Jackpot City Mega Moolah


Jun 19, 2020 Mega Moolah Does It Again at Jackpot City Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has made some serious millionaires over the years. On 6 October 2015, one lucky UK player by the name of Jon Heywood won a life-changing £13,209,300 on Betway Casino’s website. However, I would really recommend to play Mega Moolah, it is jackpot-killer! One of the latest record-breaking £13,213,838 jackpot was won in this microgaming game by a 26-year old British soldier Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire. And trend is still on-going, here is a prove from official Mega Moolah website.

Jackpot City Casino were proud to announce a first Mega Moolah Jackpot winner at their online gambling site for the first time in 5 years! Blessed be the day, another Mega Moolah Jackpot Winner! On April 17 th, 2020, a lucky sun of a gun was fortunate enough to land on the biggest Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. Mega Moolah FAQs. How does Mega Moolah work? Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game.You can play it on various Microgaming online casinos, where thousands of other players play the game simultaneously.

MegaMoolah is a 5 reel progressive slot game designed by Microgaming softwaredevelopers. The game offers players anexciting feel of adventure with the four different themes that it allows itsusers to explore. Holding a huge number of jackpot wins, Mega Moolah has beentermed as the ‘’millionaire maker slot game”. With less than 15 years ofoperation, the game has already left an outstanding reputation in the minds ofmost slot players.

Theslot game was first created with a Wild Africa themed slot and was laterdesigned with an American, Egyptian, and Holiday theme. The reels of the gamecomprise of different symbols which are used to determine the outcome of aplayers stake. Mega Moolah slot game offers 5 reels and 3 rows layout with 25paylines. Players can choose the number of paylines they would like to makeactive in each round of play.

Mega Moolah slot game has gotten a lot of hype from most slot players due to its remarkable jackpot possibilities. The game currently holds the record for highest jackpot win ever from a progressive slot game with an astonishing $20,062,600 payout to a British player which is a record that would certainly stand the test of time.

Mega Moolah Latest News

History of Mega Moolah

Microgamingonline casino industry has been in the business of creating casino games since1994. Their casino games have always been known for its quality and standardwhich is one of the major reasons they have remained at the top of the gamingindustry for so long. It’s no surprise to anyone that they are the developersbehind the Mega Moolah progressive slot game.

TheMega Moolah slot was developed in 2007 with a notable 4 progressive jackpots.Ever since its inception, it has created a lot of millionaires in just a spin.Mini, minor, major and mega are the possible jackpots that the slot gameprovides. A random number generator runs every affair pertaining who wins thejackpot making it impossible for the jackpot to be rigged.

A lot ofslot players take their chances with the mega jackpot because it accommodatesall stakes but has a one in a million chance of coming your way. The mini andminor jackpot comes often but does not generate a very huge amount. Microgamingofficial currency for the Mega Moolah game is pounds sterling, but depending onyour location and choice of casino, the currency you would use during gameplaymight change.

How to Play

Playingthe Mega Moolah slot game is very easy and interesting. You don’t need tomaster any difficult technicality to become conversant with the reels. Likeevery other online casino game, the ultimate catch is to click on the spinbutton after placing a bet. Below is a list of instructions to follow whenplacing a bet.

  • Select the number of paylines you would like to stake on
  • Place your bet by selecting the number of coins that you can afford for a particular spin
  • In a case where you are optimistic about a win, you can utilize the max bet option below the reel
  • Finally, click on the spin button to see what lady luck has in store for you.

See our dedicated page for all the Mega Moolah Rules and How to Play

Mega Moolah Symbols

A lotof players give up on the opportunity of playing slot games because of thecomplicated symbols the reels offer. There are a lot of exciting symbols toexplore while playing the famous Mega Moolah African safari themed slot game.Some of the symbols have a higher value than others, while some can triggerexciting bonus options when more than two appears on the reel.

Mega Moolah slot game offers players twostyles of play, each with the different type of symbols. The first style ofplay is the basic style, it doesn’t trigger any jackpot and has about 10symbols. 5 of the symbols are in thehigher class payout range while the other 5 are in the lower class.

Thelower class symbols include the 10, Jack, Queen King, and Ace symbol. The symbolsdiffer in payout respectively depending on how many appear on the reel. If youare lucky enough to trigger 5 of the 10 symbols, you can earn up to 40 coins, 5of the jack symbol would accumulate up to 60 coins, 5 of the queen wouldaccumulate 75 coins, 5 of the king symbol would accumulate 100 coins while theAce stands as the highest paying symbol in the lower class with a 150 coinswinning range.

