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There is no magical Keno strategy that will guarantee you a win but there are many tips you will learn here to give you the best possible odds. Although you can win higher amounts if you pick more numbers, the odds of winning reduce as you need more Catches in order to win.

Keno is a popular lottery-style game of chance that offers hefty payouts and nice jackpots if lady luck is on your side. The game can be played at both land based and online casinos. Players, however, prefer to play the game on the Internet mainly because online casinos offer better payout percentages of their games than their land based counterparts. Since the game is based on luck, there is no proven keno strategy that can make you a winner. However, there are certain keno strategy tips that can help you better your chances of winning.

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1. Set Yourself a Bankroll

Keno Tips Cheats

Set a limited amount you are willing to lose while playing Keno, but make sure it is large enough to get you though a couple of rounds. If you want to boost your bankroll it is advisable to claim casino bonuses, especially sign up bonuses you can use to double your initial amount and spend it playing Keno. As a game of luck, Keno usually counts 100% toward meeting the terms and conditions of a casino bonus, especially its wagering requirement.

2. Know the Game and Its Variants

The outcome of a game of Keno is determined by the random number generator that randomly selects numbers. Therefore, there are no particular betting strategies you can use to affect the outcome. In addition, Keno has a couple of variants like Jackpot Keno, Instant Keno, Klub Keno, Krazy Keno etc. Choose a Keno variant with lower house edge or a variant with bonus feature that can double your winning amount.

3. Pick Your Lucky Numbers

The numbers are chosen purely randomly, so there is no such thing as the best and the worst numbers in Keno. Therefore, pick the ones that seem lucky to you. They may be your birthday date, phone numbers, numbers that came to your dream etc. The chances of your chosen number being drawn are the same each time a number comes up.

4. Pick Only a Few Numbers

In most Keno variants, you can choose up to 10 numbers. However, it is advisable to pick 5 or 6 numbers because the odds of winning go down as you select more numbers. Keno players usually pick more numbers believing that their chances will improve this way which is not true. To maximize your chances, you should select only a few numbers.

5. Patterns Don’t Match

Many Keno players don’t want to group numbers and create patterns because they believe that the patters won’t be drawn. The truth is, choosing the numbers from 1 to 7 gives you the same chance of winning as if you choose numbers like ’17, 8, 19, 78, 7’. Both types of patterns can come up any time.

6. Accept the Risks and the Odds

While playing casino games of chance like Keno, there is always the possibility of winning and losing. That is why Keno players should play with a sportsman’s spirit and accept their losses along with their wins in a positive manner. Instead of losing their heads when they are on a losing streak, they should stay positive and quit playing or come back later.


7. Claim Your Winnings

Keno Tips Cheats Against

Withdraw everything that you win which is above your set bankroll and consider the win as a bonus. For example, if your bankroll is $200 and you win $100, cash out the extra $100 and continue playing with your original $200. Don’t get tempted into betting the extra $100 you have won. This way you can save some money and have bankroll for future games of Keno.



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Looking for winning keno patterns is an important part of playing the game. And learning how to take advantage of those patterns can be a benefit to the player.

If you’re familiar with casino gambling, you know that casinos make their profits from having an edge (an advantage) on every game they have on the floor. However, there are rare instances when casinos have made mistakes. When that happens things can go very wrong for the casino. You’re about to read a fascinating story, as reported by Steve Bourie, about one of those instances that occurred many years ago at a casino in Canada.

Casino de Montreal first opened for business in October 1993 and one of the games it offered was keno. It was the typical keno game that uses the numbers from 1 to 80. Twenty numbers out of the 80 are selected randomly and players try to guess which numbers will be chosen. In this particular game, players guess anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers.

Interestingly, the casino offered the pick 20 on two types of keno games – mechanical and electronic. That’s a lot of keno patterns. In the mechanical version the numbers were printed on 80 standard ping pong-type balls and were chosen by a blower system that mixed the balls and then allowed the balls to escape to a chute one-at-a-time so the numbers could be called out. The electronic version used a computer chip called a random number generator (RNG) to determine its 20 numbers. These electronic machines had been used in numerous Las Vegas casinos for years and are known to be reliable.

Keno Tips Cheats

Daniel Corriveau was a freelance computer consultant who enjoyed using his skills to look for patterns in winning lottery numbers. When the new casino opened in his home province of Quebec he decided to turn his attention to the casino’s keno game. Eventually, he thought he detected specific keno patterns in the electronic version of the game and he went to the casino on April 10, 1994 to test out his theory. By the end of the evening he had hit 19 out of 20 numbers three consecutive times, plus some other number combinations for a total win of $620,000.

Knowing that it was statistically impossible to accomplish such a feat, the casino personnel immediately shut down the electronic game and decided not to pay Courriveau until they conducted an inquiry into what had happened. After all, they wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some elaborate scheme underway to defraud them.

After conducting a full-scale police investigation, including a polygraph exam, the casino called a press conference 17 days later to announce that Courriveau had legitimately won his bets and presented him with a check for $620,000.

So how was that possible? Did Mr. Courriveau really discover a winning system for predicting keno numbers? In a way he did – for that particular machine. The key was to be found in the keno patterns.

It turns out that there was an unknown bug, a problem, with the electronic version of the keno game. Although a RNG can literally produce hundreds of millions of different number combinations it always has to have a starting point, or seed, to begin its calculations. It then uses that number to do the math to come up with a new number which then becomes the seed for the next calculation. It then uses that number to do the math for the next calculation and that result becomes the seed for the next calculation. This process is repeated continuously. The one thing to keep in mind, however, is that because the calculations are always the same the RNG needs a different seed each time or else it will come up with the same numbers. In other words, if the starting seed doesn’t change, the RNG will simply come up with the same results time after time.

As mentioned before, the electronic machines had a history of working perfectly in Las Vegas, but in Las Vegas the casinos are open 24 hours a day. The machines are on all the time. It was different in Montreal. The casino didn’t operate on a 24-hour schedule. The machine was shut off at some point every night for several hours. When the machine was turned on the next day it always started its calculations at the initial seed which was programmed into it. Since the seed never changed, the machine simply kept repeating the same keno patterns of numbers. Mr. Courriveau was lucky enough to spot the pattern but anyone probably could have done the same had they kept a history of the winning numbers. After the problem, the casino still offered keno, but only the mechanical version. The electronic keno game never reopened after Courriveau’s big win.

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