Paytm Games Earn Money 2019

Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads easy and Earn Free PayTm Cash monthly ₹10,000, work 2 to 3 hours and Earn Free PayTm Cash and free PayTm cash tricks

In this video i will show You 2019 Top 3 Earning APP Play Ludo And Earn MONEY EARN 3000+Paytm Cash IN 7 DAYS WITH PROOF 1.Dream Ludo http://dre. Paybox free paytm cash Paybox free paytm cash by playing games, Taking Poll, Trend, Everyone can earn daily Paytm cash Upto Rs.200 Or more. Helo App offer Refer and Earn Rs.300 Paytm cash Instant Loot 2020. Play Maths Quiz and Earn Money Everyday only on Quiz Ka Samna. A wide range of Maths quiz are available. You can chose a category to play and win Paytm Cash. Simple Maths quiz to really tough quizzes,We have arranged different kind of quizzes for different age group and different class standard students.

Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
earn free paytm cash: Looking for the ways to earn free paytm cash, then you’re at the right place to grasp the method, tips, and tricks by that you’ll be able to earn paytm cash.
You need to follow few steps to earn cash, these steps are easy and easy, to complete these tasks all you wish could be a smartphone and net association, which will be a mobile network or wifi connection. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
Before discussing steps and ways, let’s have a glance at what’s paytm actually.
Many folks are acquainted with Paytm and its uses. Paytm could be a digital payments platform that enables you to transfer money into the Wallet that is assigned to you, via online banking, debit cards, and credit cards, or maybe by depositing money via banks.
That was a bit data regarding paytm, currently return to our main point, Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

How To Earn Free Paytm Cash Quickly?

Well, you’ll be able to simply follow the given ways to induce free paytm cash online by finishing easy tasks on your smartphone. You merely ought to understand wherever to begin, and you’ll be able to earn the right amount of Paytm money. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
With the assistance of simple tricks to earn free paytm cash rewards in your Wallet, you’ll be able to look on-line, create digital payments, send to a lover, or redeem the cash in your checking account.
Using these apps are terribly dull. Simply by putting in another popular app, looking videos, or finishing another task, you’ll be able to earn cash and transfer it to your Paytm Wallet.
One of the ways of earning paytm money is by finishing tasks on apps. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
We will discuss thoroughly the way to earn cash from Apps like Ladoo, instacash, cash panda.
Follow these Simple Steps and earn monetary rewards in your Paytm Wallet:

Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

1.) Ladoo App

The ladoo app helps you earn online money by installing apps on your mobile. The cash earned by this technique will be used for transferring, bill payments, mobile recharges, online shopping. Note that whereas transferring cash to your Paytm account, 100% of the number is subtracted as dealing charge by Ladoo. And if you wish the app, then refer it to your friends to earn more cash. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

Steps to Earn Cash Via Ladoo:

  1. Install the ladoo app from google play store
  2. Open and sign up to ladoo app
  3. Complete the tasks given like putting in alternative apps, looking ads/videos, sharing content on social media, etc.
  4. After finishing the task, appointed cash transfer to your Wallet.
You can additionally earn cash by referring to the ladoo app to your Friends.
After the given task has been with success completed, the same quantity is attributable to your Ladoo account, and you’ll be able to transfer the number to your paytm Wallet. Minimum ten rs needed in your ladoo account to transfer cash to your paytm Wallet.
You can simply earn a hundred rs from ladoo app. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

2.) Cash Panda

It’s another “free paytm cash” app, wherever you’ll be able to earn points by looking videos, scratching the card, and finishing alternative tasks. You get the chance to redeem the earned points in real money. Your rewards will be attributable to your Paytm account. Tasks embrace clicking on the advertisements, looking free videos, etc. you’ll be able to earn thousands of rupees from money panda app. you’ll be able to additionally refer money panda app to your friends and earn up to 5000 coins. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

now have a glance at steps to make cash by money Panda:

