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Kritika Online is a free-to-play HYPER-STYLIZED ONLINE ANIME 3D BRAWLER for PC that features a best-in-class combat system, over-the-top anime characters and art, and deep RPG progression systems. Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History is, as its name suggests, dedicated to critical inquiry into the history and culture of Russia and Eurasia. Since 2000 Kritika has been dedicated to internationalizing the field and making it relevant to a broad interdisciplinary audience. The journal regularly publishes forums, discussions, and special issues; it often translates.

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and I just want to share to you guys my thoughts about Kritika Online, PlayPark and Cabal 2.
Anyway, Kritika Online will launch next month. It's a multiplayer online action roleplaying game with cell-shaded graphics and intense combat.
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Here is a overview of all classes in Kritika: REBOOT.


For the freedom of the battlefield, the real fighter who defeated the Knights!The daring Warrior is a sword-wielding close-combat fighter. Bold, tough, and strong, the Warrior is a front-line powerhouse who can dispatch enemies with ease. His massive sword deals a tremendous amount of damage, making short work of even bosses.

Powerful blows close range.
Draw flame energy into your fist to boost the power of your attacks.
Harness the curse of your soul-stealing blade.
Channel your inner rage into wild, spectacular onslaughts.


Cool as ice!
An unknown girl brought up in the snowy mountains of the northernmost part of Cyrenos.
Growing up in the extreme environment and with a clan backed by a reclusive hermit, she hides the reason for breaking tradition and wields a sword without hesitation under the banner of the Free Cyrenus militia.
The cheeky rogue uses cat-like acrobatics to hit hard, slice, scratch, or shock her opponents. Always the opportunist, she excels at back attacks, misdirection, and outright elemental destruction.

Excel at the hit and run, often disappearing before your foe hits the ground.
Colorful and cool combo style specializing in close combat!
Tumble to their weak spot and slice your opponent with your claw like blades.
Command a deadly spirit animal and elemental lightning. It possesses various skills that can cooperate well with other players, perfect for beginners!


Beauty beyond humans! Overpower your opponents with magic!
A mixed race between the legendary tribe Cordis and a human.
A mysterious being who dazzles everyone with a magic system that goes beyond human beauty and common sense. A new type of wizard who burns the battlefield with the blue flames of the gun, keeping his twisted fate secret.
The cocky Mage uses his prowess with guns to focus elemental magic. Clever and powerful, he keeps his enemies off balance, weak, and at a distance.

Harness the cold to blast your enemies and freeze them in place. Powerful ice spells that sweeps the battlefield at once and a barrage of icicles can inflict lethal blows to enemies.
Unleash shadows and dark energy from other dimensions. Has strong damage and the ability to stop enemy movement.
Command time and space to trap, confuse, and confound your foes.


A fiery ruin queen who has everything in her passion!Called a grim reaper among the gangs strengthened by the elite alchemy of the Peruvian Magion Secret Brigade ‘Alter Peruma’.
The cunning Scyther uses her scythe, chains, and blood to control enemies and unleash deadly destruction.

A character who can change her stance freely according to the target and the battle situation. Hamburg casino fire. Switch between your melee hit and run Battle Stance and the ranged control of Chain Stance.
Low mobility but powerful attacks crush enemies, drain blood from your enemies and use it to fuel deadly assaults.


A girl who lost both of her parents in a wizard hunt.Swift and mobile, Eclair wields a variety of psychic blades to render her enemies incapacitated, disconcerted…or just plain dead. Each time she uses one of her basic combat skills, she generates more of these blades, and the more she has, the more powerful she becomes!Kritika

Unlike the other base classes, Eclair doesn’t have advanced classes. Instead, at level 35 she chooses one of three weapon masteries that modify her base stats: Rifle Mastery (which increases Attack Speed), Mini-Cannon Mastery (which increases Crit Rate), or Pistol Mastery (which increases Crit Damage).


She fell to the continent of Kyrenos in a dimensional shift accident along with her companion, Avril.Now traveling Cyrenos in search of Avril, who she lost contact with during the accident, before returning to their original world.
Noblia is a skilled spellcaster from another dimension, able to access tremendous stores of power and strange, otherworldly devices. Using focuses like staves, wands, and hammers, she employs her conjuring skills to devastating effect on the battlefield.

Summon weapons from another dimension to smite your foes.
Freely uses the four attributes: Fire, Ice, Darkness, and Lightning. Conjure elemental spirits to do your bidding and enhance your abilities.
Utilziing the shelling weapon Twinkle Finale to fight. Enhance your skills to destroy your enemies with colorful and powerful shells and use a variety of spells.


You can’t stop training until you find a way to cure this wound!A disciple of ancient Eastern martial arts, the Monk deals devastating punches and kicks. When his temple was attacked by otherworldly forces, he was struck by deadly chaotic energy that he now carries behind his left eye.
KritikaEventually, the boy’s teacher sets him out on a journey to find a way to heal the injury.
So the boy chases for traces of unclean existence and heads to the Cyrenus continent.

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Quell the chaos within your mind and body by surrounding yourself with powerful orbits that tap into the energy of the universe.
Harness the chaos within you and draw even more dark energy to fuel stronger and stronger punches.

Anti-machining mechanism and highly mobile combat style with flow control.

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