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One of the best Premium MyVegas reward is the free rooms rewards. Before you redeem one you have to pay attention to the MyVegas Room Reward Calendars. These calendars are published each reward period and show the nights that are available for free stay. Once the calendars are published they will not change and you cannot call and ask for dates that do not appear as free. They do not change and Mlife will not change them for you.

Get with the program. M life Rewards gets you access to the best MGM Resorts has to offer. Join today and receive:. Up to 15% off room rates. Pre-sale ticket offers to world-class entertainment. To follow up on my original post, my girlfriend and I both have MyVegas accounts and are linked together in MLife. If we each purchase a free night reward, can all of that be linked? That way, I'd only end up paying for 1 night. I've been playing MyVegas for a couple of years and have redeemed rewards on 4 trips.

Are the rooms free?

The rooms are almost free. You will still be responsible for the Resort Fee which varies per property. You will not be able to get out of paying this fee unless you are a whale of a gambler and as such you probably wouldn’t be using this game for free nights to begin with. Getting a room at the Aria or Bellagio for $49 a night is still a pretty good deal.

Can I use the room reward with other Mlife free nights?

You cannot combine this reward with comp’d nights through your Mlife account. Mlife looks at them as both the same and you can only use one room reward withi a 72 hour break in-between.


Can a friend or spouse use their reward back to back with mine?

Yes this is allowed and I have done so several times. I booked a two night reward and my wife booked hers giving us 4 nights in Vegas. At check in we informed the clerk and they combined our reservation so we did not have to move rooms at the end of the two days. Just make sure both of your names are on the room for your stay so you can redeem any stay rewards you may have purchased. This is a very cheap way to do Vegas.

Is there a 3 Night Reward?

Very rarely does this reward show up. One just popped up for Jan/Feb 2020 but it had very limited timing and dates available. This only shows up when Vegas is expected to be slow so do not count on one during peak times.

When do the new calendars show up?

Closer to May the Summer editions should get published. We will update when we find them.

MyVegas Room Reward Calendars Through May 2020

One Night Rewards

Aria – MYVEG2.pdf

Bellagio – MYVEG2.pdf

Excalibur – MYVEG2.pdf

Luxor – MYVEG2.pdf

Mandalay Bay Bay – MYVEG2.pdf

MGM Grand Grand – MYVEG2.pdf

Mirage – MYVEG2.pdf Pokies real money online.

Park MGM MGM – MYVEG2.pdf


Vdara – MYVEG2.pdf

Two Night Rewards

Myvegas And Mlife

Aria – MYVEGCN2.pdf

Bellagio – MYVEGCN2.pdf

Excalibur – MYVEGCN2.pdf

Luxor – MYVEGCN2.pdf

Mandalay Bay Bay – MYVEGCN2.pdf

MGM Grand Grand – MYVEGCN2.pdf

Mirage – MYVEGCN2.pdf

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Myvegas Mlife Rewards


Myvegas Mlife

Vdara – MYVEGCN2.pdf

Mlife Myvegas Calendar


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