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The UFC is back on pay-per-view with a bang, three UFC championship belts on the line, and the main event UFC odds are now available. Read on for our complete betting guide taking a first Read More. All your favorite sports are available too, including pro & college football, pro & college basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, MMA, and plenty more. Additionally, you can bet online via the Parx Casino ® online sports betting app, which is available in the Apple App Store, via direct download for Android devices, and Macs and PCs.

MMA and UFC have seen explosive growth recently and highly popularized fights can get as much attention as any major league sport event. The format of MMA works well for betting, with a variety of. Best UFC betting apps. In states where online sports betting is legal, you’ll find sportsbook apps that give you all the current UFC odds on every upcoming fight. You can then bet on the UFC right from the palm of your hand. Betting via app also means you can place your UFC.

Are you looking for the best MMA betting apps? Of course you are. You want the best, and you should settle for nothing less than championship-level quality when it comes to betting on MMA for real money.

We know exactly what to look for when distinguishing the best apps to bet on MMA from the worst ones, so you’re in good hands here. Read on as we explain all about what makes a good MMA betting app, and also list our current recommendations for the top MMA betting apps you should consider using,

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Mobile betting has become extremely popular these days, and there are hundreds of sports betting apps available online as a result. But what makes the good ones stand out above the rest?

It depends on your own personal preferences and requirements to some extent, but there are also some factors that are always going to be important in relation to betting online for real money.

You should be aware of all these factors if you’re looking to choose an MMA betting app to use, so we discuss them all further down this page. Many of you will just be looking for somewhere to bet right now, though, so we’ll start with our list of the best MMA betting apps and why we like them.

In our experience of rating sports apps for UFC, Bellator, or ONE FC fans to bet through, these are the ones that tick all the boxes.

  • MyBookie – Very popular mobile app for UFC betting
  • BetNow – A top MMA betting app for US bettors
  • Bovada – Well-known brand with a reliable app for MMA betting
  • BetUS – Great app from one of the leading US sports betting sites
  • BetOnline – Excellent MMA app for easy mobile betting

Safety at MMA Betting Apps

When watching any MMA bout, you will find two fighters squaring up with a referee watching everything they do. The main reason the referee is present is to keep things safe between both.

When choosing a great MMA betting app, you should also be thinking of safety. It is important that you choose an app that keeps you and your sensitive information protected at all times.

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Our recommended betting apps above have all passed our safety checks, and we would never recommend any sports betting app that hasn’t matched up to our high expectations. Here are just a few areas we look at when rating an app.

Any mobile betting app we recommend to you comes with the latest security features that prevent third parties from intercepting your data.

Online Betting Ufc

From state of the art SSL-encryption to robust firewall technology, you can rest assured that your safety comes first. More than this, these betting apps and related mobile sports betting sites are designed with protection in mind.

Reputation and Trust

Before we recommend an app for betting on mixed martial arts, we want to know that the sportsbooks and betting sites behind it is trusted, respectable, and has a reputation for excellence.

You will not find just any old sports betting app falling through our safety nets. We combine years of expertise when checking every single one with a fine-tooth comb, meaning nothing will get past our highly trained panel of reviewers.

We check that any MMA betting app we recommend is fully licensed, regulated, and above all operating legally in its respective jurisdictions.

It is important to know that any app on our ranking list is thoroughly researched and checked through to ensure it meets our standards, especially when it comes to your protection.

Finding the Best Apps for MMA Betting

Whether you are looking for the best UFC betting app on iOS or the best ONE FC betting app on Android, you need to consider the quality of that app.

These days, MMA betting fans have a number of tools that they can use to improve their betting experience. If you are asking how to find the best MMA betting apps, you are doing so in the knowledge that quality can make things so much better.

Where to bet on ufc

Our MMA betting experts study each real money MMA betting app we recommend to ensure they pass our quality checks.

They look out for a number of things, which we cover below.

Many would take a sleek MMA betting app over one with a poor design any day of the week.

When using an online app to bet on the UFC, for example, your experience would be much better with one that looks good. Our experts know that if the design is on point — and you can move around the app smoothly and comfortably — it’s going to be a hit.

Numerous MMA Betting Markets

We all love a beautiful-looking online betting app, but if the markets are limited, it’s going to be about as useless as a chocolate kettle.