  1. Install and sign on to the money Panda app
  2. Complete the tasks like looking videos, scratching card, spinning, profile completion, ad click, putting in apps
  3. Installing the Flipkart app permits you to earn four hundred points, whereas by installing PhonePe, you earn 150 points.
  4. Once you’ve got 5000 points in your money panda account, you’ll be able to transfer the quantity to paytm Wallet.
When you accumulate plenty of points by referring money panda app to your friends and additionally get a tenth commission on their work. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

3.) InstaCash App

InstaCash is one in all the free apps that provides the users daily free Paytm money with the completion of some tasks. It needs putting in the app from Playstore and substantiative the mobile range.
Basically, the user’s are asked to complete some challenges. At the tip of every challenge, the user gets points that user will redeem to paytm Wallet.
Steps to Earn Freepaytm Cash from Insta money
Install insta money app from google play store and sign on to the app
Points else to your account on finishing challenges.
Refer insta money app among your friends and obtain an opportunity to win additional points and create cash. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

4.) Adzync App

Till now, you don’t get acquired looking ads, however from currently, there’s no ought to skip ads, you’ll be able to earn free paytm cash money by looking ads. You’ll be able to earn cash from the adzync app. Watch videos and ads on adzync app and earn cash from it. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
Steps to earn cash from Adzync app.
  1. Install and sign on to the adzync app to your smartphone
  2. Watch ads for a given time
  3. Points transferred to your account on looking ads
  4. Redeem points to your Paytm Wallet.
You can earn 25 points on referring the adzync app to your friends and relatives and additionally get a commission. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
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5.) Panel Station App

This app helps users to earn cash by filling a survey. During this app, user opinion app matters a lot. Panel station app provides a survey to the user and additionally mention the date to complete the survey and additionally mention purpose that user will earn from filling the survey. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
After finishing the survey, the user gets the points in its panel station account, and the user can buy a price ticket from these survey or transfer the number to create free paytm Cash. Anyone will earn from this app.

Paytm Games Earn Money 2019 Best

Below are a number of the steps given to use panel station app.
The user ought to have a smartphone and net association to earn free paytm cash money, the quantity will be simply transferred to paytm Wallet and may be used for many purposes like mobile recharge, dth recharge, shopping, bill payment and lots of additional.
One of the best app to make free paytm cash,
Install and sign on to the panel station app
complete the profile details because it is essential to get the survey
After finishing the profile, the user gets a survey on a commonplace, and once the user completed the survey, the user earned the points and redeem these points to earn free paytm cash money.
There is no problem in earning from this app, the only user needs to complete the survey on time to get points if the user doesn’t complete the survey on time, the user didn’t get the points.
Above are the points to earn free paytm cash money by filling the survey. Many users are using this app and earning thousand of money by filling the easy survey.
Simple and user-friendly interface, simple to access and points will be simply redeemed and transfer to paytm wallet.
If you’re unable to access the app or finding any drawback in putting in and purpose redemption, you’ll be able to contact the US and that we can try and give the simplest answer to use the app and earn free paytm cash.

6.) NetFox App

Everyone like taking part in games, solving a puzzle, finding algebraic puzzle. Therefore this app is surely for you. This app permits its user to create free paytm money. All you wish to try to do is perform certainty and on finding a task, points to be allocated to use, and users will redeem these points to earn free paytm cash. It’s to the easy and fast way to make cash simply by taking part in games, puzzle, and app installation. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
Now let have a glance at the way to use this app to earn additional free paytm money.
Below is a list of steps to follow
  1. Install Netfox application from google play store
  2. Sign up to app by providing details asked by apps
  3. Select the task from the class you wish like finding a puzzle, taking part in games, etc
  4. once you complete the task, you earn the points, and you’ll be able to redeem these points to earn free paytm cash.
User will simply install this app from google play store, there’s no problem in installing this app, and users will simply redeem the points. Users will observe the quantity of cash from this app. All you wish to try to do is perform certainty and also the points given to you for finishing the task will be utilized to earn free paytm cash and use the number in paying the electricity bill, mobile recharge, book flick price ticket, etc.

