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Here, you will find a complete list of money-making apps that either I have personally tried and tested or people that I know have used it to earn real money. I’ve included not only the highest paying apps but also mobile apps that pay you instantly on the same day.

Online Money Earning App Games

The app pays you real money for completing gigs available near you. Gig Walkers can earn anywhere from $3-100 for certain tasks, though there wasn’t much selection near me when I checked. Apps That Pay You to Exercise. AppStation (android only) is a completely free app to install and use (no deposits, no in-app purchases), offering you the opportunity to earn real rewards by simply playing games on your mobile phone. Discover and play new and popular games every day from the apps list of games, spend time playing them and earn coins, trade coins for gift. With this earn money online without investment for students and adults, you not simply play the game but also earn money from surveys, referrals and shopping online. GiftPanda is one of the most highly-rated apps.

Emerging technological advancements have made the world a truly global village. The advent of the internet has unlocked potential opportunities like never before. This is a great sense of anticipation of the unbridled list of possibilities that are made a reality, thanks to the Internet. Work from home is one such option. Making money on the go from your smartphone sounds too good to be true, but in today’s age, it’s realistic. You may wonder how? The answer is the latest smart apps that allow you to make money while at home or traveling. Mobile apps have become such an integral part of our lives, that almost everyone owns it. We spend hours and hours looking at our screens throughout the day. Some just scroll through social media, while others play games. Likely, in the same way you can use the same time to do something productive by using online earning apps in Pakistan. It might not make you a millionaire, but it will help you save up for that vacation you wanted so badly.

Thinks to keep in mind before using these apps

If your skill is entrepreneurship and you are great at business then There are a few good works from home apps or avenues available today. Simply exercise caution in choosing the right option. When it comes to earning money online from an app, there are quite a few expectations such as authenticity, withdrawal limit and threshold, quick money earning process, and an easy GUI. Many times apps lack these traits and turn out to be bogus. Well, to be honest, most of them are a scam and you will end up getting nothing.

On the other hand, there are genuine money making app in Pakistan that pays you real money. I can share a list of smart-and-quick extra income channels online that would eventually let you earn a fine amount of money. Having said that, I would also stress that this won’t happen overnight. It would take at least some time and effort to master the hacks to fully leverage the quick-income platforms. There are a lot of mobile apps that pay you for doing some task of referring your friend. You can use these apps and can earn extra bucks. Who doesn’t want extra money? This will help you to meet some extra expenses in your day to day life. As having a second source of income is essential nowadays.

Best Online Earning apps in Pakistan

Online Earning Money At Home

Online earning app

So here’s the perfect list of smart jobs that would let you earn that extra money online in the shortest time possible, It is also important to mention that we are not affliate to these apps, apps are filtered out after doing a research.


Easypaisa is one of the legit apps in Pakistan which has proved its authenticity since its beginning. We mostly use Easypaisa for our day to day local transactions, but most people however ignore its referral program. Easypaisa also runs a referral program, you can easily join the referral program and can earn up to 50rs when anyone joins easy paisa by your unique referral link. Although there is a limit of 5000rs per month which should be considered. 2018 free spins no deposit bonuses.

2-Community cash


Community cash is one of the apps that won’t make you a millionaire in a month but surely can cope up with your expenditures. This app offers you tasks that vary from easy to hard. These Tasks mainly resolves around watching ads. The great thing about Community Cash is that the withdrawal limit is pretty low i.e 30rs.

3-Kiki times

It is a media platform where people regularly post videos and unique photos and earn money daily. You can also create your own page or review others, either way, you can add some bucks to your wallet. One can withdraw the desired amount of money directly through easypaisa.

4-Salam planet

Salam planet is also a media platform where you can add new friends, post regular photos follow others, and even refer the app to others, by doing so you can earn points that can be cashed back to Pakistani rupees. Like posting a photo each time top up your points by 5 pts.

5-Freelancing apps

With the wide popularity of freelancing over the globe, freelancing apps have also entered the race. Many freelancing apps have made headlines like Upwork, Fiverr etc. As, it should be noticed that the apps are different from the above-mentioned apps as they require skills. If you are having skills like that of web development , content writing, graphic designing then freelancing apps are the make money online apps in Pakistan for you.

Even is one of the best-earning apps in Pakistan I believe, there are lots of tasks are listed. you need to create your account verify your self by uploading your CNIC and start making money. Although these apps come with a promise of giving users monetary benefits, there are still tons of apps in the app store which follow the same algorithm but fail when it comes to rewards. Look at the app ratings and read the user reviews. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see the business’s rating and any registered complaints.

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Summing Up

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities for fortune in the app market. The online apps has experienced substantial growth since their first conception and it shows no signs of slowing down. The market may be a bit oversaturated but it’s promising to see that over 25% of developers earn over $5,000 per month on the online platform. While video game apps are huge multi-million dollar earners, there is still a lot of money to be made in less complex novelty and productivity apps.

As Paul Kafasis, CEO of Rogue Amoeba, aptly puts it, “The App Store is very much like the lottery, and very few companies are topping the charts”

That was all about online earning apps in Pakistan, want to add more? Suggest us in our comment section below.

-Muzzamil khuwaja, Student of MBA at Paf-kiet.

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