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This is the Daily Crossword Puzzle #5 for Feb 10, 2021
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  • 1. Map book
  • 6. Munitions
  • 10. Send
  • 14. ____ Island
  • 15. Suitor
  • 16. Roof overhang
  • 17. Moral motivation
  • 19. Opera highlight
  • 20. Tint
  • 21. Decomposed
  • 22. Nays
  • 23. Worshipers' seats
  • 24. Keyed up
  • 25. Brahms piece
  • 28. Fables
  • 31. Tangle
  • 32. Big, hairy spider
  • 36. Decorate a cake
  • 37. Highest mountain
  • 39. Min. part
  • 40. Designer Oscar ____ (3 wds.)
  • 42. Slangy affirmative
  • 43. College women
  • 44. ____ Cardin of fashion
  • 46. Irritating ones
  • 49. Charged particles
  • 50. Eternally
  • 51. Trapped
  • 54. Turmoil
  • 57. A Scandinavian
  • 58. Bargainer
  • 60. Tallies
  • 61. Prophecy
  • 62. Expiate
  • 63. Smaller amount
  • 64. Supervisor
  • 65. Monikers

  • 1. Curved doorway
  • 2. Commandment start
  • 3. Unaccompanied
  • 4. Radio spots
  • 5. Confidential
  • 6. Helps a crook
  • 7. Housing payment
  • 8. Nutmeglike spice
  • 9. Brought to court
  • 10. Cruelest
  • 11. Baseball great Hank ____
  • 12. Climbing plants
  • 13. Rent contract
  • 18. Minnesota's neighbor
  • 23. Butter portion
  • 24. Camp shelter
  • 25. Slip
  • 26. Formerly
  • 27. Yule song
  • 28. Small pies
  • 29. Length times width
  • 30. ____ Vegas, Nevada
  • 32. Take care of
  • 33. Client
  • 34. Shakespearean monarch
  • 35. Long (for)
  • 37. Greek god
  • 38. Neckline style
  • 41. Julia Roberts, e.g.
  • 42. Affirmative
  • 44. Poe or Browning
  • 45. New Delhi native
  • 46. Piano part
  • 47. Escape
  • 48. Transmits
  • 49. Shackles
  • 51. Uppity one
  • 52. Disney fish
  • 53. Eons
  • 54. Minute particle
  • 55. Completed
  • 56. Native metals
  • 59. One ____ time (2 wds.)

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Free Dell Crossword Puzzles Online

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