7.) Lenskart App Refer and Earn

Lenskart App Refer and Earn provides you an opportunity to earn Rs.100 in your Paytm wallet every single time you invite your friend.
Lenskart referral program is barely applicable if the referee could be a new user. The referrer must share the link in social media website like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. when the referee installs the app and purchases any product victimization your referral link you get to earn Rs. 100
The most quantity of Rs one thousand you’ll be able to earn by inviting ten new users using your referral code. Referrer also can earn edges by synchronizing the contact on the phone book, wherever no referral code is needed. Here referral code is obtaining the primary priority, then the contact set. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
Now investigate the games by taking part in we will earn paytm money for complimentary, Games like fruit tosser, bulb smash game, Battle of Dots and lots of additional.

8.) Fish Wallet App

If you don’t wish to earn free paytm cash by referring or finishing a useless task, then this application is for you to earn paytm money. This app permits you to earn smart cash simply by finishing the task, and you’ll be able to earn up to rs one for finishing one task, and if you complete twenty tasks, then you win twenty rs, and you’ll be able to transfer cash to paytm Wallet. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
Have a glance however Fish Wallet app works
It’s terribly easy to use and earn free paytm cash from this app.

Paytm Games Earn Money 2019 2020

Steps to follow to create cash from fish Wallet
Search Fish Wallet app on google and install it from the sure store.
Task are shown to you, investigate the task and complete every task
On completion of a task, one rs are credited to your account
Same way, you’ll be able to complete the alternative task and earn additional paytm money
These are the easy steps to earn free paytm cash using fish Wallet app. using this app is extremely simple as the program of this app is totally user-friendly.
If you discover any drawback in install and victimization this app, you’ll be able to contact the US, we’ll assist you to unravel the matter and resolve the problem.
We have additionally prompted some additional technique to earn free paytm cash and given ways are easy and economical for brand spanking new users

9.) Stick Pool Club App

This is another app to earn free paytm cash. This application let users win points and changing points into paytm money. Stick pool club app provides one rupee in exchange of ten points. Therefore, If you’ve got one thousand points, then you’ll be able to exchange one thousand points to earn a hundred rupees paytm money.
In this application, you’ve got to play and win a pool game to earn points. On signing up the app via facebook, you earn few points, and you utilize these points to play a game and after you win the sport, additional points else to your Wallet, however, if you lose the sport, you missed the points that used for taking part in games.
This is an honest application to earn free paytm cash, this app isn’t like alternative application wherever you’ve got to observe videos or ads to earn points.
You can earn points by referring the app to friends and earned points exchange for cash or taking part in additional games. The additional you win the sport, the extra you earn paytm money.
Paytm Games Earn Money 2019
Steps to use Stick Pool App
Search stick pool app on google and install it.
Sign up to the app via facebook to earn points, these points are necessary as they allow you to play a game
After winning the sport, you earn additional points and earned points will be ransomed in to earn free paytm cash.
Make sure you must have a minimum of 50 points in your Wallet to play a game, if you don’t have fifty points, then you can’t play the sport, and during this state of affairs you’ll be able to earn points only by referring app.
These are the easy steps to earn free paytm cash using stick pool app. do this app and earn additional and additional free make the most pace simply by taking part in games.

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10.) Fruit Tosser App

Fruit tosser isn’t solely associate degree habit-forming game; however, it additionally gets difficult with every level. The games begin with shooting and firing the fruits with a canon. The aim will be set by dragging the optical device by finger. As you start taking part in this fun game, the amount moves up and gets trickier. When the user completes an initial 5 levels, a novel code is assigned. This unique code gets you Rs.500 Paytm money or Paytm recharge. The sport is completely free and needed no installation charges. You’ll be able to either play the sport on-line or offline, as and after you wish.

