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Though neighboring states have legalized online sports betting, Massachusetts has been slow to join in. Currently, sports betting throughout the state is still illegal, but there's recent news. Massachusetts, after stopping and starting for a couple years, may have some momentum behind a bill that would legalize sports wagering in MA online and at some physical sportsbook locations.


The state does have legal retail casinos for betting, but online casinos are still currently illegal. Sports betting and Massachusetts online sportsbooks are not yet legal. However, there is thought that the need to keep up with surrounding states will push online casinos and sports betting websites to legalize soon.

In January of 2019, Gov. Charlie Baker proposed a bill that would make Massachusetts the second state in the nation (following the lead of online sports betting in Tennessee) to allow online sports wagering that is unaffiliated with land-based casinos. What MA sports betting could look like. Massachusetts Casinos and Gambling. Encore Boston Harbor. This casino is not yet open, but we are listing it because it is scheduled to open next month. (June 2019) Expect this section. MGM Springfield. Plainridge Park Casino.

Additionally, though the majority of online sports betting is illegal, there are several online options. Horse betting, games of skill and DFS is legal in the state and online betting is legal in these cases. So Massachusetts online sports betting does have some precedent.

Massachusetts Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a new way to play on major league sports teams and players in Massachusetts. Try your sports knowledge skills by playing DFS, on a variety sports events like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL PGA, MLS, and more.

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Most Likely Massachusetts Online Sports Betting Sites

Though we can’t say for sure what the future of Massachusetts online sports betting will look like, we can make some pretty educated inferences. For instance, there are some sports betting websites likely to emerge once legalization does occur. See below for a list of potential Massachusetts online sportsbooks. These examples are all top sports betting sites in other states and are likely to open in Massachusetts for various reasons.


It is no secret that The MGM Springfield Casino has been preparing to open a sportsbook as soon as they’re legally able to. The retail casino was opened in August 2018 and offers 125,000 square feet of gambling glory. It is one of two casinos this size in the state and has already struck up betting partnerships with the NBA and WNBA. BetMGM is one of the top sports betting sites available so it’s likely they would partner with their Massachusetts retail location when sports betting is legalized in the state.

The Springfield Casino has also managed to strike a deal with the international gambling giant GVC Holdings. GVC has a number of well established sportsbooks and it is their infrastructure and expertise that will help BetMGM open smoothly. It’s believed that all of the favorite styles of sports betting will be offered if/when Massachusetts online sports betting is legalized. Here are some likely examples.

  • Parlays
  • Over/Under
  • Prop Betting
  • Moneyline
  • Straight Wagers


FOX Bet has had an aggressive approach to rolling out their app in states once they legalize online betting. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker does seem to be on board with legalizing sports betting in the state. So it appears to be only a matter of time before FOX Bet, one of the country’s top sports betting sites, is able to open a Massachusetts online sportsbook. It’s extremely likely that FOX Bet would partner with the established retail casino Plainridge Park.

Plainridge is operated by Penn National which is a large American operator with 43 facilities under its control. A potential partnership with such gambling entity would help establish FOX Bet and allow them to open a partnered sportsbook relatively quickly.


Like the aforementioned FOX Bet, theScore has some Penn National draw. theScore is already an established app and has forged a partnership with Penn. Since they have this partnership it seems likely that they would open an app in Massachusetts tied to their Plainridge Park Casino.

In other states, theScore offers a 100% bet match of up to $100. A huge perk for new users, this promo has been used in multiple states so it’s likely to be offered as a promo in Massachusetts as well. What’s great about theScore is that it is strictly sports betting, but it also has a sports news media component.

So in addition to betting, you can also see the latest games and scores and form educated opinions. One of it’s draws is that it started as a sports news app and then transitioned to mobile betting. It’s strong background in sports news helps filter the most pertinent information to you directly.

Massachusetts Betting Laws

There are a variety of betting opportunities legal in Massachusetts. Retail casinos are totally legal, but so far online casinos have not been legalized. Additionally, though horse betting is legal, sports betting is still not. Lottery and DFS are legal in the state and there are several available markets for fantasy gaming.

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

Updated on :

Colorado Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Nevada New Jersey Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia West Virginia

Massachusetts Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

An important thing to consider about Massachusetts online sports betting getting legalized is what types of bets you’ll be making. Here are some popular varieties of betting options to choose from. From types of bets to popular events, there’s quite a few possibilities.

Common Types of Bets

  • Moneyline Bets - A moneyline bet is probably the simplest kind of bet you can make. Unlike betting on a point spread, moneyline betting is simply a bet about who will win.
  • Over/Under Betting - This style of betting involves a predicted statistic from a Sportsbook. You will simply bet on whether you believe the actual outcome of the game will be over or under the predicted amount.
  • Point Spread - Betting on a point spread gives bettors a bit more leeway because it’s based on how accurate your prediction is, not just whether the team wins or loses. A point spread can give bettors a reason to bet on their favorite teams regardless of whether or not they are favored to win.
  • Futures Bets - Futures bets are a great option if your bet is far into the future and you are worried about the possibility of changing odds. The odds of your futures bet will stay fixed at where they are when you make it. So even if the odds change throughout the season leading up to your event, your bet will not change. Meaning if you bet with 7:1 odds in your favor, you will be paid out 7:1 if your team wins.
  • Proposition Bets - A prop bet is a bet on any occurrence or non occurrence of an event during a game. This type of bet is non dependent on the outcome of the actual game. Some examples include a bet whether there will be an overtime? Or will the total number of points be odd or even? With prop bets, the possibilities can be quite endless.

