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A California man named Rodolfo T. has won a Megabucks jackpot worth $11.8 million. And what’s interesting is that Rodolfo’s win came on a $3 bet.

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He was playing the Megabucks slot machine at Vegas’ Fremont Hotel and Casino when his win occurred. He made the maximum $3 wager to ensure that he qualified for the jackpot on IGT’s Megabucks Double 3X4X5X Pay.

Fremont Casino Excited about the Win

Neverland Casino Win Real Money

Rodolfo T. Parimatch sports betting app free. didn’t offer any statements after winning the massive jackpot. But Fremont Hotel and Casino manager Jim Sullivan spoke with the Daily Mail about his win.

“The Fremont has awarded many thousands of jackpots throughout its 60-year history in Las Vegas. But none quite like this,” said Sullivan.

“We’re incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing jackpot. This furthers Fremont’s longstanding reputation as a place where players win.”

Rodolfo’s Jackpot is a Far Cry from the Megabucks Record

$11.8 million is a lot of money. But it’s still quite a ways off the all-time Megabucks record.

The largest Megabucks win ever is worth $39.7 million. An anonymous software engineer from LA hit this massive prize in 2003.

This is also the biggest slots win in the history of online and land-based casinos. Their win eclipsed the previous Megabucks jackpot record, which was a $35 million win by Cynthia Jay-Brennan in January 2000.

This was quite a story because Jay-Brennan was previously a Las Vegas cocktail waitress.

Unfortunately, Jay-Brennan and her sister were hit by a drunk driver in Vegas just weeks later. She would be left paralyzed for life while her sister would pass away.

This started a rumor that Megabucks winners are cursed, which involved everything from gang murders to suicides.

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But none of these other Megabucks tragedies have been proven. Moreover, it’s believed that any Megabucks curse stories beyond Jay-Brennan’s are merely urban legends.

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