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The plug is part of a cable that connects to a port. The plug always connects to something else (e.g., a jack or port). For example, the most common plug is the power plug that connects your computer, monitor, and other devices to a power source. The picture is a U.S. desktop power cord with a male plug end that connects to the wall socket and female plug end for the computer or monitor.


In our example of a power cord plug, this plug is different in different countries around the world.

Cable and cord

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A cable or cord is one or more wires in a plastic covering that allows for the transmission of power or data between devices. The picture is an example of a Cat 5 network cable. See our cable definition for a list of types of cables used with computers.


A wire is a single strand of metal (e.g., copper) or optical fibers capable of transmitting power or data from one area to another.


A connector is the unique end of a plug, jack, or the edge of a card that connects to a port. For example, all desktop computer expansion cards have a connector that allows them to connect in a slot on the motherboard. When referring to cables, the connector is the end of the cable that connects into a port. For example, the end of a USB cable has a connector that allows it to connect to a USB port.


The port has either holes or a slot that matches the plug or card connected to the port. The picture is a computer PS/2 port for a keyboard and mouse with a PS/2 connector to connect to the computer.


There are also software ports. For example, port 80 is a network port that allows HTTP traffic on a network.

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  • See our port definition for a full listing of computer ports.


A jack is similar to a port and is a hole or other connection that allows a compatible plug to connect to the jack. With computers, a jack often describe an audio jack.


An adapter is a device capable of converting power or data from one source of input into another. For example, an AC adapter used with laptop computers and other devices takes AC power and converts it into DC power.



A socket is an opening that fits another specific device with matching pins or other connectors. A socket example is a CPU socket, which is a socket on the motherboard for a computer CPU.

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Over the evolution of computers, there were many different sockets designed for computers. Each socket supports a set of computer processors. For example, the Socket 370 is a socket that supported the first Intel Celeron processors and Coppermine processors.


A slot is also a connection used with computers that either describes a CPU slot or an expansion slot. Today, CPU sockets are used instead of CPU slots, but expansion slots still connect expansion cards to the computer.

Additional information

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  • See the adapter, cable, connection, jack, port, and socket definitions for further information and related links.
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