One of the most exciting things about betting on MMA is trying to predict more than just the winner of a fight. Through these mobile apps, you can predict things like how a UFC fight will end, the round a scrap will finish, and even find betting options such as props and parlays to keep you entertained.

These days, there are many MMA betting apps that don’t live up to the hype when it comes to their betting odds.

The apps above come packed with top odds for you to get your teeth sunk into. When looking for the best prices on your favorite fighters to win, you are sure to find some great value through our recommended apps for MMA bettors.

Bonuses and Promotions

Whether you prefer to bet on the UFC, ONE FC, Bellator, Cage Warriors, or any other MMA promotion worth its salt, what ties us together is that we all like free stuff.

When we are ranking the best apps for betting on MMA fights, we like to see what bonuses, promotions, and other treats are available. In this day and age, you will usually find only some of the top UFC betting apps, for example, have great bonuses. These are what we are interested in bringing to you, as bonuses and rewards are one of the biggest benefits of online betting,

We all know that a UFC fighter with limited skill gets exposed quickly inside the cage. But how about a betting app with limited payment methods?

In our opinion, MMA betting fans deserve options. It is always better to have choices, so finding MMA apps with a wide range of payment methods sounds good to us. Everything from Visa and Mastercard to PayPal and Bitcoin is on the table with the apps above.

The payment methods available through our recommended betting apps include the following listed options.

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Maestro
  • E-Wallets: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Prepaid cards, wire transfers, checks

With MMA betting apps, you can take the action with you wherever you go, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Unlike using an online betting site at home from your desktop, being able to access things like UFC odds and other MMA markets from your mobile device gives you the freedom to place your bets wherever you are.

Whether you are betting on the UFC or looking for the latest ONE FC odds, you will have access to everything you need. Most MMA apps these days are compatible with Android and iOS, so providing you have a smartphone or device capable of downloading these apps, you can get in on the fun.

Aside from tailor-made bonuses and free bets for UFC and other MMA events, you may also find that betting through these mobile apps is so much slicker. The real money MMA betting apps we recommend are fully optimized for the most convenient and hassle-free mobile betting experience you can get.

MMA Betting Apps FAQs

Is it legal to place bets through MMA betting apps?

You need to be sure that MMA betting apps are legal to use where you live. Depending on your jurisdiction, you might find that online gambling or mobile betting is against the law. If so, you might not be able to use any of these apps.

If unsure, you can read more about online gambling laws and jurisdictions to put your mind at ease.

Mma betting app

We can only speak for the MMA betting apps that we recommend, as we know that they are safe. Unfortunately, not all apps can be as trusted to keep your personal information safe and not take your money without honoring bets.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that stick to apps from reputable betting sites and online sportsbooks. If you decide to look beyond our recommended apps, please ensure that you do your own diligent research.

How much do MMA betting apps cost to download?

The apps that we recommend do not cost any money to download or to use. You only pay for your bets.

You should NEVER have to pay just to use or download a sports betting app of any kind. Any app that comes with such fees should be avoided for sure.

Many users find MMA betting apps to be incredibly convenient and very easy to use. From betting in play to placing parlays, teasers, and other bets, there are many happy users that certainly find the apps to be worth their time.

Do these apps have fast payout options?

The apps we recommend typically have fast payout options when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

When cashing out most cryptocurrencies, you can receive your winnings within 48 hours or even less. E-wallets commonly pay out within a couple of days, while credit and debit cards usually take anywhere between 3 to 10 working days, but it depends on the app and the sportsbook or betting website behind it.

Most common MMA bets can be placed through these apps. For example, you can bet the moneyline, method of victory, and over/under.

The best MMA betting apps also provide numerous other markets and bet types, such as parlays, round betting, and much more.

You’ll find the widest variety of betting options available for UFC fights, but most other mixed martial arts fights still get plenty of attention.

What bonuses can I claim through these apps?

There is a growing trend of companies providing those who use their betting apps with special bonuses, free bets, and other promotions as a reward for downloading the software.

All bonuses and rewards differ from app to app, but you can usually find that the vast majority focus on free bets and reloads.

Where To Bet On Ufc

What is Mobile Betting?

Steadily, more and more of the total internet usage is happening from mobile phones. Some estimates say that 9 out 10 adults have access to a cell phone these days, and the amount of web traffic originating from mobile phones increases every year.

