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PGW has it's days. Sometimes you can go in and everthing be running very smooth, other days you can walk in and it be a total mess. Sometimes your glass will run perfectly and others days its bad and you can only try to make the best of it. Most of the people get along in PGW that i can see but just mind my own business and keep to myself. One more bad review for Philadelphia gas. The people working in the call and also in the office are so rude and nasty. PGW service is ridiculously badly charging me $500 stupid people I didn't. 500 West Madison Street Suite 2800 Chicago, IL 60661. Phone: 312.621.1950 Toll-Free: 877.LKQ-Corp Fax: 312.621.1969.

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Just because you don’t see the job you need, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Contact us to discuss your dream gun!

Lead times are 3 to 4 weeks for general work. Custom jobs are 8 to 10 weeks. If your firearm is having a custom coating done, the lead time will be longer.

PISTOLS- General

  • Optic Sight Cut (optic Required) - $125

  • Slide Cuts (multiple options )- $75-200

  • Port - $75-150

  • Stipple (multiple options) - $250

  • Undercut - $35

  • Checker Frame (multiple options) - $300-450

LONG GUNS- General

  • Thread Barrel (disassembly fee may apply) - $125

  • Crown Barrel - $35-50

  • Port Barrel (depending on firearm)- $75-150

  • Tube Fed Loading Port Flare - $75

  • Trigger Job/ Install - $75


  • Checker Front Strap - $300-450

  • Tri-Top Slide - $150

  • Install Island Barrel - $250

  • Cut for STI Mags- $75

  • Flat top Slide - $75

  • Serate Top of Slide - $75

  • Serate Back of Slide - $75

*Parts are not included in pricing. Black Cerakote or parkarizing is included for certain services.

All custom builds/ rebuilds can be custom tailored to the individual shooter. Please contact us for exact quotes.

Rock Island Double Stack 1911 Package $1,250

  • Refit Slide to Frame

  • Trigger Job

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  • Fit New Internals/ Barrel (Bushing or Bull)

  • Trigger Guard Undercut

  • Flush Crown

  • Polish Feed Ramp/ internals

  • Tune Ejector/Extractor

  • Port Slide

  • Tri-Top Slide

  • PGW Logo on Slide

    Additional Services:

  • Install Island Barrel ($200)

  • Checker Front Strap ($200)

GI 1911 to Combat 1911 $750

  • Refit Slide to Frame

  • Trigger Job

  • Fit Oversize Bushing

  • Machine for Beavertail Safety

  • Fit/ Install Customer Supplied Parts

  • Trigger Guard Undercut

  • Tune Ejector/ Ejector

  • Cut for Novak Sights

  • Polish Feedramp/ Internals

  • PGW Logo on slide

    Additional Services:

  • Checker Front Strap ($200)

  • Flat top ($50)

  • Serate back of slide ($50)

Vepr 12 Package - $850

  • Modify/Install Customer Supplied AR Style Hand Guard

  • Install Chokes (Rem Chokes)

  • Cut Barrel to 16.5”-18”

  • Polish Internals

  • Install Customer Provided Parts

  • Permanently Attach Break

  • Modify Rear Sight for Low Optic Rail

  • Modify Recoil System to Use 1911 Springs

    Additional Services:

  • Left Side Charging with Tromex Knob ($200)

  • Cut barrel to 14.5”/ tune ($150)

Stoger MK3 Rebuild - $350

Pgw Near Me

  • Flare Loading port

  • Replace Pin with Screw

  • Trigger Job

  • Polish internals/ Bore

  • Lengthen Forcing Cone

2011 Limited Build- Contact us for Exact Pricing- Starting at $3,500

  • Fit slide to Frame

  • Fit Grip to Frame

  • Fit all parts

  • Trigger Lb to Customer spec

  • Bomar Sight Cuts

  • Tri-Top

  • Flush Crown

  • Cocking Serations

  • PGW Logo on Slide

    Additional Services:

  • Serate Back of Slide

  • Additional slide cuts/ Porting

2011 Open Build- Contact us for Exact Pricing - Starting at $4,000

  • Fit slide to frame

  • Fit all Parts

  • Trigger Lb to Customer spec

  • Flush Crown

  • Frame Mount Optic

  • Cocking Serations

  • Cocking Handle

  • Mount Compensator or Port Slide & Barrel

  • PGW Logo on Slide

    Additional Services:

  • Additional slide cuts/ Porting

  • Slide Ride Optic

1911 Build- Contact us for Exact Pricing- Starting at $2,250

  • Fit Slide to Frame

  • Trigger Job

  • Polish Feed Ramp

  • Fit Barrel

  • Crown Barrel/Flush Crown

  • Novak Sight Cuts

  • PGW Logo on Slide

    Additional Services:

  • Other Sight Cuts

  • Checker Front Strap

  • Tri-Top

  • Port Slide

  • Install Island Barrel

Pgw Offices Near Me

Parts Kits Builds Demilling included

  • AK Build – $400

  • M1919 Build – $600

  • STG 44 - $2,500

  • DPM Series- $2,250-2,500

*Parts are not included in service fees. Black Cerakote or parkarizing is included for certain services.

Pgw Pay Bill Near Me

UESF provides financial assistance to low income individuals and families who are facing utility terminations or who have had their utilities shut off. PECO, the Philadelphia Gas Works, and the Philadelphia Water Department match each dollar we provide.

The Utility Grant program is designed to bring a customer’s delinquent account up to date. UESF’s financial assistance, the matching utility bill credit, and any contribution by the individual must zero out the utility bill. Families and individuals are eligible to apply for assistance every two years.

Pgw office near me

To be eligible for a utility grant, your total household income must be at or below 175 percent of the current federal poverty guidelines. Eligibility will be determined at the time of application.

Click here for UESF’s network of Utility Grant neighborhood intake sites to find one near you.

To be eligible, individuals and families must:

  • Have a notice of termination or be off service for PECO, PGW or PWD.
  • Be Philadelphia residents.
  • Have not received a UGP grant in the past 24 months.
  • During LIHEAP season, have applied for LIHEAP Cash and Crisis program first, before coming to UESF.
  • Owe an amount that is not in excess of the utility grant. All grants must be applied to the utility account and reach a zero balance. If the amount surpasses the maximum grant allowed, the applicant is responsible for the balance.
  • Be at or below 175% of Federal Poverty Level (to be determined at the time of application).

For more information or to find out if you qualify, contact:
215.814.6837 [email protected]

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