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Visit ESPN to view NFL odds, point spreads and moneylines from this week's games. Week 4 of the NFL season is upon us. I provide the spreads and my predictions for this upcoming week. It was bound to happen, but COVID-19 has officially altered the NFL's weekly schedule. NFL Playoff Predictor (NFL Season Picker) lets you pick every game of the NFL Season via a season Schedule, and will show you the seeds for the AFC and NFC. The NFL Las Vegas Odds are listed in order of rotation and those numbers are generated and produced by the sportsbooks. Above each matchup and rotation is the Time of the game, which is subject to change. All game times are Eastern Standard Time. One of the best features on the NFL Vegas Odds is the Open Line. Expert NFL picks and predictions from

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= Team coming off BYE

Please Note: The draft order does not take into account trades, penalties, or any other draft order manipulation.

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Nfl Predictions Spreadsheet

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Nfl Predictions Spreadsheet Nfl






Play earn money app. Away

vs Winning

vs Losing



HTH Sweeps Over
Team Rec

Rank determined by


Common Games Handling


Games Must Be Played
The game must have an outcome in order for it to count towards creating a common opponent.
All Scheduled
It will consider all games that are scheduled for the season when deciding if teams are common or not. Please note, that for wildcards this means that there will not need to be 4 games played to count (just 4 scheduled)

At the end of the season, both of these options will yield the same result, but it may impact ranking during the season. The default is 'Games must be played', but other sites may use a different methodology.

Please keep in mind that this is set on a per-user basis. When linking to this league the methodology used will be up to the user (likely the default), so they may see different results than you do.

Nfl Spreadsheet Picks

Non-playoff team seeding

If true, there will be a minimum of 4 common games in order to use that tiebreaker. If false, it will use ANY common games. Default is checked.






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Nfl Picks Excel Spreadsheet

  • Point Spread: The point spread remains the favorite way to wager on pro football, regardless of how many new forms of wagering come on stream. ItÂ’s called the line or spread and itÂ’s known as betting ‘sides.Â’ The common misconception is that Las Vegas sets the spread as its best guess at the margin of victory. But really, it's a number they feel that is a perfect balance and will see an equal number of people to bet the underdog as on the favorite. A negative value like -6.5 means that team is favored by 6.5 points. So deduct 6.5 points from their total score. A positive value on the same game would be +6.5 (add 6.5 points to their final score) and would make that team an underdog of 6.5 points. The favorite must win by at least seven points to cover the spread. The underdog can lose by six points and still cover.

Espn Nfl Point Spread Predictions

  • Total: Also called the over/under, it is a number set by the sportsbooks that proposes a number of points that will be scored in the game by both teams combined. Then, fans predict whether there will be more points or less points than the ‘total.Â’ If you bet the under 41.5, you are hoping for a tough defensive battle with lots of running game. Pick the over, and presumably you feel this will be a high-scoring game. In short, you are predicting whether the combined total score will be more than (over) or less than (under) the total.
  • Money Line: More common in baseball and hockey, pro football moneylines are growing in popularity. There is no spread, so your team just needs to win the game, not win by a certain number of points. The negative value means a favorite (-190) and a positive one indicates an underdog (+170). Picture the number 100 sitting in between these two values. Example: if you want to pick a -190 favorite, you must risk $190 in order to win $100. To back a +170 underdog, you put up $100 and win $170 if the dog wins. In some cases, betting moneylines is actually better value and can provide a bigger profit for less risk.
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