As more of the total internet traffic switches to mobile device, so does UFC and MMA betting action.

Nearly every bookmaker reports that, overall, mobile betting is on the rise with their apps growing to rival sportsbook websites in terms of functionality and practicality.

It is expected that by the end of 2018 online betting will be more public friendly than before.

MMA Mobile Fantasy Betting, a 2016 Reality

Until September 2015 most app stores forbade gambling apps, and that remains true on both the Android and Google Play while iPhone does allow fantasy betting apps since 2014. Gambling site apps could be found for Android, but only for statistics follow ups and no real money transactions. But in September 2015 Android platforms silently allowed for both Draftkings and FanDuel to upload their apps, it appears both fantasy betting companies are part of a closed “pilot experiment” for the United States only ( source 1).

Best Mma Betting App Reddit

Meanwhile Google Play´s policies remain the same:

Gambling: We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting and lotteries, or games of skill that offer prizes of cash or other value.”

The way things are going it seems America is becoming more open towards gambling, fantasy betting being the entry point for most sportsbooks.

Top UFC and MMA Betting Apps

There are a lot of options for bettors in the mobile space, which is why we’ve reviewed the top sportsbook apps:

Sports Interaction – Sports Interaction has been around since 1997 and are known for their product innovation. Although they don’t technically have an app, their website is optimized for mobile devices, providing players with a great user experience. You can tell that they’ve focused on the player as it’s extremely easy to make bets, deposit and withdrawal all from your phone.

DraftKings App – Now available on both Apple and Google Play Store, Draftkings is one of the first fantasy betting startups in the US, with key investors like Yahoo that now owns 11% of the American company.

FanDuel App – Now available on both Apple and Google Play Store, FanDuel is the second fantasy sport gambling site that operates legally inside the US.

For a full review on all of the above, visit our Canadian sportsbooks review section.

Best Mma Betting App

How to Start Betting on UFC From Your Mobile Device

Even though mobile betting is increasingly common, most sportsbooks still don’t offer a native app. While you can use your phone to navigate directly to a sportsbook website and place bets that way, taking advantage of a native app offers a variety of perks including live streaming, results notifications, handicapping advice, money deposits, withdrawals and placing bets on the go.

At present, a lot of these features are limited to betting sites based in the UK, but as the American market grows you will see further development. American gamblers for now can take advantage of the fantasy gambling apps.

For iPhone Users

Apple has long allowed bookmakers to offer their apps directly in the Apple Store. You can either visit the Apple Store and download the app you want, or you can visit the bookmaker’s site directly and download it from them.

According to Apple developers policy section ( source 2), gambling apps are allowed under several conditions:

“Apps that offer real money gaming (e.g. sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing) or lotteries must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store.”

For Android Users

Since September 2015 both Google Play and the Android App Store feature FanDuel and DraftKings apps. Their policies still forbid app developers to sell gambling apps, but that will probably change for 2016.

Keys to To Betting on Mobile

MMA live betting. When you bet live, odds move fast as the fight develops. Gamblers take quick decisions and enter a bet when the odds are just right, and this could happen in a matter of seconds. Apps make things easier, especially when it comes to live MMA betting.

Bet on the Go. Betting opportunities happen all the time and we are not glued to our desktops, but we can have access to our mobile phones at any time. Receive sound notifications or a program events on your phone to never miss a betting opportunity.

Mobile Bonuses. Almost all sportsbooks offer special bonus offers when claimed from a mobile device.

Mobile Markets

One concern many gamblers have when mobile betting, is whether or not the full range of markets will be available to them. We’re happy to report that, in nearly every case, betting on a mobile phone offers all the same markets as betting on your computer, from head-to-head matchups to parlays and prop bets.

Why Bet Mobile?

The biggest advantage to mobile bettors is flexibility. You are out at the bar watching the latest UFC PPV with your friends and want to toss out a last-minute bet Just reach into your pocket and grab your phone. Waiting for a line to drop to the place you want it to be? No need to park yourself in front of a computer and monitor the lines, just get on with your life and check it from your phone.

Best of all, many sportsbooks are eager to promote their mobile platforms, which means you have access to some amazing deals. Some sites offer free bets, money-back specials, or more favorable odds exclusively to mobile users. So get out there today, shop around, and start maximizing your profits with the power of mobile betting!


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