Certainly,the higher class symbols in basic play offer more winning options than thelower class. The symbols are represented with animals. Kudu, zebra, giraffe,buffalo and elephant symbols make up the higher class. Triggering 5 of a kudusymbol would earn you 250 coins, 5 of the zebra symbol would accumulate 400coins, 5 of the giraffe would accumulate 500 coins, 5 of the buffalo would give600 coins, while 5 of the elephant symbol which is the highest paying symbol inbasic play would trigger 750 coins.

Withthe exception of the buffalo and elephant symbol which could produce a win withjust two appearances on a reel, every other Mega Moolah symbol must appear aminimum of three times on the reels to accumulate a win.

Winning Combinations

Playingthe Mega Moolah basic version can only trigger a maximum of 750 coins in itsbest round with a minimum stake of 25 coins. In case your win is not up to 25coins be certain it would be forfeited. But who says the basic version is theonly options to enjoy? You can stretch out an arm to lady luck to add you tothe endless list of Mega Moolah millionaires by trying out the jackpot option.

Thejackpot option offer players wild and scatter symbols which can trigger one oftheir 4 progressive jackpots. These jackpot slots come with its own specialsymbols, it might not have a lot of symbols like the basic version but cancertainly trigger an unimaginable amount of money for any player willing to tryhis or her luck.

Thefirst symbol in the jackpot slot is the lionwild symbol which can accumulate up to 15, 000 coins if it appears on thescreen progressively. If the symbol is associated with any win, it offers theplayer 2x the amount won with lots of free spins attached. The second symbol isthe scatter, which is represented bya monkey. This is where the actual gaming lies. 5 scatter symbols will multiplyyour bet win a whooping 2500x, so imagine you won $5 it would multiply it to$12500. What more can you ask for from a slot’s game-winning combination?

Mega Moolah Odds and RTP

Jackpot City Mega Moolah Jackpot

A lotof casinos offer the Mega Moolah slot games in different themes with littledifference in odds and return to players. The typical African safari themeoffers a 96% return to players which can be seen as a remarkable RTP comparedto a lot of slot games and a 5.88% house edge. The 5 reel slot game has aminimum stake of $0.25 and a coin range of 0.1.

Jackpot City Mega Moolah

Theodds vary depending on the symbol the player is lucky enough to accumulate. Ina Mega Moolah basic play, the symbol with the highest odd is the elephantsymbol while in a jackpot you should watch out for the monkey scatter symbol.We all know that slot games accumulate good money with good stakes so be sureto always try out the max bet option when feeling positive about a stake.

Themax bet option in a spin across all pay-lines is 125 coins. A coin weighs $0.01to $0.05 which means at best your highest stake in a round would be just $6.25.A player trying to become a multi-millionaire over a jackpot spin wouldcertainly consider $6.25 to be a small amount.

Is Mega Moolah a Scam?

Certainly,a game this big would be feared by many to be a scam. With its unbelievablereputation in jackpot wins, good RTP option and entertaining graphics, mostpeople would say it can’t possibly be real. It’s high time you get acquaintedwith the fact that the Microgaming slot game has in so many ways proven to be alegitimate slot game that a lot of players have benefited from.

Firstof all, the progressive slot game is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Ifyou have ever heard of all the procedures and steps it takes to license a slotgame in the UK; you would have no reason to doubt its legitimacy after hearingthis. But if unluckily you don’t have much info on licensing procedures in theUK then sit back and read along.

Thenumbers behind the jackpot slot have made a lot of people to wonder if thewinners ever get paid. With the strong reputation that Microgaming has built inthe slot game development industry, there would be no doubt that the companywould be able to finance all jackpot wins to players within a reasonable timeframe.

Thebest part of it all is that the Mega Moolah slot game is offered by a lot oftrusted casinos that would not be willing to put their neck on the line on aslot game that has no trace of authenticity. Some of the top casinos that offerthe slot game include Captain Cooks, Betway, Casinoland, Spin Palace, RoyalVegas and lots more.

Mega Moolah Biggest Winners

With the numerous winning possibilities that the Mega Moolah game offers, it’s quite obvious that a lot of jackpot win would have been recorded. The slot game has produced an endless list of Mega Moolah jackpot winners since it was created by Microgaming in 2007. The most notable win that the jackpot slot has recorded came from a player at the Grand Mondial casino.

On the28th September 2018, the progressive jackpot paid a whopping €18,910,668 to alucky player who was making use of the slot reels. It was reported that theplayer had not staked up to €100 before accumulating this win. Grand Mondial casinowere not the only ones to put this win in their record books as the GuinnessBook of records reported the win to be the biggest in the history of slotgames.