11.) Fantastic Wallet App

One of the simplest app to earn free paytm cash, you’ll be able to earn a lot of cash in a day using excellent Wallet app. putting in and victimization this app is extremely simple. You’ll be able to earn smart cash simply by finishing the task rather than referring. If you are able to refer it to your friends, then you’ll be able to earn additional and additional free paytm money. However, if you don’t wish to refer app, that’s ok, as you’ll be able to earn free paytm cash merely finishing the task.
A task in fantastic Wallet ar associated with ads, On task completion, you win a rupee and when finishing every task, one rupee else to your Wallet.
let’s have a glance at the steps on victimization this app
  1. Install and sign on to Fantastic Wallet app. Search on google to put in the superb app
  2. Signing up needed details like number, email address, name such data.
  3. Complete the profile by providing details.
  4. Application interface shows the task and completes the task to win a rupee.
  5. The amount is attributable to account solely when finishing the task, and the next task are shown when completing the previous task.
  6. The incomplete task doesn’t allow you to win the number.
  7. Complete all the task one when one, allow you to to earn free paytm cash.

These are all the steps, users ought to follow on a fantastic app to earn free paytm cash, once amount credited to paytm Wallet, users will utilize the number in mobile recharge or alternative works.

12.) Bulb Smash Game

We all have undoubtedly contended bubble breaking and shooting games in our lives. Bulb Smash is another habit-forming bulb shooting game which supplies you Paytm money of Rs.5 for every referral created. The provider isn’t restricted to references solely, you may get rewarded for linguistic communication informed this app furthermore. The sign-up reward is limited to Rs.10 that gets attributable within the Paytm Wallet. These rewarded will be transferred to the Paytm wallets and used for recharges or payments.

13.) Battle of Dots

Here comes another exciting game that delivers rewards for taking part in and signing up. Battle of Dots, because the name suggests, could be a dots game which might be contended with friends on-line or with pc larva offline. This game structure totally different set of rewards for various ranks. For instance, the primary ranker with receive Rs.200 paytm money, the second ranker can receive Rs.100 Paytm money, third can get Rs.50 and Rs.20 for fourth & fifth rank holders.

14.) Bat2Win gambling App

Install-Play-Earn-Repeat! completely for the cricket game lovers, Bat2win is another free game. With this game, you’ll be able to earn up to Rs,500 Paytm money if you create it to the leaderboard. Build up your score against the Yorkers, Bouncers, Spin bowling and every one the techniques of cricket; and obtain the Paytm earning started. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads
Fill online Paid Surveys to add cash To Your Paytm wallet.
The best a part of paytm is that you simply will use it for an entire ton of services like recharging, shopping, cash transfer, etc. using these offers, you’ll be able to earn free paytm cash make the most your Wallet account by finishing numerous online surveys, reviews, and questionnaires.
Online Paid Survey schemes purchase swing your opinion on sure matters. You simply ought to give your honest views on the given matter. Here are many excellent offers wherever you’ll be able to earn paytm money by finishing the surveys and redeem that cash to your Paytm Wallet.
There are few notable survey apps like Panel Station Surveys and Daily money that provide you with this type of chance. Install the app and begin filling up the shape, later transfer the earned points to your Paytm wallet.
These were the few ways to Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

Paytm Money Charges

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15.) Ludo Champ App

Have you ever thought of earning free paytm money simply by taking part in the board game, if no, then investigate the strategy however you’ll be able to earn cash by taking part in board game on your smartphones?
Inboard game champ app, you get some points to play a board game and their are totally different choices to play like tournament and championship, you may additionally notice options to pick the player for taking part in the board game. You’ll be able to begin wiggling with a pair of players as there’ll be an additional chance for you to win, in a four-player game, there is less likelihood of winning game compare to a pair of playing games.
Once you win the sport, you’ll be able to redeem the points to Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads.
Steps to play board game Champ App
  • Install the app from play store and sign on to an app
  • select the sport sort like tournament or championship
  • then choose the players
  • play ludo and win to earn free paytm cash.
These are a number of the easy ways to earn paytm cash, and there’s an additional app out there live store from them, you’ll be able to also make paytm money.
We regular update this post to produce you the simplest of the appliance to earn more cash. Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads

Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Ads easy and Earn Free PayTm Cash monthly ₹10,000, work 2 to 3 hours and Earn Free PayTm Cash and free PayTm cash tricks

