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Latest Jigsaw Puzzles

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336Algoma Mariner (CA) - Great Lakes Freighter - Port Huron, MI (2020-04-10)
170Algoma Mariner (CA) - Great Lakes Freighter - Port Huron, MI (2020-04-10)
84Algoma Mariner (CA) - Great Lakes Freighter - Port Huron, MI (2020-04-10)
28Algoma Mariner (CA) - Great Lakes Freighter - Port Huron, MI (2020-04-10)
165Winter Langs de Raephorst, The Netherlands
300Mary (large)
63Dzjana (small)
40Cute critter
84Cute critter
70Topkapi Palace
96The Springtime, the Haymaking - Jaro, svoz sena
Online word puzzles for kids
Online Puzzles For Kids
130Winter in BB park, The Netherlands

Online Logic Puzzles For Kids

91A pretty thatched cottage in the hamlet of Hodson in Wiltshire
98Neal's Yard, Covent Gardens, London
165Silvestro Lega, Il pittore Angiolo Tommasi che dipinge in giardino
66Basket full of colour

Online Puzzles For Kids Jigsaw

154Paul Mathey Félicien Rops dans son atelier
104Isaac Israel The painter in his studio
96Devil's Column, Vyšehrad - Čertovy kameny, Vyšehrad
10 February 2021

What awaits you on Jigidi?

Well, roughly:

  • Hours and hours of fun relaxation and mental training through the experience of creating and solving puzzles while connecting with new friends from all over the world.
  • A remarkable level of new knowledge and gentle training of your cognitive skills.
  • The challenge and joy of creating puzzles from your heart and mind for people from all over the world to enjoy and respond to.
  • Puzzles that’ll let you travel the world from wherever you are.

And so much more ☺

So, are you ready to be curious, creative and kind with us? Check the infoboxes to the right and join us in Jigidi-land!

How do I Join Jigidi?

When you join Jigidi you can save your progress, create your own puzzles and communicate with your fellow puzzlers from all over the world. It’s free and no personal info is required.

How do I solve or create a puzzle?

You’ll find all you need to know to start using Jigidi here:

What are the rules for Jigidi?

Jigidi is a community that runs on curiousity, creativity and kindness, and we have guidelines we steer by. In the guidelines we write ‘we celebrate what connects us’:

Fun Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Enjoy these kids sudoku puzzles and have fun playing online. Sudoku is a great puzzle game that requires a little practice but offers an excellent challenge for kids that love numbers.

Practice your sudoku skills with a range of free games and printable worksheets that provide puzzles for both beginner and expert. Each game features different variations on the classic formula, including timers, themed boards, high scores and various levels of difficulty. Give sudoku a try and enjoy playing online.

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Free Sudoku Game

Check out this free sudoku game and enjoy the brain teasing number puzzles that have become popular around the world.

Choose a difficulty setting, fill in the boxes and complete the puzzles!

Easy Sudoku for Kids

This easy sudoku game is perfect for kids. Join Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa as they help you solve a range of fun sudoku puzzles.

Think hard and learn the secrets behind becoming a sudoku master.

Sudoku Countdown

Work hard to beat the countdown with this online sudoku game.

Fill in the 3x3 squares as well as the overall 9x9 grids with numbers from 1 to 9, can you complete them all? Give it a try and find out!

Free Sudoku Generator

Enjoy an unlimited number of fun sudoku puzzles with this great sudoku generator.

Use your problem solving skills to find all the correct solutions, check your answers and move on to the next brain bending puzzle.

Sushi Sudoku

Master the art of sushi sudoku with this fun game that features everything from numbers, to sushi dishes and Kanji characters.

Begin with the basics or jump straight into a challenging mode that will test your sudoku skills.

Sudoku Challenge

Complete the grid with this online sudoku activity that will challenge your problem solving skills to the limit.

Click and drag numbers into the empty squares as you try to solve the various puzzles.

Interactive Sudoku Puzzle

This free sudoku puzzle game offers an interactive test of your sudoku skills.

Use the numbers 1 through 9 to fill in the blank squares, find the solutions, complete the puzzles and beat your fastest times.

Simple Sudoku Online

Check out this simple sudoku puzzle game and enjoy the challenge of finishing classic puzzles online.

Think carefully before each move as individual decisions affect the wider board.

Printable Sudoku Worksheets

Enjoy a range of printable sudoku worksheets that kids will love.

Find sudoku puzzles that include difficulty levels of easy, medium, hard and challenging. Start with the basics and become a sudoku puzzle solving master!

Printable Sudoku Template

Use this 9x9 sudoku puzzle template to come up with your own fun sudoku puzzles for students to solve.

Help them improve their problem solving ability as well as their confidence with numbers.

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