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Video of online blackjack gameplay at the live dealer blackjack tables at Golden Nugget Online Casino in New Jersey. If you'd like to play at Golden Nugget O. Some online casinos in New Jersey offering blackjack will allow you to surrender, no live dealer games allow any type of surrendering at any point. New Jersey Online Casino Live Dealer Blackjack Side Bets. Side bets are an additional bet to your original wager. A few different types of side bets are offered in New Jersey live dealer blackjack games.

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Yes, you can play live dealer blackjack at most of the online casinos offered in New Jersey. To see if a casino offers live dealer games, you can search live dealer or blackjack in the search bar. Some even have live dealer games separated into their own section of the site.

Live dealer games let you play your favorite casino table games from the convenience of your home, but in real-time with a real dealer.

Live dealer games come in the same types of table games that brick-and-mortar and online casinos traditionally offer.

Though not every table game is available in the live format, the most popular are. Options include blackjack,roulette, baccarat, casino hold ’em and three-card poker.

Live dealer casino games were introduced to the NJ casino market a few years ago and since then, have exploded in both offerings and the number of casinos streaming them.

The games are only available for real-money, with tables running $1 per hand up to $2,000 per hand in blackjack.

This live dealer guide takes you through the various casino games available in New Jersey as well as how to play. We also offer a comprehensive table outlining the games available at each casino and the hours of operation.

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How do live dealer games in New Jersey work

Live dealer games are transmitted via live stream from a studio to your computer or mobile device.

Whereas electronically dealt casino games require a built-in random number generator (RNG) to ensure fairness, live dealer games dispense with the RNG. Instead, you know the games are fair because you can watch everything the live dealer is doing in real-time, just like at a regular casino.

Having an actual person spin the wheel or deal your cards almost makes you forget that you are playing all by your lonesome on your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Instead, you picture yourself in a bustling casino filled with other gamblers and the continuous activity and excitement that energy-charged atmosphere imparts.

Live dealer games make you feel like you’re in the thick of the action. Yet, you still enjoy the same convenience and comfort of being able to play at home — or anywhere in NewJersey — whenever you wish, minus the traveling.

This table outlines a full list of online casinos offering live games in the state of New Jersey.

Can I play live dealer games on my mobile device?

Yes, most live dealer games are currently accessible on Apple iOS and Android devices as well as on your desktop computer. So, it’s merely a matter of personal preference of which format you use.

To access the games, you need to be within NewJersey state lines at the time of play.

How to play live dealer games

New Jersey online casino players can choose any of the following live dealer games:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Casino hold ’em
  • Roulette
  • Three-card poker

Depending on which casino you choose, different versions of these games with slightly different rules may be available.

Best Live Blackjack Online Usa

Unfortunately, regardless of which casino and live dealer game you select, you won’t be able to practice for free to test the waters.

You can only play live dealer games for real money. Therefore, if you are new to live dealer play and you want to try a new-to-you game, be sure to do the following:

  • Study the section of the casino’s website pertaining to live dealer games. Review the different versions of the game that interests you, including rules and bettinglimits so that you can make the best choice.
  • Locate a similar regular online casino game that you can play in demomode for the same stakes you intend to play for real money. This will give you a good feel for the game and pinpoint any areas where you need further practice. Then you can make an informed decision whether or not to try the real-money version in the live dealer platform.
  • When playing live dealer blackjack, casino hold ’em or three-card poker, make sure you know the correct basic strategy. It is OK to bring a chart with you to the table.
  • A casino may offer variations of the same game. Try to select the version with the lowest house edge.
  • Live dealer tables typically provide a wide range of betting stakes. However, don’t give in to the temptation to play for higher stakes than usual. If you are starting out, we highly recommend playing for slightly lower stakes than usual while you become accustomed to the live dealer format. You can always increase your betting stake later, especially if you are winning.
  • Live dealer games aren’t available 24/7, but close enough to it that you have a wide window of when to play. Don’tplay when you are tired, hungry, not feeling well, upset about something or are pressed for time.
  • Some live dealer games offer optional sidebets. However, the house edge is typically much higher than on the game’s standard bets. So, your best bet is to make these side bets only occasionally, or preferably, not at all.

Lastly, keep in mind that the houseedge on live dealer games tends to be slightlyhigher than on regular online casino game counterparts. It’s best to limit playing sessions to 90 minutes or less. If you’re winning, try to quit while you’re still ahead before you lose all your winnings back and more. Or if you see that the dealer is hot, don’t chase your losses. Avoid marathon sessions.