Download the Paytm app to earn Rs.1,000! The offer is available on the Most Famous Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps: RummyCircle Game, QrumbleBox Quiz App, 8 Ball Pool Game App, Top Quiz, Brainbaazi Quiz App, NewsDog App, Dream11 Pro Game App, Star Hunt Gaming App, Paytm First Game

How to Earn Paytm Cash: Top 5 Recommendations


Paytm Offers


Paytm First Games

Up to Rs.1000 Bonus Cash

Refer and Earn

Rs.100/- Cashback

Paytm Lucky Winner

Get 100% CASHBACK every day 200 Lucky winners

Play RummyCircle
Earn Rs.50 Welcome Bonus

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Earn Paytm Cash Free through Games: Top 10 Games

Earning money by playing games! We are not kidding you, it’s a legit thing. You can earn some serious amount of Paytm cash by just downloading and playing games. Waive off the stress, swirl your magic wand and earn a substantial amount of Paytm cash in your wallet. Seems like the perfect thing to do? Isn’t it?

Let’s stroll through some free games that offer Paytm cash incentives:

1. Dream 11

A cricket fan? Make your own fantasy team, participate in the matches and earn Paytm Cash Prizes with Dream 11. How?

  • Start with a Rs.100/- bonus by creating account on app or website

  • Refer your friends to sign up and earn another Rs.100/- bonus

  • Participate together in matches and earn Paytm cash prizes daily.

2. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store. Pot some balls and break your way to free money. Earn Paytm Cash with 8 ball pool by following these steps:

  • Earn Rs.15/- referral point by referring a friend

  • Get the money in your Paytm Wallet directly

  • Enter your number and email id when asked for in the game. That simple!

3. SHAREit

SHAREit has been in talks for its easy sharing of photos, videos and data without internet connectivity. Well, this app helps you in making money too. Just like popular quiz apps Loco and Brain Baazi, SHAREit has also started a trivia game that is conducted once a day, and the reward point is really high.

How can you earn Paytm Cash with SHAREit?

  • Open the SHAREit app

  • Click on the “Lakhpot” icon

  • Then click on “Enter invitation code” and enter the code.

  • You can earn Rs.4 at every referral and if the amount goes beyond Rs.50, then the cash will be automatically transferred into your Paytm account. with Paytm cashback offers

4. Frizza

Known for easy mobile recharges as well as prepaid and postpaid plans, the Frizza app also rewards you with its lucrative referral program.

How can you earn Paytm cash with Frizza?

  • Get Rs.10 as your signup bonus

  • Complete some of the following simple tasks to earn more

  • Refer the app to your friends and earn Rs.5 for every referral

  • Get a chance to redeem a minimum of Rs.30

  • Cashback will be transferred to your Paytm wallet within 3 working days.

5. Rummy Circle

Play Free Rummy with your friends scattered worldwide. Relish the days of togetherness digitally, and earn free Paytm Cash with Rummy Circle. Here’s how:

  • Get Rs.1000/- bonus through Rummy Circle Refer & Earn

  • Accessible across rummy circle website and app

  • Earn Rs. 100 on every Rs. 350 game played by the other person

  • For every other Rs. 333 game, win Rs. 100

  • Bonus cash will be received in 10 installations

  • Credible only for old users

6. Paytm First Games

Paytm’s very own mini games conglomerate, play and win Paytm Cash through Paytm first games. Some games are:

  • Tic Tac Toe: When was the last time you didn't enjoy playing this? It's that known to some, but still unclear to some hidden trick!

  • Trivia Live: All the Quizzers! Assemble! Earn as much as Rs.63,000/- daily with your General Knowledge in this lightning fast online quiz.

  • Pass the Bomb: Answer the questions. Save yourself from bombing. Earn unlimited cash prizes.

7. Qrumble Box App

What is more satisfying than belittling your friends with superiority in trivia games? Nothing, right! Challenge them to a trivia under various categories to select from and win cash prizes and incessant bragging rights.

  • Sign up bonus of Rs.10/-

  • Refer your friend and get another Rs.10/- bonus once they complete their first quiz

  • Login and start playing. You can even bet the Paytm money in your wallet. Play with quirk!

8. Brainbaazi

Platinumplay mobile casino login.

