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The Kudos is a guidance group for young men in grades 9 through 12. It is our goal to help guide the development of these young men into becoming responsible men of high moral, academic and social characteristics. Kudos is the premier source for all your entertainment related news. From music and movies, to dining and nightlife; if it's happening in the area you can be sure to find it here.



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Welcome to Kudos! Our school began with the mission of training students, from elementary to high school, in the skills required for real leadership. The methodology we use to achieve this is competitive speech and debate. Competition speech and debate, also called “forensics,” is an academic sport. It is also the single greatest pedagogical tool ever invented. Nothing develops thinking, listening, writing, speaking, researching, and citizenship skills nearly as quickly

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12/5/2020 Today is a day to celebrate all our debaters. Kudos won not only Championships of all three major debate events at SCJFL 2nd Debate Tournament, but also many top placements, as shown below. For students not on the final winning list, we are also very proud of you, especially of the spirit and perseverance of the whole squad!

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Kudos College of Youth Leadership teaches valuable leadership skills-preparing students for success in college and beyond. Students leave Kudos as independent, organized, confident, and imaginative young adults who are able to think critically and express themselves eloquently. Let's hear what Kudos parents say about their children's growth !!

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Hello from Rhona and Shannan!

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Leveraging 40 years of combined experience and our passion for the beverage industry we’ve formed Liquid Kudos. We are thrilled to share our Liquid Kudos tasting journey across BC, and so many new and delicious wines and spirits.Online craps for money.

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We recently launched a series of events, local in-person events throughout the Okanagan Valley AND virtual events co-hosted across Canada. Sign-up for our club to receive exclusive access to events, and incredible beverage experiences!

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