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

  • NFL - Football is definitely one of the more popular options for online sports betting. With a ton of spectators throughout the country, the Super Bowl is one of the more popular betting events in existence.
  • NBA/WNBA - Professional basketball includes a very popular sporting event - the NBA Finals. In addition to the Playoffs, the NBA Finals offer some great betting opportunities for sports fans.
  • College Basketball - March Madness is a very popular collegiate basketball tournament for sports bettors.
  • NHL - Hockey is another popular sports betting industry. With its culminating sporting event; the Stanley Cup, there are a ton of big league opportunities for betting in hockey. Additionally, hockey is particularly big in Massachusetts.
  • MLB - Baseball is also a big betting industry. The World Series offers a multi-event betting opportunity for sports fans.
  • Soccer and The World Cup - Soccer is a super international sport. It raises the sports betting expectations and allows bettors to involve a much larger market.

Popular Massachusetts Events

  • Grand Prix of Gloucester - generally taking place in early October, the Grand Prix of Gloucester is a popular bicycling event.
  • Red Sox Opening Day - usually held in April at the start of the season, the Red Sox opening day is a popular sporting event throughout the state.
  • Head Of The Charles Regatta - this is a two day multi-event rowing race. Extremely popular in the state, this race has 61 separate events and is typically held in October.

Best Teams to Bet On

There are a number of popular Massachusetts sporting teams that range from baseball to basketball to hockey. They would be great options to bet on once Massachusetts online sports betting is legalized. Check out the following teams.

  • Boston Celtics
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Boston Bruins
  • New England Patriots
  • New England Revolution

Common Payment Options

There are a variety of payment options generally offered at sports betting websites. Here is a list of potential possible payment methods to be offered once Massachusetts online sports betting is legalized.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Cash at a casino or affiliated partner
  • ACH/Wire
  • Paypal
  • Check

Massachusetts Online Casino

Massachusetts Casinos

There are a few Massachusetts casinos to choose from. Though there aren’t a lot of options to choose from, these casinos are pretty impressive.

Plainridge Park Casino

Just 40 minutes from Boston, the Plainridge Park Casino offers a ton of different betting opportunities. Located in Plainville, Massachusetts and owned by Penn National, Plainridge Casino has a horse racing track, over 1200 slots and great dining and entertainment. If and when Massachusetts online sports betting is legalized, Plainridge will have plenty of online partnerships to choose from.

MGM Springfield

Located in Springfield, MA, the MGM Springfield offers 125,000 square feet of betting wonder. With plenty of casino games and restaurants to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Massachusetts online sports betting will have a great base with this casino.

Encore Boston Harbor - Everett

Located in Everett, Massachusetts, the Encore Boston Harbor was opened in 2019. Featuring 15 bars & restaurants, the Encore Boston has a variety of slot machines and casino games to choose from. The Encore also hosts a surprising amount of art, including a 2,000 pound Jeff Koons sculpture of Popeye purchased for $28.2 million.

MA Online Sports Betting FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Massachusetts online sports betting.

Is sports betting sites legal in the United States?

Online sports betting varies from state to state. Federally, the government has removed restrictions. However, it is still up to individual states to determine their position on online sports betting. Massachusetts online sports betting is still currently illegal. However, it seems very likely the state will legalize in the coming year.

Despite that, there are still methods of online betting available to Massachusetts residents. Online horse betting is legal in the state as is betting on games of skill or DFS. There are great hopes for Massachusetts online sports betting to be legalized in the near future.

What do I need to register at an online betting site in Massachusetts?

Once Massachusetts online sports betting is fully legalized, all you will need to register is some personal information. Currently, there are some horse betting and DFS sites that require bettors to enter name, address and deposit/withdrawal information. It’s assumed that when Massachusetts online sports betting is legalized, the rules will be the same.

Is it safe to deposit money at sports betting sites in Massachusetts?

Yes. As long as you use an accredited site. Sites like TVG and BetAmerica are respected and verified online betting sources. Make sure you do your research on whether the site you’ll be using is first of all; legal and also secure. Play penny slots for free. Generally speaking, if it’s legal and regulated, it’s also secure.

Can I set betting limits?

Yes! Though this varies from site to site, generally most online betting has their own daily limits for deposit and withdrawal. Additionally, most offer the opportunity to set your own personal limits be it by a daily, weekly or monthly amount.

Final Thoughts on Betting in Massachusetts

Massachusetts online sports betting is still currently illegal. With exceptions for horse betting, games of skill and DFS, Massachusetts is working out their legalities with the 2018 PASPA repeal. However, with the amount of surrounding states that have been legalizing sports betting, it is only a matter of time for Massachusetts.

Massachusetts online sports betting already has a great foundation in the state. Between popular sports teams and events as well as retail partnership opportunities, Massachusetts online sports betting is definitely a future possibility. So make sure to do your research so you’re ready when Massachusetts online sports betting is legalized.

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