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  • Infinity Slots proudly displays a 4.6 rating on the PlayStore
  • The playing experience on Infinity Slots is unlike any other social casino
  • Unique bonuses for returning players is a promise that Infinity Slots keep

Are you drawn to the bells of the slot machines every time you pass a gaming lounge? Can't blame you, they are inviting, and the fantastic excitement that comes with playing the slots is to blame.

With Infinity Slots, you can now enjoy the fantastic Las Vegas gaming world on your mobile without needing to bet real money too!

In this era when social gaming is all the excitement, Murka Games Limited developed Infinity Slots to satisfy the casino craving of the real slot-fan.

This highly rated game boasts a 4.6 rating on the PlayStore too. So, yes, the slot is designed to impress!

Unlike other social casino games, you are not overwhelmed with choices to play the slots.

Infinity Slots makes sure your excitement to unearth surprises is geared up right from the start.

Getting all the Infinity Slots free coins when you start your game is one of the first things you may look for.

But wait! The clever tutorial wizard gives you the free coins in a particular sequence.

20 free spins add card game

Read on, to see the surprises in store for you from this fantastic creation by Murka.

Slots Infinite - Free Coins Galore

When you first load the game, you are greeted with the friendly tutorial wizard who guides you through the entire interface of the game.

There are a few places where you can get Infinity Slots free coins, to start:

  • 5,000,000 - When you join the game
  • Up to 600k - In the first game
  • Up to 400k - Daily bonus
  • 1,000,000 - Facebook bonus

You get these Infinity Slots free coins is by completing a few steps.

Want to know the exact steps to get your Infinity Slots free coins? Then, get ready to read through to the end for all the ways you can get your coin bank ringing!

Free Coins to Start - What to Expect When You Start Playing

Apart from the 5,000,000 Infinity Slots free coins you get for signing up, you will also get more coins when you start playing.

The first and only game that is accessible to you is the Venus slot game.

Think you will be wasting your free coins on a game you are not fond of? Think again! The Venus slot game is hooked up to the tutorial wizard that teaches you every part of the interface while you play.

Don't worry about your depleting coins when you go through the wizard, these are quickly refreshed and added-to, by the time you finish the tour.

Now, remember, that all the Infinity Slots except the one Venus slot game, stay locked while you are still learning the interface with the wizard.

Spin a few times on the Venus slot game, and you win up to 600k in Infinity Slots free coins to add to your coin bank!

Want to know the more unique features that wizard teaches you about?

Apart from the basic social casino in-game features, these parts of the interface make Infinity Slots special:

  • As you keep spinning, your progress meter on the top right keeps increasing. Once you have filled the progress meter, you get a puzzle piece.
  • Collecting puzzle pieces is your key to unlocking more benefits, slots and other areas of the game. Exciting, isn't it?
  • Collecting two puzzle pieces show you what's inside your puzzle gallery. Here you may either choose to try the next open slot or continue with the one you were already playing.
  • The daily challenges menu on the bottom left of the screen is also locked until you can collect nine puzzle pieces.

One thing is for sure, Murka's Infinity Slots keeps you intrigued.

Hourly Bonuses for Loyalty - Stay on For More Infinity Slots Free Coins

When you leave the game you are playing and go to the lobby, you are welcomed with 400k in free coins.

Infinity Slots Free Coins Twitter

Infinity Slots also gives players bi-hourly bonuses to stay playing.

The higher you climb in status, the more your bi-hourly bonus will be too.

Collect your hourly bonus four times and get to play the jackpot! Wait. What?? You read that right. This is a bonus inside a bonus!

The hourly bonus jackpot takes up to 14 taps to unlock different kinds of wins.

When you get three stars in a row, then consider yourself very lucky on Infinity Slots!

This lucky feature lights up your coin bank with over 59,000,000 in win-coins!!

Keep Coming Back For More Infinity Slots Free Coins

Infinity Slot Free Coins

Infinity Slots has a fantastic daily bonus that is given to loyal players. The daily bonus is available every 24 hours when you play on Infinity Slots.