This Times Internet initiative Brain Baazi is a trivia app that goes live with quizzes for you to earn exclusive rewards. The quiz goes online at 8.30 pm with a Rs.1,00,000/- prize money. From Monday to Friday there’s an afternoon show at 1 pm as well with prize money of Rs.50,000.

  • Login to play and start answering questions

  • Answer 10 questions with a time limit of 10 second each to get the cash prize credited in your Paytm account

  • Use one extra life in case of early elimination

  • Get one extra life with each successful referral

9. Loco

Play multiple games in various languages. Sign up for free and start playing to earn Paytm cash rewards.

  • Login at Loco app and answer 10 easy questions

  • Answer correctly to earn free Paytm Cash Reward coins

  • Refer to your friends to earn more

10. Top Quiz

Feed on your daily dose of General Knowledge and Current Affairs awareness about world events and earn paytm cash rewards.

  • Select and purchase a set of games via Paytm and earn 10 points for each correct answer

  • Redeem points in form of cash or coupons

Earn Paytm Cash Free: Watch Ads & Take Surveys

Watching ads and taking surveys can be boring and tiresome when there’s no skip button. It tends to often frustrate the users at their very introduction when they pop up in between something interesting. But! How cool is it when you can earn Paytm Cash free Rewards by watching ads and taking surveys. That’s the edge that has been missing eminently.

Let’s introduce you to platforms where you can watch ads and take surveys to earn paytm cash free rewards: Watch Ads and take surveys to earn Paytm Cash Rewards. Earn Paytm Cash by watching ads and taking surveys through these various platforms and apps:

1. Ladoo App

Download apps to get cash rewards. Use the money for mobile recharges or transfer it to your Paytm Wallet with a 10% transaction charge. Refer to friends and earn more. Free Money! Always Better.

  • Sign up and complete tasks like installing an app, watching ads/videos, sharing content on social media etc.

  • Every task has its own stipulated cash rewards that will be credited to your Ladoo account

  • Complete maximum tasks to earn the maximum cash rewards

2. Cash Panda

It’s literally a place “Where Money Rains”. Watch videos, ads etc to earn paytm cash free prizes in your paytm account.

  • Signup and complete the tasks

  • Install apps to earn points. For example, Flipkart gives you 400 points while PhonePe gives you 150 points on successful installation

  • Redeem 100 points for Rs.1/- into your Paytm wallet

3. Slide App

Just unlock your phone to win cash prizes daily. For android mobile phones presently, earn 0.15 paise every time you unlock your phone. As you do it 100 times a day, earn Rs.15/- per day. Calculate according to your unlocking potentials.

  • Rs.5/- referral points

  • Registered Mobile Number eligible for earnings

4. Pocket Money App

Install apps and use them to earn money. Comparatively, Pocket Money app pays you better than most of the other apps in this segment.

  • Download Pocket Money App and install different apps to earn points

    • Installing Amazon rewards you Rs.80/-

  • Use the installed apps daily to earn extra

  • Complete tasks and enter competitions to win bonus cash prizes

  • Transfer the money to your Paytm Wallet or use it for mobile recharges

5. Adzync

Watch ads and earn. As simple as that. Refer people and get further incentives. At least, encash the boredom.

  • Download app and register yourself

  • Link your Paytm wallet

  • Earn Paytm cash rewards by watching ads, sending commercial messages and refer and earn programs

  • Get 10% of the amount earned by the people who signed up with your referral link

  • Points conversion:

    • Sign up: 25zync

    • 100 zync: Rs.10/- Paytm cash

    • 950 zync: Rs.100/- Paytm cash

6. InstaCash

Download apps to earn money. Complete specific tasks to earn Paytm cash rewards.

  • Download and install app and verify your mobile number

  • Complete tasks and challenges

  • Get Rs.4/- with every successful completion

  • Redeem the prize by inviting 5 other friends

  • Maximum redemption: 250 points

  • Referral points: 2 points/referral

7. Panel Station Survey

Take surveys and earn rewards. Provide your honest opinion and take your time to fill these surveys. Save them midway to continue later. All you need to do is register yourself on Panel Station and get reward points with each survey ranging from 100 to 5,000 on the basis of complexity of the surveys. The minimum points needed for redemption is 3000.