Live Dealer Blackjack

The most obvious difference between Live Dealer Blackjack and other online variants of the game is that the former is dealt from a traditional shoe.

Otherwise, the rules at Golden Nugget and Betfair Casino live blackjack will come off as familiar, albeit somewhat more rigid, than what NJ online casino players have come to expect:

  • Shoe consists of 8 decks
  • Naturals pay 3:2
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Players can double down on any two cards, and double after split
  • No re-splits
  • Players cannot hit re-split aces
  • There is no late surrender

Under this rule set, the house edge is 0.72 percent. This is considered quite high for blackjack. It’s assumed these mediocre rules — and the 50 percent cut card penetration – was chosen to discourage card counters, who could run rampant under more favorable conditions.

The betting spread for live dealer blackjack, and other live dealer games for that matter more closely resembles that found on live casino floors. For live dealer blackjack at Golden Nugget Casino, the minimum wager is $10 and the maximum $1,000.

Golden Nugget online live dealer blackjack also features two side bets, both of which are popular at land-based casinos in Atlantic City. They are Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack Nj

Perfect Pairs

  • Mixed color pair (player’s first two cards): 6-1
  • Same color pair: 12-1
  • Perfect pair (same suit): 25-1
  • Return-to-player (RTP): 95.91 percent

21 + 3

  • Suited Trips (player’s first two card plus dealer’s up card): 100-1
  • Straight Flush: 40-1
  • Three of a Kind: 25-1
  • Straight: 10-1
  • Flush: 5-1
  • RTP: 93.72 percent

Watch the video below as PlayUSA’s Vinny Goombatz gives a lesson on how to play live dealer blackjack at Golden Nugget.Tune in to twitch for more streaming video.

Live Dealer Roulette

Outside of the fact that Live Dealer Roulette outcomes are determined by a real roulette wheel, the game varies very little from other roulette games played online.

The wheel features two zeroes. Players don’t receive a return on their investment when a 0 or 00 is spun. This brings the house edge up to 5.26 percent, which is quite unfavorable for the player.

The minimum wager for Live Dealer Roulette is $1, and caps out at $1,000.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Like its blackjack counterpart, Live Dealer Baccarat is spread over a real felt. It uses physical playing cards to determine game outcomes.

Using the standard 5 percent commission rule, the house edge for winning banker bets is just 1.06 percent. For player wins, it’s 1.24 percent.

The tie bet is generally best avoided, as the house edge is nearly 15 percent. There aren’t too many NJ online casino games that have a lower return.

Live Dealer Baccarat also features a Dragon Bonus Player side bet. This pays out on naturals and non-natural wins where the player wins by at least 4 points:

  • 1-1 for a natural win
  • 30-1 for non-natural win by 9 points
  • 10-1 for non-natural win by 8 points
  • 4-1 for non-natural win by 6-7 points
  • 2-1 for non-natural win by 4-5 points

The house edge on this attractive side bet is just 2.65 percent.

The betting spread for Live Dealer Baccarat is $1 – $200. By comparison, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to play baccarat for a minimum wager of less than $5 at land-based casinos.

Live Dealer Casino Poker

Casino Hold ’em is a table game that turns the player’s focus back toward the dealers. In doing so, players of all skill levels can feel confident about playing the game. There is no need to worry about sharks and grinders roughing up the novices.

The game uses the typical 52-card deck. Each player places an ante and receives two cards.

Based upon his or her two cards, each player must then decide whether to fold or place the call bet. A fold causes the player to forfeit the ante bet; the call bet must be twice the value of the ante.

The dealer deals the entire five-card community board. Players and dealers alike will make the best possible five-card hand out of the five cards on the board and the two cards in their hand.

Live dealer games played online versus live

Live dealer games bear more similarities than differences to table games spread at brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City. Both feature real dealers, real playing devices (chips withstanding), and both encourage social interaction. Live dealer players can even tip.

Of the few differences, most favor the online live dealer format.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack Nj Dmv

For one, the game moves at a somewhat brisker pace compared to live, as all calculations are handled digitally. Then, of course, there is theconvenience of being able to play from one’s own home computer. Anonymity may also be a plus for some players.

At present, the main disadvantage of live dealer is accessibility. The format is only supported by one casino, and at only select times during the day.

