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Poker Acronyms, riverside casino iowa buffet prices, download poker star portugues, free download texas hold'em poker 2. Poker Hand Abbreviations. The list of 16 Poker Hand acronyms and abbreviations (February 2021). Poker Stars Tournament dollars which can be used to buy into Poker Stars tournaments: WA/WB: Way Ahead/Way Behind: WCOOP: World Championship of Online Poker - series of high buy in tournaments held on Poker Stars: WGAF: Who Gives A Flute: WGAFF: Who Gives A Flying Fig: WPT: World Poker Tour: WSOP: World Series Of Poker: WSOPME: World Series Of. A look at poker terms, lingo, acronyms, and abbreviations, especially as it relates to online Internet poker.A Comprehensive List of Poker Lingo, Acronyms, and Abbreviations.Most of our POGs know these terms already but. Professional Rakeback has compiled for you a list of poker, sports betting, fantasy sports, casino and general gambling terms as many of these terms overlap in such closely. Video Poker (and any other casino game for that matter) has a ton of terms and words that are meaningless to the everyday person. It is important to learn the lingo before you start playing so you don't mess anything up or sound like an amateur.

Video Poker (and any other casino game for that matter) has a ton of terms and words that are meaningless to the everyday person. It is important to learn the lingo before you start playing so you don't mess anything up or sound like an amateur. This glossary will teach you the most common terms used by video poker players so you can talk the talk while at the casino.


Term used to describe a player being banned from a casino. Usually pertains to Blackjack players who are counting cards. Occasionally happens to professional video poker players.


The total amount of money that a player wagers. Includes all bets made, regardless of outcome.


A grouping of similar video poker machines, usually located near each other in the casino.


A player's total amount of money available for gambling.


A hand that failed to improve after the draw.

Cash Back

A percentage of losses are returned to a player as a result of using their player card.


Refers to kick backs that casinos give to loyal players, including meals, hotel rooms, or plane tickets.


The average number of hands it takes for a machine to hit a jackpot. Jackpots are usually won when the royal flush is hit, which happens roughly every 40,000 hands. Also called royal flush cycles.

Drawing Hand

An initial deal that needs to improve to make a solid hand.


A two. For example, the 'deuce of hearts.'

Expected Return

The long run average payback on a video poker game. Um osu betting line. To calculate the expected return, you multiply the payout percentage by the average hourly wager.

Face Card

Any Jack, Queen, or King. Called 'face cards' because they have faces on them as opposed to just numbers and a suit.

Full Pay

A video poker machine that is using the best possible pay table. For example, Jacks or Better full pay uses a 9/6 pay table as opposed to the more commonly used 8/5 pay table.

Hand Pay

When you hit a large jackpot and are paid by hand instead of in credits on the machine. Learn more about hand pays and tipping.

House Edge

The percent advantage that the casino holds over the players in the long run.

Low Pay

A video poker machine with a pay table that is less than full pay. For example, an 8/5 Jacks or Better machine would be considered a low pay machine.

Payback Percentage

The average percent of each bet that the machine will return. If the payback percentage is over 100%, the game is profitable for the player.


The amount a video poker machine pays off for a specific poker hand. For example, in Jacks or Better the payout for a straight is 4:1, so a straight would pay four times the initial bet.

Pay Table

A table showing the payouts for each poker hand. Determines if a game is full pay or low pay. Learn about video poker pay tables.

Progressive Jackpot


Jackpot that continually rises as it is fed by a percentage of each bet. Grows until a player hits it (usually by making a royal flush) then starts over at a lower amount. Learn more about progressive video poker jackpots.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A computer processor that simulates each deal of the cards to ensure randomness/fairness.


The deviation from the expected long term average of a bet. If a machine is highly volatile, you have more of a chance of going broke.

W-2G Form

Form that must be filled out for tax purposes. W-2G forms only are required for wins of $1,200 or more.