Anothernotable win that the Mega Moolah slot has recorded is the £13,213,838 that aBritish soldier picked up form Betway casino back in 2015. This slot win was atthe time a world record. With lots of other multi-million dollar wins producedby the slot game, it can proudly boast of its nickname ‘’the millionairemaker’’.


Best Mega Moolah Online Casinos

Finding the best Mega Moolah online casinos with the best free spins offers can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully we have joined up forces with some of the best casino guides in the country to make sure you get only the best. Be assured that all of these online casinos are legal, licensed and offer the best Mega Moolah bonuses is in the biz.

1. Jackpot City

Jackpotcity is a Malta licensed casino with over 20 years of existence. Their casino gameshave a strong online presence with restrictions to the US and UK. Players canenjoy their numerous collections of casino games with confidence as to thestability of the casino. The casino offers different varieties of options forplayers to deposit and withdraw funds with the simple and clear platform thatthe casino site provides. With the good jackpot record, the casino has, youwould be certain to receive all your funds if you are lucky enough to beat theodds.

Withthe huge variety of games they offer, you would be certain that they wouldn’tmiss out on the Microgaming millionaire maker game ‘’Mega Moolah’’. Thereputation of the Mega Moolah game has been felt first hand by a lot of playersin the Jackcity casino. An anonymous player bagged home $7.2 million back in2015 rating as the biggest jackpot win that the casino has experienced from aslot game.

2. Grand Mondial

GrandMondial Casino is a Microgaming software based casino owned by the CasinoRewards group. The casino got its reputation from the high RTP it provides toplayers. It holds a license certificate from the UK gambling commission withjurisdictions in Malta, UK, Kahnawake, and Denmark. The casino makes sure itscustomers are satisfied with their services by offering a 24/7 support teamthat would answer any question you might have to ask regarding their site. Thecasino provides over 400 casino games with Microgaming industry bring a leadingsoftware developer in the casino.

Progressiveand non-progressive jackpot options are offered to players depending on theirchoice of play. The most notable jackpot win in the casino was produced by theMega Moolah slot game a few months ago with a player claiming a whooping€18,910,668.01. This win did not only create history in the Grand Mondialcasino but broke the world Guinness book record which was placed at€17,879,645.

Thepayout was said to be made to the jackpot winner a few days later. A casinoholding such a record wouldn’t be one to undermine when it comes to taking yourchances with slot games. You can visit the Grand Mondial site on your laptop ormobile to enjoy all the thrills the casino has to offer in the comfort of yourhome.

3. Zodiac Casino

ThisMicrogaming powered casino has been in operation since 2001. The casino isowned by the popular Casino Reward Group. The platform offers a downloadableand instant play style of betting to its online users. With lots of video slot,poker and table games for you to choose from, you are sure to actually get areturn for your money from the casino. The casino has taken a lot ofprecautionary measures to avoid complication with customer’s data or issues ofrigging in the casino.

Playingin the casino would give you the opportunity to earn lots of bonus and promotions,especially if you are playing with their progressive jackpot machines. Thecasino has a strong jackpot record with slot games. It has made a substantialamount of players millionaires since inception. One of its latest slot winscame from the Mega Moolah slot game after a player spined the reel in Canada toamass $3,688,553. The win seemed so unbelievable that the player had to doublecheck the reels to be sure his eyes were not deceiving him.

ZodiacCasino provides a lot of options to choose from when it comes to depositing or redrawing from the site. With the quality Microgaming software powering the operations of the casino site, you would be certain to receive a great service from the slot machines.

4. Captain Cooks

CaptainCooks is a maritime casino owned by the Casino Reward Group. The casino runs onMicrogaming software. It accepts players from almost all part of the world witha license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. When you first sign up to playin the Captain Cooks casino, you would be awarded an instant $500 bonus which mustbe utilized within the next 60 minutes. Although not much time is allocated to theplayer for this welcome bonus but it’s a unique creation on the path of thecasino.

Thecasino’s site offers numerous options for depositing and withdrawing funds withdigital currencies being one of them. With over 400 slot games, you are sure tostumble upon lots of games with progressive jackpots. The casino has in thepast recorded some hefty jackpot payout to lots of customers.