Land-based casino players also have more side bets to choose from, although some may argue this is actually a disadvantage, as these bets tend to pay low returns.

Finally, the rule sets are a bit more rigid compared to live Atlantic City games and even internet casino games.

Free live dealer at NJ online casinos

New players on Golden Nugget online casino can take advantage of a $10 free bet bonus when they sign up with the site using the online promo code PLAYBONUS.

This will essentially get them started playing Live Dealer games on the site for free. There is a one-time wagering requirement. However, casino games count just 20 percent towards meeting it.

Golden Nugget online also offers new players a 100 percent first deposit match bonus of up to $1,500. The wagering requirement is five times the deposit, plus the bonus. Casino games count only 20 percent towards meeting the requirement.

Betfair offers new players a $30 no-deposit bonus if they sign up with the online promo code PLAY30.

There is no specific wagering requirement on Betfair. However, players must make a minimum deposit of at least $10 before they can take any cash off the site.

Betfair also offers new players a 100 percent first-time deposit bonus of up to $1,500. There is a 20-times wagering requirement and casino games count just 10 percent towards meeting it.

Top live dealer games in New Jersey by return

Despite the somewhat unfavorable rules, Live Dealer Blackjack offers players the best return at 99.28 percent. Baccarat banker bets are a close second at 98.94 percent, followed by player bets for the same game (98.74 percent). The best side bet is the Dragon Bonus Player bet (97.35 percent).

After that, there’s a fairly big gap, as Live Dealer Roulette and most side bets offer returns in the 95 percent area.

Can live dealer games push Golden Nugget across key revenue threshold?

On its own, it’s unlikely that live dealer games resulted in a significant revenue uptick for Golden Nugget Casino. Why?

  • The number of blackjack seats are capped at 21 across three tables. Digital blackjack games can theoretically service an infinitenumber of players.
  • There are just one roulette and baccarat table, and they’re only open 12 hours per day.
  • Online casino makes the bulk of their revenue via slots.

That being said, when live dealer first launched, Golden Nugget was taking in roughly $3.5 – $4 mm per month. That figure has soared ever since.

Admittedly, the introduction of more slots and the launch of Play SugarHouse under the Golden Nugget umbrella probably played a huge part in the surge. But it wouldn’t be unheard of if Golden Nugget’s live dealer games attracted a new demographic, who started out at Live Dealer games and graduated to fully digital endeavors.

A critical product for NJ online casinos

We don’t have great data on how the live dealer product performs relative to traditional online gambling products in markets like the UK.

But it’s obvious that, absolute performance aside, the product has been a growth center for operators and has quickly become a staple at top casino sites like Sky, bet365, and William Hill.

The live dealer product may serve an even more important function that revenue generation at New Jersey’s licensed online operators.

One of the standing issues facing online operators in New Jersey is a lack of consumer familiarity and trust with online gambling products. Live dealer products could provide a useful tool for bridging that divide.

By bringing the worlds of the online product and the live casino product closer together, online casinos may find that consumers who are primarily comfortable with the land-based casino product gain a greater comfort level with the online casino product.

If you enjoy playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or Casino Hold’em, here’s an important fact you might not know: All of these games can now be played online with a live dealer.

However, one of these games is your best choice. To find out which NJ live dealer game is Barb’s Best Bet and why, read on.

Live dealer games vs. other NJ online casino games

There is no doubt that legalized NJ online gambling offers a tremendous convenience to many New Jersey players. Being able to play your favorite casino games anytime you like is a gambler’s dream come true, especially if the commute to Atlantic City is difficult for you.

So what more could you possibly ask for? Well, there is an obvious drawback that most NJ online casino games have over similar games in a brick-and-mortar casino. That is the lack of social interaction.

Online gambling is ordinarily a solitarypastime, so players who prefer being around and interacting with other people may grow increasingly despondent when deprived of that opportunity for extended periods. Feeling depressed is not conducive to having a winning session.

Instead of focusing on the game, the player becomes overly preoccupied with his or her own emotions, leading to poor decisions, overbetting, and other costly errors. However, live dealer games attempt to correct the problem in a big way.

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Unlike the electronic table games that NJ players are accustomed to online, live dealer games are dealt by a real person and played in real time. You also get to see the dealer’s every move close up and even engage in light conversation with the dealer and other players (through the live chat option). Live dealer gambling is as close to real casino gambling as gambling online or on a mobile device can be, but you don’t have to travel anywhere.