The daily bonus here is unique, and unlike anything, you may have seen before.

Since everyone loves presents, the daily bonus comes in the form of 5 gift boxes that have gems to unlock not one, but three wheels of fortune!

Remember you get a higher status multiplier by climbing higher in your ranks. So, keep spinning!

Infinity Slots know that loyalty should be rewarded with freebie, so your perks increase if you come back several days in a row.

The Facebook Connection on Infinity Slots

Free coins to keep you thrilled is only one of the benefits of connecting your Infinity Slots account to Facebook.

Apart from the 1,000,000 in free coins, Infinity Slots also gives you a chance to play with your friends.

Your Facebook friends who play Infinity Slots as well can send you gifts.

Are you feeling generous? Then why not send your friends gifts too!

Download Scatter Slots By Murka

A notification to connect to Facebook is available on the bottom of your screen as well as in your inbox.

Clicking on it will allow Infinity Slots to access information from your Facebook account, which you authorize.

Other Bonuses and Offers on Social Media

On the official Infinity Slots social media pages, there is more to gain than to waste!

Whether you choose to be active on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of in-game bonus offers that you can get.

More than the bonuses and news, you get to be a part of a fantabulous Infinity Slots community where you can network with thousands of like-minded fans.

With over 389K fans on Facebook, the Facebook community is by far the largest for Infinity Slots.

Infinity Slots free coins are also available through the official social media pages.

Beware of Imposters on Social Media

Social media is overflowing with individuals and organisations who claim to be officially affiliated with Infinity Slots.

Active on Facebook Messenger? Then here's a surprise that is unique to Infinity Slots. You get gifts to text Infinity Slots on @PlayInfinitySlots!

Several YouTube channels even profess to give you Infinity Slots free coins but work only as as a phishing scam.

The official social media pages you can like and follow for Infinity Slots free coins, bonuses, news and a real community, are as follows:

  • Facebook - @PlayInfinitySlots

  • Instagram - @infinity_slots_

  • Twitter - @playinfslots

How to Get The Most Infinity Slots Free Coins

The ideal way to get all your Infinity Slots free coins before you get down to serious playtime is by doing the following:

  1. Get all your welcome bonus free coins by following all the steps above to finish the tutorial and logging in using Facebook.
  2. Network with similar-minded friends in the Infinity Slots social community to receive free coins regularly.
  3. Follow the official YouTube channel for tips and videos on how to complete newly introduced slots. Complete them to win big.
  4. Use the maximum bet option with caution and keep your bet amount to a nice mid-value.
  5. Like and share your progress with other Facebook friends to bring more friends into Infinity slots to send you free coins and gifts.
  6. Set the alarm on your phone to return every two hours to collect your bi-hourly bonus.
  7. Come back every day to avail your daily bonus.

Infinity Slots Free Coins


How Can I Get Infinity Slots Free Coins Facebook?

You can play Infinity Slots on Facebook games and also get free slots the same way you would on your mobile. If you are looking for Infinity Slots free coins apart from what you get during game-play, then stay active on the official social media pages.

Infinity Slots Free Coins Free Games

Is Infinity Slots Free to Play?

Yes! Infinity Slots is entirely free to play. However, you can also buy coins and gifts to climb up in levels faster from the in-game store. Deals are regularly available when you make purchases from the game store.

Does Infinity Slots Pay Real Money?

As Infinity Slots is a social gaming application, there is no money given when you play the game. The gifts and coins cannot be redeemed for real cash and real prizes either.

Can I Use Generators or Cheats to get Infinity Slots Free Coins?

There are several places where you will be offered a code generator or cheats for Infinity Slots free coins. However, these are scams and are not authorized by Infinity Slots. You also run the risk and responsibility if you have fallen prey to any of these scams. Furthermore, if your account has been flagged for using a code generator, you may never be allowed to play Infinity Slots again.


Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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