The CaptainCooks casino was named after a famous Canadian explorer whose thrills left hismark in the sands of time. On 16th January 2017, the legendarycaptain cooks decided to stamp its identity in the heart of a lucky player. Theplayer took up the casino’s offer on ”100 chances to become a millionaire”and could not believe his eyes when he grabbed home a stunning $8,453,754 withjust $5 from the Mega Moolah slot game. Try out the captain cooks slot casinogames for you might just be the next millionaire on his list.

5. Betway

Betwaycasino offers a lot of gambling options to players ranging from sports bettingto casino games. With lots of operating offices across Europe, the BetwayCompany certainly have lots of licenses from different government across theglobe. The company was established in 2006 with its main focus on sportsbetting and casino games, since then it has grown to become one of the biggestbetting company in the world.

TheBetway Company has shown its dominance in the betting industry with some of itsnotable investment such as the sponsoring shares it owns at West Ham footballteam in the English premier league, involvement in horse racing sportingactivities, and the eye-catching bonus offers it gives to players at itscasino.

Playingat the Betway casino has a lot of bonus offers and progressive jackpot machinesthat have helped lots of players to become multi-millionaires. The casino hasrecorded a huge number of jackpot winners since its inception in 2006. One ofthe most spectacular wins the casino has ever had came in October 2015 with aplayer winning an amazing £13,213,838 from the Mega Moolah progressive slotmachines.

6. Casinoland

Don’tmiss out on the amazing casino games that the Casinoland casino offers to itsplayers. The casino is an invention of One-Click LTD with over 800 casino gamefrom various software providers. It is regardedas the home of casino gaming with the reliablecustomer service, and attractive bonus offers it provides. Payout in the casinohas been known to take not more than 24 hours after the winning have been verified.

Thecasino site provides an easy to use and attractive site to its players withlots of banking options for players to withdraw and deposit funds. For newplayers at the site, it provides an amazing %100 welcome bonus on firstdeposit. With just 3 years in the bettingindustry, the casino can be said to have made a substantial reputation foritself.

The casinohas not fallen short by any means when it comes to jackpot winners. 3 years might be a short period of time for Casinoland to get a strongstanding in the gambling industry, but it definitelyisn’t too short to hit the jackpot. Ayear was all it took for a player to bag home an astonishing €6.4 million fromthe slot game millionaire maker ‘’Mega Moolah’’. With the amazing number ofslot machines in the casino, you would certainly be able to navigate your wayto any type of jackpot slot machine.

7. Spin Casino

Spinpalace casino has been in existence since 2001, that’s over 15 years of strongcompetition with other gambling sites. The company is powered by Microgaming software developers, designed with agaming platform that supports tabbed gaming. A player would be able to play twodifferent games at the same time in the casino.

Thecasino supports a huge number of languages giving lots of players from aroundthe globe the opportunity to explore their site freely. With the afflictionsthey have to a lot of currencies which varies depending on where the player isresiding, huge welcome bonus, lots of payment options and their fast payoutrate, you are sure to get a very good gambling experience from the site.

Spinpalace casino did not miss out in offering jackpot machines to its players.They offer progressive and non-progressive jackpot options to players and hascertainly paid out a fair share of jackpot winnings themselves. One of the biggestjackpots win a player has accumulated at the site is €6,905,670, which was won from the Mega Moolah slot machines. Alot of other jackpot winnings have been recorded with lots more yet to come.

8. Royal Vegas

Royal Vegascasino is a Malta and Kahnawake licensed casino. With over 500 casino games forplayers to explore, boredom wouldn’t come knocking while playing in the casino.The casino offers games like video poker, slot games, table games, cards, etc. one of the things that have kept a lot of playersreturning to the casino is the loyalty bonus that is offered only to loyal customers.

Depositsor withdrawal can be processed via visacard, MasterCard, bank transfer, PayPal and Netteller. They offer a lot ofbonuses and promotions in the casino games that would help you increase yourwinning options by a huge margin, with great customer services. The randomnumber generator machine is piloting the casino’s affairs, so you can becertain that fair play is guaranteed. You can also download the casino app onyour mobile to avoid the stress of using your browser to log in all the time.

Playingslot games in the casino have a lot of benefits, especially when playing withthe jackpot slots. The casino has recorded a good deal of payout to progressiveslot winners over the years with the biggest ever win coming from a Canadianplayer who wanted to check out what the reels of the Mega Moolah slot machinehave to offer. $7.5 million jackpot was paid out in full to the player a fewdays later.

Mega Moolah Bonus Round and Jackpot Reel

Playingthe Mega Moolah slot game has a lot of excitement and joyful feeling of winningattached especially when it gets to thebonus round. The progressive jackpot grows its bonus from other interconnectedslot machines, so it doesn’t have a fixedtime of play attached. The bonus round is triggered when the interconnectedmachine has accumulated a reasonable amount of loss from players that areplaying within its network.