Wild Cards

Cards that can be substituted for any other card. For example, in Deuces Wild video poker you can use twos as any card you wish.

This list contains acronyms, initialisms, and pseudo-blends that begin with the letter O.

For the purposes of this list:

  • acronym = an abbreviation pronounced as if it were a word, e.g., SARS = severe acute respiratory syndrome, pronounced to rhyme with cars
  • initialism = an abbreviation pronounced wholly or partly using the names of its constituent letters, e.g., CD = compact disc, pronounced cee dee
  • pseudo-blend = an abbreviation whose extra or omitted letters mean that it cannot stand as a true acronym, initialism, or portmanteau (a word formed by combining two or more words).
(a) = acronym, e.g.: SARS – (a) severe acute respiratory syndrome
(i) = initialism, e.g.: CD – (i) compact disc
(p) = pseudo-blend, e.g.: UNIFEM – (p) United Nations Development Fund for Women
(s) = symbol (none of the above, representing and pronounced as something else; for example: MHz – Megahertz)

  • O – (i) Oberst – Observer – Obstacle – Octal – Officer – Official – Oh – Operational – Operator – Oprah (magazine) – Outstanding – (s) Oxygen


  • OA – (i) Operational Analysis – (i) Overeaters Anonymous
  • OAC – (i) On Approved Credit
  • OAP – Old Age Pensioner (UK)
  • OAS – (i) Organization of American States
  • OARSI – (i) Osteoarthritis Research Society International
  • OASIS – (a) Objects and Agents for Information Systems and Simulation – Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
  • OASIS – (a) Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs
  • OASIS – (a) Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services
  • OASP – (i) Operational Analysis Support Paper/Plan
  • OAU – (i) Organization for African Unity


  • ob – (p) obiit (Latin, '(s) he died')
  • OB – (p) Obedience – Obligation – Obligatory – Obsolete – Obstetrics – (i) Ocean Beach (California) – Off Break (cricket) – Old Bryanstonian – Order of Battle – Outlet Box (electrical) – (p) Overbought (stock market) – (i) Oversight Board
  • OBE – (i) Officer of the Order of the British Empire
  • OBJ – (p) Objective (military parlance)
  • OBM – (p) Obsidian Black Metallic (automobile paint color)
  • OBOR – (i) One Belt One Road, a former name of the China-sponsored Belt and Road Initiative
  • OBS – (p) Observation/Observer – Obsolete – Obstacle – (i) Off Balance Sheet – Optical Burst Switching (IEEE) – Organic Brain Syndrome – Organization(al) Breakdown Structure
  • OBSS – (i) Off Board Sensor Systems – Ordo Byantinus Sancti Sepulchri (Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre) – Orbiter Boom Sensor System (space shuttle) – Origins Billion Star Survey
  • OBX – (p) Outer Banks (North Carolina)


  • oc – (s) Occitan language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • OC – (i) Officer Commanding
  • OCA – (i) Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur – Offensive Counter-Air
  • OCD – (i) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • OCFS – (i) Oracle Cluster File System
  • OCFS [1] – (i) Office of Children & Family Services
  • OCFS2 – (i) Oracle Cluster File System Release 2
  • oci – (s) Occitan language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • OCIDS – (i) Optical Combat Identification System
  • OCMCC – (i) [2] Orchard County MCC
  • OCONUS Outside Continental United States
  • OCN – (i) Oncology Certified Nurse
  • OCO – (i) Oort Cloud Object
  • OCOKA – (a) Observation, Cover and concealment, Obstacles, Key terrain, and Avenues of approach (mnemonic)
  • OCR – (i) Optical Character Recognition
  • OCS – see entry


  • OD
    • (i) Old Dragon
    • Ordnance Datum (nautical charts)
    • (p) Overdose
  • ODAS – (a) OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey
  • ODB
    • (i) Ol' Dirty Bastard (rapper)
    • (i) One Dirty B*tch/Broad/Babe (professional wrestler)
    • (i) Operational Data Base
    • (i) Original David Baker (professional poker player; used to distinguish from another professional poker player of the same name)
    • (i) Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
  • ODBC – (i) Open DataBase Connectivity
  • ODI
    • (i) Office for Disability Issues (UK government agency)
    • One Day International (cricket)
    • Overseas Development Institute (UK think tank)