  • Install the app, Register yourself and start taking up surveys

  • Complete the surveys and collect points

  • Cross the 3000 point threshold and redeem the Paytm cash prize

8. Daily Cash

Use the Daily Cash app to avail free Paytm Cash by taking up surveys, sharing the referral code on social media, watching videos and completing other tasks. Gather enough points to redeem Paytm cash prizes. You can even watch ads on Daily Cash to earn money. The redeemed money can be sent directly to your bank account.

  • Download the Daily Cash App

  • Open Wall Offers to browse and take surveys along with completing other tasks

  • Complete survey to credit points to your wallet

  • Transfer the points as Paytm Cash Rewards into your Paytm wallet from Daily Cash

Earn Paytm Cash Free Rewards through Referral Programs

Along with Playing Games, Watching Ads and Taking Surveys, you can also earn Paytm Cash Rewards and Prizes by simply referring apps and services to your friends. Save more by combining the above-mentioned tricks and referrals.

Check out some tricks you can use to maximize your Paytm Cash Rewards using Referrals:

Refer and Earn extra with these referral tricks and stash your Paytm Cash. Check out some of the referral tricks here:
1. Lenskart Refer and Earn

Earn Rs.100/- in yourPaytm Wallet with every successful Lenskart referral. Benefits can also be earned by syncing the phone book but referrals are given a priority.

  • The Lenskart program is valid only if the referee is a new user

  • The referrer needs to share the link on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.)

  • The referee needs to install the app through the link you shared for you to get the Paytm Cash Reward

  • Earn a maximum of Rs.1,000/- by referring to 10 people

2. Refer and Earn with Qrumble Box App

Play quizzes with your friend on the Qrumble Box App and earn using referrals. To earn referral rewards, follow these steps:

  • Refer the app to your friend and make sure he uses your referral link to download the app

  • Earn Rs.10/- per successful download

  • Free Rs.10/- Paytm cash with each signup

3. Refer and Earn with Extra Carbon

Send referral links to your friends to download the application and win Paytm Cash Rewards with each successful referral.

  • Invite friends using social media, email or SMS

  • Earn Paytm Cash with each successful download through the referral links

4. NewsDog App

Download, Use and Refer the NewsDog App to earn maximum Paytm Cash Rewards. Get Rs.50/- by signing up on the app and Rs.20/- with each successful referral. Earn 250 coins everyday by reading the news on the app.

  • Download the NewsDog App and register yourself

  • Apply 1hv4yf as your Promo Code to get referral code

  • Sign in using your Facebook Account to get Rs.50/- Paytm cash

  • Share your referral code and earn money

  • 250 coins are equal to Rs.1/- Get 50 points for each successful referral

  • Redeem as Paytm Cash

5. FreePaisa App

Earn Rs.10/- Paytm cash by inviting friends. The FreePaisa app randomly chooses 100 users every day for a Rs.10/- bonus.

  • Download the FreePaisa app from the Play Store

  • Install apps and games to earn points

  • Refer the app to your friends or invite them to earn extra Paytm cash rewards

How to use the Referral Offers?
Refer and Earn is one of the simplest ways to earn extra cash benefits but sometimes it can fiddle the minds of the users. To use the above-mentioned refer and earn offers without any flaws, follow these steps:
  • The existing user(referrer) needs to invite his friends using referral code

  • The referrer can use social media, email or SMS to invite friends

  • The new user(referee) needs to install the app using the referral link

  • The referee needs to complete certain tasks for the referrer to avail the rewards

With abundance of such tricks to earn more using free access to these apps and referring them further serves as a very underrated mode of earning Cash Rewards using the available resources. The presence of unlimited access to the internet daily, which is growing rapidly and expanding intensely, provides everyone an opportunity to earn. So the question here is, Why not? In the meanwhile you can get the load off your travel expenses by going through Paytm Bus Cashback Offers on Bus.

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