Which NJ gambling websites offer live dealer games?

Live dealer games are an immensely popular form of gambling in many foreign online casinos. However, those casinos are not open to US players.

Here in New Jersey, only two NJ gambling websites offer live dealer games at this time: Golden Nugget online casino and its affiliated site Betfair onlinecasino.

What live dealer games can you play online in New Jersey?

Live dealer blackjack, baccarat, and roulette (including Multiview Roulette) are offered at both casinos. In addition, Golden Nugget recently introduced Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em as a fourth option.

New User Bonus. T&Cs Apply.
Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus

Why blackjack is your best bet for live dealer games in NJ

Lower house edge

Golden Nugget has an Information (“i”) tab that you can access for any game in the casino, including the live dealer games. According to the information shown for live dealer blackjack, this game has a return to player (RTP) of 99 percent, which is equivalent to a 1 percent house edge. This is the RTP for all of the live dealer blackjack tables at both Golden Nugget and Betfair NJ online casinos since the rules are identical. Only the hours of operation and betting range vary.

A blackjack game with a 1 percent edge isn’t great, but it is still a better option for the bettor than the other live dealer games. Due to some unfavorable rules such as eight decks and the dealer hitting rather than standing on soft 17, live dealer blackjack has a higher house edge than some other online blackjack games.

However, when compared to each of the other currently available live dealer games, live dealer blackjack is clearly the best of the bunch. The RTPs for the other games are as follows:

  • Baccarat: 85.64% to 98.76% (depending on the bet)
  • Hold’Em: 97.64%
  • Roulette: 94.76% (Only American Roulette is offered as a live dealer game, not the lower house edge European Roulette.)

Live Dealer Blackjack Real Money

As mentioned, you may find better versions of all of these games both online and offline. Presumably, the reason why the RTPs for the live dealer games tend to be not as favorable to the player as they could be is that the casinos are in effect imposing an “entertainment” charge.

What the RTP means to you as a player

If you are relatively new to casino gambling, it’s hard to imagine that a few percentage points difference in RTP can have a significant impact on your likelihood of winning. But over the long run, it does.

Of course, in any individual session, your results might be markedly different from the theoretical RTP, either better or worse. Blackjack is a game where skill comes into play as well as luck. The published RTP is predicated on knowing and applying the correct basic strategy. If you are unfamiliar with basic strategy and unwilling to spend the necessary time learning it, you should not play live dealer blackjack — or any other form of blackjack — because you will only be giving away your money to the house.

Other features of live dealer blackjack you will like

Besides having a lower house edge (if played correctly) than other live dealer games, blackjack has several other great features.

Ideal setting for conversation

The game easily lends itself to friendly conversation. You can cheer other players on when they have a double down or big bet going and congratulate them when their big play wins, just as they can do for you. You can also ask the dealer questions and offer friendly advice to other players who ask for it.

You can even discuss your favorite casinos and restaurants in Atlantic City or a concert you attended or mention your upcoming vacation plans. The possibilities are endless.

Wide enough betting range for all types of players

The bet range at the live dealer blackjack tables is either $10-$1,000 or $15 or $20 to $2,000, so you never have to worry about not finding a suitable table. Players who only want to bet $10 per hand can do so even on weekends and holidays, which is unheard of in Atlantic City.

Perfect for players who need more practice

If you are relatively new to blackjack and need to practice your skills, live dealer blackjack is a great place to do it. You can play for low enough stakes so your bankroll won’t be jeopardized, in a relaxed, friendly environment, and receive help if you need it. You can watch how others play the game and learn from them.

Bet Behind (coming soon)

Both Golden Nugget and Betfair have asked for permission to offer Bet Behind at their live dealer blackjack tables. With Bet Behind, there is never any waiting for a seat. If a table is full, a new player can choose any seated player to place his or her own bet behind (typically a player who has been winning).

The new player won’t have any say in how upcoming hands are played, but will win (or lose) along with the selected player. The advantage of the Bet Behind feature is that instead of waiting, doing nothing until a seat becomes available, or playing for higher stakes than intended (which happens often in Atlantic City), the player can be in the action immediately.

The bottom line for live dealer blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is not recommended for high stakes blackjack players due to the somewhat unfavorable rules. However, if you are a low to medium stakes player seeking to combine the convenience of online play with the enjoyment of other players’ company in a casino-like setting, then live dealer blackjack is definitely the right choice.

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