.
  • No-limit game: A player can bet from the minimum bet to the max number of chips they’ve got in front of them.

How To Play Texas Poker Hold'em For Dummies

If you’re seated to the left of the big blind, the betting starts with you - you’re under the gun, as they say. Here are your options:

  • Fold
  • Call for the minimum (limp)
  • Raise

When you’re playing Texas Hold’em poker online, you can pick your action by clicking in a dialog box. If you fold, the software will remove your cards from the screen, and you’ll be out until the next hand is dealt. If everyone folds the pot goes to the big blind and the next hand is dealt.

If you’re following someone who has opened, you can do the following:

  • Fold
  • Call (you match the previous bet)
  • Raise (you increase the previous bet)

If there have been no raises by the time the bet gets to the big blind, that player has what’s known as the ‘option.’ In Texas Hold’em poker, this means they can opt to raise, giving each active player the chance to either call, reraise or fold. The big blind can also opt not to raise, which stops the action for that entire round. In this scenario, the big blind player would be called a live blind.

The Flop
Once everyone has had the chance to either fold or match the total betting, the dealer gives out three cards face up in the center of the table. These are the first three of the community cards in Texas Hold’em poker - otherwise known as the flop.

The second round of the betting action begins. In this round of Texas Hold’em poker, the action starts with the first active player to the left of the button. If the small blind called in the previous round (the first round), that player would go first. They will have two options:

  • Check (make no bet)
  • Bet (put chips at the proper limit for that round)

If there are no bets, each player in turn will have the same choice. It’s not unusual for no betting to occur after the first round. This is known as being ‘checked around.’ If someone does bet, the following player will have these three choices:

  • Fold
  • Call
  • Raise

How To Play Texas Holdem For Beginners

If a player checks, they hold on to their cards. When the betting starts again and someone bets, the player who checked also has the same three choices. To check and then raise when the action returns is called ‘check-raising.’ A word of caution: if you check and plan on raising, you risk the chance that no one will bet.

The Turn
Once the betting for the second round is set, the dealer deals one more card face up in the center of the table. This is the fourth of the community cards - also known as the turn.

How To Play Texas PokerPlay

The third round of betting follows. The same rule applies: the first active player to the left of the button bets first. The betting follows the same rules as the second round. In the case of a limit game, the betting usually grows to twice the size in the third and fourth round.

The River
After the betting in the third round is equalized, the dealer deals a fifth and final card face up in the center of the table. The last community card in Texas Hold’em poker called the river. With this card, the fourth and last round of betting goes down. Same betting rules from the previous rounds apply here as well.

The Showdown
Once the betting for the fourth round is out of the way, the betting is officially over and the showdown takes place. Ignition poker review. All the remaining active players must show their cards and the best hand wins. The player with the best hands (a combination of the hole cards and community cards) walks away with the Texas Hold’em poker pot, earning them some real money. In the case of a tie, the two tied players split the pot.

Learn To Play Texas Holdem

When you’re playing Texas Hold’em poker online and the betting has not equalized during the final round (meaning, a player has bet or raised and no one called) then the showdown does not take place. Instead, the game’s software gives the pot to the player who made the uncalled bet. This can happen during the earlier rounds as well - in which case no further cards would be dealt and the hand would be over.

How To Play Poker Texas Lottery

There are also instances when a player runs out of poker chips before the action ends, which results in the creation of side pots. The software then awards the relevant main and side pots. If a player goes all in, a bet or raise can be made that’s not called, but the showdown will happen anyway

Texas Hold’em Strategy Guide

When it comes to learning poker strategies as a beginner, experience is often always the best teacher. However, there’s a few additional things you can do to level up your game and get the edge you need to win Texas Hold’em poker, especially when you’ve bet real money. Other poker players might not agree to showing losing hands, but you, as a player, are entitled to see any cards that were active during the showdown, even if they weren’t shown. All you have to do is “Show previous hand” to bring up a new window that will give you the results of the last hand and all the active cards. You can always look up more advanced strategies later, but for now we’ve given you everything you need to play Texas Hold’em online and for real money. Time to hit the felt like a pro!

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