Jackpot City Mega Moolah Slot Machine

Whenthe bonus round is about to start, the slot game will display a new wheel made up of 20 segments which stand for the4 possible progressive jackpot known asmega, major, minor, and mini progressive jackpots. If you are lucky enough tostop the wheel at the mega jackpot segment which starts at $1,000,000, you wouldcertainly be added to the Mega Moolahslot game millionaire group. The major segment offers $10,000 with the othertwo offering $100 and $10 respectively.

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Moolah Slot

The Mega Moolah jackpot game is played by millions ofgamblers around the world, so you can be sure that themega jackpot would be won at least once ayear. That does not produce much jackpot winners, but with the game stat sinceits inception, it has been claimed by a lucky player once in every month withonly two months of the year not having a Mega Moolah winner yet.


MicrogamingSoftware Company was founded in 1994 withthe aim of creating casino games. The software company has grown massively inquality and standard ever since. Its currently being rated among the biggestproviders of casino games for casinos with its slot games crowding a lot ofcasino’s site. The company took a huge steep in 2002 to release the Vipersoftware and Lite Flash casino technology that a lot of casinos make use oftoday.

Theirreputation was built from the amazingin-play gaming experience they provide with the matching sound and graphicsthat they add to casino games. The company produces lots of casino games suchas slot, roulette, blackjack, poker, cards, etc. with the company holding thecurrent world record in a slot progressive jackpot game; you would be certainthat no matter how high your winnings might be, they have the resources tofinance it.

The Microgaming Company does not allow American players to play in their games due to the anti-gambling laws that they uphold. Even with the exception of such a huge portion of the market, the casino has in no way fallen short in its credibility and growth rate around the globe with over 700 casinos offering their slot games. Some of the best Microgaming casinos are listed over at our friends at casinocanuck.ca.

Progressive Jackpots

Playingfor a regular jackpot attracts a static amount while a progressive jackpotkeeps on getting bigger. The end product of aprogressive jackpot can only be determined by a lucky winner. The jackpotkeeps on getting bigger and bigger till a player is lucky enough to grab it. A lotof casino games offer this type of jackpot to players. It has been known toboost players’ interest in a game due to the impossible amount of winnings itcan accumulate.

The jackpotuses a network that is connected with othercasino machines running the same game to generate the amount that would be displayed as the potential win that can beaccumulated by a player from a stake. This style of jackpot is offered by a lotof slot machines and has been claimed numerous times by different players. Thehighest payout that has been recordedfrom a progressive slot came from the Mega Moolah slot machine.

Mega Moolah Free Spins

MegaMoolah slot game has a variety of options that can help a player trigger freespins. Players could be offered free spins as a welcome bonus, but that’s usually a onetime event. To keep thespins coming while playing the game, you would need to keep an eye on thescatter symbol while praying for lady luck to be by your side.

Gettingthree or more Scatter symbols is one of the fastest ways to get a free spin.The scatter symbol is represented by a monkey so be sure to expect a lot of mischievousnesson its path. It doesn’t matter if the scatter symbol is not arranged in the same roll, in as much as they appear in aparticular spin; you are eligible for free spins.

If the monkey has favored you on your free spin quest, then it’s time to activate your free spins. The scatter symbols gives you up to 15 free spins, to activate the free spins you would need to click on the start free spin button. You can get double your winnings during this period.

If you are looking for free Spins at online casinos in Canada, take a look at out dedicated Mega Moolah free spins page.

Mega Moolah Variations

Mega Moolah slot game has fourvariations with the exception of thefamous African Themed safari progressive slot. The other variations includeMega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah 5 reel drive, the Mega Moolah summertime and DarkKnight, which is currently no longeravailable.

TheMega Moolah Isis has almost the same similarities with the African ThemedSafari slot with the inclusion of the gamble bonus game. It offers players aprogressive slot with 25 paylines to choosefrom. In the Isis variation, all that is required from you to double your winnings isto predict the winning color. The jackpotlevel is represented in 4 different colorsand can be triggered randomly.

While theMega Moolah Isis differs by offering gamble game,the Mega Moolah 5 reel drive offers its players the opportunity of hitting thebiggest jackpot during the wheel bonus game. All variation of the Mega Moolahdiffers in themes with different gaming style attached, so be sure to check outall the gaming options or play the demo version before trying out the game withreal money.

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