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[Unique] Spun Gold Armor [Unique] Azure Pill [Unique] Artisan's Feather
[Unique] Mystic Ring [Elite] Frantic Monkeys [Elite] Soul of General
[Elite] The Mad Man [Elite] The Ghost City
[Elite]Tomboy`s Marriage [Elite]Desert Blood [Super]Hero`s Wings
[Super]Family Feud [Super]Desert Treasure [Super]Desert Expedition
[Super]Power Book [Elite] Star Tower [Super] Heaven Fan

Experience the exciting classic gameplay of one of America’s hottest gameshows at home now! Step onto the iconic TV stage and compete against other teams to find the most popular responses to more than 1,500 official survey questions. May 07, 2019 You can also apply for Family Feud online. This option is perfect for anyone who can't wait until a casting call hits their hometown. In order to apply online, you'll have to create a video submission of you and your family and make sure that all of the family members who you want on your team are included in the video. How to Play Family Feud Game Online. Family Feud is an iconic trivia game show based on real survey responses! Each question has multiple answers, but the top answers (that were selected most frequently by the survey respondents) provide the most points. Let's start the Family Feud! Play the fast-paced survey game based on the hit game show! See if you can guess the most popular answers to zany survey questions. Get all the answers correct and move on to the next round. But be careful not to strike out! ‎Play Family Feud any way you’d like! With 6 game modes to choose from, there’s something there for everyone! CHALLENGE PEOPLE 1 ON 1 IN CLASSIC FEUD FUN Answer the best Feud surveys and play in the best gameshow ever! Master the questions and win all the coins for yourself! MORE FAST MONEY Rather.

Prerequisites: Above level 95
NPCs: Felix (Bird Island, 686 547)
Guide Zhang (Bird Island, 669 780)
Reward: A Super level 97 Necklace/Bag; Experience; Silver; 1 Exp Ball (E)
Note: You will start the Equipment Bonus quests over, after you have been reborn.

Online Family Feud Multiplayer

Walkthrough ( Video )
1. Accept the quest from Task Master Chang in Job Center.
2. Meet Felix to learn his story. You should get some tokens for him:
1) Red Token
Kill 50 Bandits L97 (around Bird Island 343,261) until the Bandit Leader L97 shows up. When he has been killed, you will obtain a Red Token in your inventory.
2) Indigo Token
You will probably obtain it in your inventory when you kill the Bandit L98 around Bird Island (343,261).
3) Black Token
Kill 10 Bandittis around Bird Island (530,349), and you will find the Bandit Couriers. Kill him and get the Black Token.
4) Pitch Token
Kill 10 Bandit Deliverers on Bird Island (525,345), and get the Pitch Token back.
5) Scarlet Token
Kill the Senior Bandits (Bird Island, 570 417) and you have a chance to obtain the token in your inventory.
3. Disguised as a bandit, you are supposed to meet with Guide Zhang within 90 seconds. He can teleport you to the Bandit Chamber.
4. After you talk to Commander Kerry, you should jump from the shining spots in order, within 10 seconds: blue-green-red-yellow-black.

5. Yukon Gold Casino. Talk to Kerry again, and bring his message to Felix, when he knows the whole story, he will be thankful and tell you to claim a reward from Task Master Chang in the Job Center.

Online Family Feud

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Online Family Feud Questions And Answers

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