  • OEA – (i) (U.S.) Office of Economic Adjustment
  • OED – (i) Oxford English Dictionary
  • OECD – (i) Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (international)
  • OEG – (i) Operation Exposure Guidance
  • OEIS - (i) On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  • OEM – (i) Original Equipment Manufacturer


  • OFA – (i) Occipital Face Area
  • OFDA – (i) U.S Agency for International Development's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance


  • OG:
    • Objective Glass, see Objective (optics)
    • Offensive Guard, see Guard (American football)
    • Old Giggleswickian, a former pupil of Giggleswick School
    • Old Gower, a former pupil of University College School
    • Old Gregorian, a former pupil of Downside School
    • Old Greshamian, a former pupil of Gresham's School
    • Old Gold, a dark yellow
    • Original Gangster, see Gangster
    • Original Gravity, see Gravity (beer)
    • Outpost Gallifrey, a Doctor Who fansite.
    • Own goal, in soccer, a goal scored by a player in their own side's goal
    • OG: Optimized Gaia, theory the earth optimizes itself to promote life, and popular movement to Promote Human Progress in Harmony with the Natural World.
    • OG: Original Gangster, an album by Ice-T
  • OGC – (i) Open Geospatial Consortium
  • OGD – (i) Other Government Department
  • OGO – (i) Other Government Organization
  • OGX – OUARGLA – a petroleum state in the south of Algeria


  • OH – (s) Ohio (postal symbol)
  • OHC – (i) OverHead-Cam engine
  • OHHLA – (a) Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive
  • OHIP – (a) Ontario Health Insurance Plan
  • OHMS – (i) On Her (or His) Majesty's Service (also written: O.H.M.S.)
  • OHP – (i) Observatoire de Haute-Provence
  • OHSS – (p) Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome


  • OIC – (i) Officer In Charge
  • OIE – (i) World Organisation for Animal Health (originally the Office international des épizooties, French for 'International Epizootic Office')
  • OIF – (i) Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • OIOC – (i) Oriental & India Office Collections (in the British Library)


Reddit Poker Acronyms

  • oj – (s) Anishinaabe language (Ojibwa) (ISO 639-1 code)
  • OJ – (i) Orange Juice – O.J. Simpson
  • oji – (s) Anishinaabe language (Ojibwa) (ISO 639-2 code)
  • OJT – On-the-Job Training


  • OK
    • (s) Oklahoma (postal symbol)
    • (i) oll korrect (facetious alteration of 'all correct', 1839)
  • OKC – (a) Oklahoma City


  • OLED – (a) Organic Light-Emitting Diode
  • OLS – (i) Operational Linescan System


  • om – (s) Oromo language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • OM – (s) Oman (ISO 3166 digram) – Olympique de Marseille (French football club)
  • OMA – (i) Open Mobile Alliance – Operations & Maintenance, Army
  • OMB – (i) U.S. Office of Management and Budget – Ontario Municipal Board – (i) Order of Mapungubwe in Bronze
  • OMD – (i) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1980s pop group)
  • OME – (i) Osaka Mercantile Exchange
  • OMFG – (i) Oh My Fucking God
  • OMG – (i) Oh My God or Or My Gosh
  • OMGW – (i) 'Oh My Gosh it's Windy'
  • OMN – (s) Oman (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • OMNCS – (i) U.S. Office of the Manager for the National Communications System
  • OMP – (i) Order of Mapungubwe in Platinum
  • OMR – (s) Omani rial (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • OMS – (i) Order of Mapungubwe in Silver
  • OMT – (i) Object Model Template
  • OMW – (i) On My Way, Oh My Word


  • ON – (s) Ontario (postal symbol)
  • Onna – Oniong, Nnung Ndem, and Awa, a Local Government Area in Nigeria
  • ONC – (i) Orthopaedic Nurse Certified
  • ONCE – (a) Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (Spanish, 'National Organization for the Spanish Blind')
  • ONÉRA – (a) Office national d'études et de recherches aérospatiales (French, 'Aeronautics and Space Research Center')
  • ONG – (i) Orthodontic National Group
  • ONH – (i) Óglaigh na hÉireann (Irish idiom for 'soldiers of Ireland'), used for the following:
  1. Historically, as the Irish-language name for the original Irish Republican Army ('Old IRA')
  2. In modern times, as the Irish-language name of the Defence Forces of Ireland
  3. The name of two groups claiming descent from the Old IRA, one a currently inactive splinter group of the Continuity IRA and the other an active splinter group of the Real IRA
  • ONI – (i) (U.S.) Office of Naval Intelligence
  • ONS – (i) Operational Needs Statement


  • OO – (i) Object Oriented – Over & Out
  • OOO – (i) Out Of the Office
  • OOAD – (i) Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • OOBE – (a) Out-of-body experience
  • OOCL – (i) Orient Overseas Container Line
  • OODA – (i) Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action loop (a.k.a. Boyd's Loop)
  • OOMF – (i) One Of My Followers
  • OOP – (i) Object-Oriented Programming – Out Of Print
  • OOS – (i) Occupational Overuse Syndrome – OneSAF Objective System – Open Operating System – Out Of Service
  • OOTW – (i) Operations Other Than War


  • OP
    • (i) Observation Point/Post
    • Ocean Pacific (surfwear and swimwear brand)
    • Original Poster (internet)
    • Order Point, in inventory management; the inventory state at which more items should be ordered. Often expressed as a part of OP/OQ (when quantity OP is reached, order OQ new items)
    • Overpowered, often used to refer to fictional characters (e.g. Superman) or game mechanics (e.g. the Black Lotus in Magic: the Gathering) that are considered disproportionately strong
  • OPA – (i) Other Procurement, Army
  • OPAC – (a) Online Public Access Catalogue
  • op cit – (p) opera citata (Latin, 'in the work cited')
  • OPCON – (p) Operational control
  • OPCW – (i) Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
  • OPEC – (a) Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • OpenStreetMap - (p) OpenStreetMap
  • OPFOR – (p) Opposing force(s)
  • OPI
    • (i) Office of Primary Interest
  • OPINTEL – (p) Operational Intelligence
  • OPLAN – (p) Operation plan (also OpPlan)
  • OPORD – (p) Operation order
  • OPP
    • (i) Ontario Provincial Police
    • Operational Planning Process
    • Other People's Property/Pussy/Penis (song)
  • OPS
    • (i) On-base plus slugging (baseball statistics)
    • (p) Operations
    • (p) Operations security
  • OPSI
    • (a) Overwhelming post splenectomy infection
    • UK Office of Public Sector Information
  • OPTAR – (p) Operational target
  • OPV – (i) Offshore Patrol Vessel


  • OQ - (i) Order Quantity, in inventory management; the quantity of new items to be ordered. Often expressed as a part of OP/OQ (when quantity OP is reached, order OQ new items)

Poker Abbreviations


  • or – (s) Oriya language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • OR – (i) Operating Room (surgery) – Operational/Operations Research – (s) Oregon (postal symbol) - overreciprocation - when the leader of an inner circle friendship contacts a friend more than is wanted or reasonable
  • ORAU – (a/i) Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • ORB – (a/i) Object Request Broker
  • ORBAT – (p) Order of Battle
  • ORD – (i) O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois (IATA Airport Code ORD)
  • ORD – (i) Office of Research and Development – Operational Requirements Document
  • ORF – (i) Operational Readiness Float
  • ori – (s) Oriya language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • ORISE – (a) Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
  • orm – (s) Oromo language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • ORNL – (i) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • ORR – (i) Oak Ridge Reservation (U.S. DOE) – Office of Rail Regulation (UK government) – Office of Refugee Resettlement – (CIA) Office of Research and Reports – Operational Readiness Rate – Operational Readiness Review
  • ORSA – Oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – Operations Research Society of America


  • OS – (s) Operating System
  • os – (s) Ossetic language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • Os – (s) Osmium
  • OSA – (i) Order of St. Augustine
  • OSCE – (i) Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  • OSD – (i) U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense – (i) On-screen Display
  • OSDL – (i) Open Source Development Labs
  • OSE – (a) Own Separate Entrance
  • OSERS – (a) U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
  • OSETI – (a) OpticalSETI also Optical SETI
  • OSGeo - (a) Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
  • OSHA – (a) Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • OSI – (i) Office of Strategic Influence – Ontario Swine Improvement – Open Source Initiative – Open Systems Interconnection
  • OSIA – (i) (U.S.) On-Site Inspection Agency
  • OSL – (i) Open Source License – Optically Stimulated Luminescence – Orbiting Solar Laboratory
    • (a) Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System (astronomical system on the Rosetta spacecraft)
    • Optical System for Imaging and low Resolution Integrated Spectroscopy (astronomical system on the land-based Gran Telescopio Canarias)
  • OSM – (i) One Saturday Morning
  • OSMF - (a) OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • OSPA – (a) Operations Security Professional's Association site of OSPA
  • OSPA – (i) Oregon School Psychologists Association [3]
  • OSRH – (i) Oružane Snage Republike Hrvatske (en: Armed forces of the Republic of Croatia)
  • oss – (s) Ossetic language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • OSS – (i) Office of Strategic Services (1942–1945, forerunner of CIA)
  • OSU – (i) Ohio State University – Oklahoma State University

Blackjack Acronyms


  • OTA – Occupational Therapy Assistant, (i) Office of Technology Assessment – (a/i) Orthodontic Technicians Association
  • OTAC – (i) Orthodontic Technicians Association Conference – (i) Orthodontic Technicians Association Council
  • OTB – (i) Off The Ball – (i) Offtrack Betting – (p) OneSAF Testbed (a descendant of ModSAF)
  • OTC – (i) Over-The-Counter (drugs)
  • OTD – (i) Off the derech (referring to an Orthodox Jew who has stopped practicing the tenets of his or her faith)
  • OTEA – (i) (U.S. Army) Operational Test Evaluation Agency
  • OTI – (i) Office of Transition Initiatives (United States Agency for International Development)
  • OTO – (i) Ordo Templi Orientis (Latin, 'Order of the Temple of the East', i.e. the Order of Oriental Templars)
  • OTOH – (i) On The Other Hand
  • OTS – Off the scale, sexually untouchable except for a lot of money.
  • OTSBH – (i) Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder
  • OTW – (i) On The Way
  • OTYBL – (i) Over To You Blue Leader
  • OTYRL – (i) Over To You Red Leader


  • OU – (p) University of Oklahoma


  • OVC – (s) Overcast (METAR Code) – (i) Ohio Valley Conference
  • OVV – (i) Optically Visually Violent, or Optically Violently Variable – a type of quasar


  • OW – (i) Old Wykehamist
  • OWN – (i) Oprah Winfrey Network


  • OX – (p) IATA code for Orient Thai Airlines
  • OXC – (p) Optical cross-connect
  • OXF – (p) IATA code for London Oxford Airport
  • OXM – (i) Official Xbox Magazine
  • OXR – (p) IATA code for Oxnard Airport
  • OXT – (s) Oxytocin


  • Oy – (p) Osakeyhtiö (Finnish, 'stock company')
  • Oyj – (p) Julkinen osakeyhtiö (Finnish, 'public stock company')

Poker Slang Sayings


  • OZ – Ounce

Gambling Acronyms

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